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\'He is crazy!!\' Wowef exclaimed in disbelief as looked behind him and saw that The Executioner was approaching them rapidly!

Since they were focusing entirely on slowing themselves up, they didn\'t dare to try and stop him!


However, they soon realized that they were facing less resistance.

When they looked at the space tear, they were stunned to see that it was starting to repair itself! 

For them, it happened at the worst possible moment since The Executioner had just crossed over their heads!

The space tear had nothing to do with The Executioner anymore since it was an aftermath of his ability not the ability itself.

That\'s why everyone called him insane since he was literally relying on luck instead of being able to close it on his own.

Luck seemed to favor him this time as the space tear got closed shut a mere few meters before he crossed the other side!


He had a clear pathway to the exit under the disbelieving looks of the viewers and WowefxNero.

Those two knew that not a single ability at their disposal would be fast enough to block him when he was merely a few meters away from the gate!

Pheew Phew! Pheeeeew!!!

Alas, just as the Exonians\' eyes began to widen in exhilaration, a green arrow, a blood arrow, icy spear, energy bullet, and lastly, a lightning spear all bombarded The Executioner at the same time, managing to propel him away from the exit just a few inches away!

Thud! Thud!...

The Executioner\'s bloody body rolled three times on the ground before lying still...

The camera automatically zoomed on his face, showing that his eyes were closed shut while his mouth kept spewing blood like a water tap.

No one knew if it was from the bombardment or he was actually unconscious since the moment he used all of his energy to push himself in the air.

They didn\'t waste time thinking about this as the scene on the big screen sent goosebumps on their skin.

Disfigured Beauty holding a bow, Bloodrites\' chilling palm, The Vampire Bloodlust having his hand transmuted into blood, Pengfu\'s body emitting white aura, and Felix\'s arm turned into lightning beacon as he aimed at the gate.

All of them had an expression of relief.

Those were the only players quick enough to fire their abilities and hinder The Executioner from winning the game!

As for the rest of the players They started emerging one by one from the paths into the wide-open center!

It might feel like a long time had passed but in reality, from the moment nuke went off to this moment, only six seconds had gone by...

Orca, Hebra, and The Executioner all have fallen in those six seconds...

Now It was finally time for the alliances to join the fun!

Looking at the alliances still hanging with each other, it seemed like they had taken advantage of the time that The Executioner had bought to sign another contract with different terms.


WowefxNero didn\'t hesitate to create shields around themselves and head back to the walls after seeing that they were being surrounded by 17 players all aiming at the gate!

They had difficulty entering the gate with just The Excutioneer hindering them.

Imagine what would happen to them if they took a step forward in this current situation!

Whew! Finally a breather.

Letomar wiped his sweaty forehead and sat on his seat after seeing that the players weren\'t making any rash moves but just assessing the situation.

So much had happened in the past few seconds, he really wouldn\'t have been able to comment a thing if he wasn\'t a retired SG player.

Meanwhile, in the maze, the players kept sizing each other up with their guards heightened to the max.

Besides WowefxNero, everyone had a partner, making it easier to watch each other\'s backs.

Still, it was flawed greatly in Felix\'s eyes and the others.

\'I need to worry about Pengfu racing to the gate while leaving me in the middle of a fight.\'

Felix sneaked a peek at Pengfu before eyeing the gate again.

The contract they signed was rushed and basic due to the circumstances.

It gave them an ease of mind that their allies wouldn\'t directly backstab them but it left plenty of indirect ways.

\'First, I need to save The Excutioneer before the battle begins.\' Felix thought as he glanced at The Excutioneer\'s motionless body.

Although he was an opponent, Felix owned him a big solid after he stopped WowefxNero from winning the game.

Naturally, he knew that he didn\'t do it for him but still his ass was saved by him. 

How about we remove The Excutioneer\'s body from the field 

Felix decided to be straightforward and voice his suggestion to everyone.

He knew that no one in platinum rank would be that stingy to greed for a couple of hundreds of game points after eliminating The Executioner.

I second that. The vampire Bloodlust lifted his hand in a graceful manner.

His ally Murkseeker nodded his head in support without lifting his head.

Soon, The Traitor, Toxinfang, The Putrid Corpse, and the rest of the players started lifting their hands one by one in agreement until only WowefxNero, Disfigured Beauty, and Bloodrites were left.

It seems like WowefxNero held grudge against The Executioner while the other two held it against Landlord. Letomar commentated, Too bad, the majority had decided.

In high-ranked games, those kinds of votes were taken extremely seriously by the players since their reputation was counting on it.

I will do the honor.

So, when everyone saw Felix walking towards The Excutioneer casually, no one aimed at him, and they weren\'t worried that he would use The Excutioneer as an excuse to exit the maze.

If anyone dared to break it or pull a fast one, he would be disgraced publicly and worst of all, he would be targeted by every player in his future games!

That was the same as a death sentence in high-ranked games!

It was cool to betray your ally, it was understandable to do everything to win a game, but the moment a vote like this gets held, one should have the dignity to hold it true.

Naturally, this kind of civilized vote happens almost only on high-ranked games.

Well played, you were really close. Felix said in admiration near The Excutioneer\'s ears after lifting him on his back.

Without glancing at the others or trying anything sneaky, he walked towards the empty path behind Pengfu and placed The Excutioneer\'s body next to a wall.

Get some rest. Felix patted The Excutioneer\'s shoulder while fixing his hat to hide his bloody face.

Then, he walked back to Pengfu and gave the players, who agreed, a head nod in appreciation.

As for Hebra and Orca

No one cared about them since they knew that those meatheads would survive whatever going to land on them even if they were unconscious.

How are the players going to fight this Letomar mentioned with a serious tone, There is no time limit in the game but if everyone remained passive for too long, the Queen will be forced to take drastic measures to force them to fight.

It was to be expected that a push would be enforced if things remained stale for too long.

After all, the viewers paid a lot to watch those high-ranked games and be entertained by them not wasting half a day watching statues.

Unbeknownst to the viewers, the players weren\'t just standing there and staring at each other.

They were actually talking telepathically!

Everyone was involved in the discussion besides Felix and Pengfu!

\'As long as Landlord has that nuke, I will not take a single step forward.\' Bloodlust expressed his opinion with a poker face.


\'Me too.\'

\'We saw its destructiveness and I don\'t blame either of you for thinking this way.\' Disfigured Beauty mentioned, \'That\'s why I propose handling him and Pengfu first.\'

\'So you suggest a secret mega alliance\'


\'It will be voided the moment we get rid of him.\'

\'I am in.\' Nero didn\'t hesitate to accept being part of it.

Unlike them, his master had too much to lose in this game and he was going to make sure to either win the game or get rid of Felix at least.

\'Oh if those two joined, I am in as well.\' The Traitor said.

The others began to express their desire to be part of it since they knew that the alliance would work only if everyone joined it.

If a single player didn\'t agree, no one would dare to focus on Felix and Pengfu and leave him to his own devices.

After all, the players would be forced to sign a contract that forbade them from exiting the maze before those two get eliminated.

\'Since everyone is in, sign this contract, and let\'s start brainstorming on ideas to kill him before he blew us up with his nuke.\'

Disfigured Beauty forwarded the contract to everyone as she eyed Felix with her usual kind smile.

Felix smiled kindly to her as well while giving her a middle finger, sensing the malice she hid behind that fake smile.

Disfigured Beauty giggled at his insult but she didn\'t retaliate back as she was in the middle of planning with everyone on how to take him down.

\'How about we throw all of our superior bombs in his direction at the same time\' Wowef suggested.

\'It won\'t work against his speed as well as Pengfu\'s control over the neutral energy around us.\' Bloodrites rejected the thought, knowing that no matter how fast their throw was, Felix could easily dodge it.

The others nodded their heads, knowing that Felix could be considered as one of the fastest remaining players in the game after The Executioner and Flame Bearer were taken out.

Only Disfigured Beauty, Bloodrites, and a few more were capable of catching up to him in his supersonic mode.

\'That\'s not the speed I meant.\' Bloodrites\' eyelids twitched as he disclosed, \'The bastard is capable of traveling at the speed of light.\'

\'Speed of light!!!!!\'


\'Are you being for real!\'

The players all expressed a hint of shock before forcing a poker face again.

Yet, still, their minds were in disarray at the sound of Bloodrites\' insane claim!

In their eyes, having the ability to travel at the speed of light meant that Felix should have already won the game!

Why would he remain standing there when he could reach the exit faster than a heartbeat

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