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\'I can\'t believe I am forced to play along with this idiot.\' Felix was slightly pissed at the thought of the upcoming random fight.

Alas, he could do nothing about it.

He couldn\'t head back since he would be forced to use his bombs on opening another path.

He had only three bombs left and really couldn\'t waste them on random bombing.

\'It\'s better if I ally with him.\' Felix wished, \'Hopefully, he is heading towards me for this reason.\'

It wasn\'t out of the box to seek allies right from the start of the game.

Unfortunately for Felix, if he knew who was heading towards him, he wouldn\'t have bothered to bring the notion of allying.

It looks like we are about to get a continuation of the previous dispute. Letomar smiled faintly as he switched the camera to Felix.

Before the viewers could understand what he meant, he split it in half and showed Flame Bearer walking through an explosion like it was nothing!

He was getting hit by those fragments but his walk wasn\'t even affected.

His direction It was clearly towards Felix!

Oh no! 

What kind of bull** luck is this!

Haha, the petty human would get slaughtered!

Good! This should teach him a lesson not to open his mouth wantonly again!

While Felix\'s fans were left dumbfounded and scared **less, the other viewers started cheering in excitement and delight.

No one expected that those two would end up meeting the moment they were thrown in the maze!

Meanwhile, the primogenitors were laughing their asses off at the expense of Felix.

I rarely see plans backfiring as bad as this. Kumiho giggled in amusement.

Felix aimed to piss off Flame Bearer so he would fight anyone at the very start of the game to vent his anger.

This would result in tiring one player and the elimination of another.

It was a win for everyone not involved!

Haha, he ended up shooting himself in the foot. Saurous mocked, Classic Thor behavior.

Thor glared at him but he didn\'t say anything.

He just focused on the screen that was showing Flame Bearer being separated from Felix by one brown box.


Without an ounce of hesitation, Flame Bearer used his 4th bomb to blow it up and walked straight through it.

The instant he crossed the 35 meters mark, Felix couldn\'t help but get taken back by the glowing bright red aura he kept producing.

It was big enough, it hid his outline from him!

That\'s how much heat he was producing on a normal basis!

\'F*ck me.

I can\'t be this unlucky right\'

It didn\'t take Felix even a second to realize that Flame Bearer was aiming at him.

His bone structure and the monstrous aura were unique to only himself in this game.

\'I guess you are not allying with him.\' Asna chuckled in amusement while eating popcorns.

Felix started preparing himself for a nasty fight, knowing that reasoning with that bone head wasn\'t going to happen.

He reached his hand to a leather bag that was attached to his waist and took out a couple of silver nails.

They were all connected with extremely thin lines, making it almost impossible to notice them even when the camera zoomed on his hands.

Then, Felix started hurling those nails at the metallic walls in the intersection he was hiding next to. 

Pa Pa Pa!

The nails connected themselves with the walls by using magnetism.

Felix\'s control of electromagnetic energy was still shaky since he was taught it by Thor only recently.

Still, he was capable enough to at least use it properly on small metallic nails.

In the end, an invisible grid was created from those thin wires that were connected to each other, resembling somewhat like a spiderweb.

It was suspended tens of meters above him.

Felix left the grid alone and kept holding one silver nail with a wire in his pocket.

He had already planned on how to deal with Flame Bearer before the game even began due to his extensive research on the players.

This time, he stood in the open, waiting for Flame Bearer to arrive.

He knew that ambushing him wasn\'t going to work since Dragon-lings were able to hear heartbeats from miles away.

If you gave me your loot, I might end up going easy on you. Flame Bearer\'s arrogant voice echoed from within the dust cloud as he walked casually.

Felix didn\'t comment back.

He simply lifted his right arm and directed it at him, like he was aiming a gun.

Then he pulled another silver nail and placed it at the tip of his finger.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix activated Thor\'s Ordnance that turned his arm into a cannon of electricity!

The moment Felix felt like it was charged enough, he aimed the silver nail at Flame Bearer\'s visible skull and flicked his finger.


By the time the noise was conveyed, the golden beam had already smashed directly with Flame Bearer!

Before Felix\'s fans could rejoice, the cloud of dust was swept away by the force, revealing that Flame Bearer had blocked the attack with a single palm placed before his face!

Smoke emerged from the middle of his palm where the deformed nail was digging slightly within. 

So it was you. Flame Bearer removed his palm from his face, displaying two bloodshot murderous eyes aimed at Felix.


The deformed nail dropped to the ground, leaving behind only a slight scratch!

As expected of the red dragon\'s scales! Letomar enlightened the shocked fans, They are able to absorb a minimum of 70% of the incoming force! For gifted Dragon-ling like Flame Bearer, his scales were able to absorb more than 80%!

Grandfather Robert and the rest of the elders felt their hearts sink at the news!

They came to watch Felix\'s game live, thinking that he would dominate it just like he kept doing always.

However, seeing one of his strongest offensive attacks get easily blocked made them recognize the severity of the situation!

Meanwhile, Felix didn\'t seem too bothered by the disappointing results of his attack.

He was simply testing waters to figure out Flame Bearer\'s defense limit.

I was praying to the ancestral dragon to let me meet you in the maze.

It seems like my prayers were answered.

Flame Bearer said with a tight-lipped evil smile as he manifested tens of crimson fireballs behind his back. 

With each step he took towards Felix, dozen more get created.

By the time he entered the intersection, more than a hundred flickering fireballs were revolving around him.

Without a warning, Flame Bearer slapped both of his hands together as he shouted at Felix, Perish, you f*cking worm!

Phew! Phew! Phew!...

A rain of fireballs graced Felix from every single direction!

Felix knew that merely one of them was enough to leave him with serious burn marks due to the uniqueness of the red dragon\'s fire!

So, he snapped his finger and entered his supersonic mode, making him read the trajectory of each fireball easily.

Yet, instead of dodging them, Felix manifested two long whips made out of golden electricity and started destroying them in their paths!

Boom Boom!!

The viewers\' vision was too slow to follow Felix\'s movement but they still could see golden lines splitting those fireballs into halves before exploding!

Smart move by Landlord! Letomar praised, If he simply evaded them, Flame Bearer would control them to ambush him from behind!

It was to be expected that Flame Bearer\'s external manipulation would be that good since he reached this height in the platform!


Before long, the last fireball had been getting ridden off.

However, before Felix\'s fans could rejoice, they were shocked to see that Flame Bearer had disappeared from his position!

When he appeared, he was clawing down on Felix from above with a massive red-scaled arm!!


Felix evaded his ambush successfully by pulling himself to a wall by using the Electrical Pull ability.

Yet, it wasn\'t even close to being over as Flame Bearer flew towards him like a homing missile!

The scary part! He was almost as fast as Felix while he was using supersonic mode!

Booom Booom!!

Explosions kept resounding in the intersection, leaving the viewers staring at the screen with widened eyes, hoping to spot their silhouettes!

Alas, they were moving too fast only aftermaths were left behind!

Tsk, so they dared put him in a real platinum game without improving his abilities.

The speed that allowed him to win his previous games ain\'t going to work against most of those players. Saurous snickered, They are truly sending him to death.

Everyone agreed with him silently after seeing that Felix was struggling to keep Flame Bearer away from him.

Unlike other viewers, they could see the fight happening in slow motion.

Hence, they spotted Felix\'s desperate expression as he dodged both random fire abilities and Flame Bearer\'s barbaric attacks!

With each second gone by, they could see that Flame Bearer\'s speed was catching up to Felix slowly as he started to adapt to the pace of the battle!

This was expected from a race, who shared a bloodline with the noble red dragons!

Felix was required to enhance his speed and reflexes with his lightning but Flame Bearer\'s physical strength provided that much from simply his bloodline!


Flame Bearer\'s infuriated screams showed that he was started to get pissed at how slippery Felix was.

With each missed attack, his ego kept getting wounded at the realization that he was displaying an unsightly image before his race and the other viewers.

A Proud dragon-ling struggling to finish off a human

He felt that everyone in his race was laughing at him as they thought this way!

He wasn\'t overreacting as some of the viewers from his race began booing him!

When it came to dealing with races that were considered lesser, those Dragon-lings were truly obnoxious and hateful!


Livid, Flame Bearer screamed with veins popping on his neck as he jumped in the air.

Flaming Wings manifested behind his back and kept him suspended ten meters above the ground.

Soon, Felix came appeared in the public eye as he stood below him without moving an inch.

What is he doing! Letomar\'s eyes widened in surprise as he commented, Doesn\'t he know what was about to come.

Most viewers didn\'t understand what he meant.

Before they could try to ask those next to them, they were left with mouths agape at one of the most horrifying sights they have ever seen!

Flame Bearer\'s throat began to enlarge like a balloon, showing fiery crimson fire through the cracks of scales!


The viewers screamed for Flame Bearer as he unleashed a flood of deadly crimson fire at Felix!

It was so hot, Felix felt like his skin was going to melt while the fire was still on its way.

Still, he simply smirked faintly as he murmured, Just as planned.

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