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Felix stood next to his bed with a hologram in front of him, showcasing the details of the spatial card that he just blackmailed from fatty.

//Model Name: XL 9th Generation.

Model Number: MG4P2LL/A

Serial Code: F17PQQL2G5MD

Device Compatibility: AP Bracelet 4th generation and above.

(Doesn\'t support devices below.)

Capacity: 30 square meters.//

Satisfied, Felix nodded his head after reading the capacity of the spatial card.

30 square meters was the same size as an average motel room.

He knew that he earned a bargain, since to buy just a few square meters, the price wouldn\'t shy from a couple of millions.

The spatial cards were not sold for the commoners who didn\'t have even a couple of thousands in their bank account, but for the bloodliners, rich people, celebrities, and authority figures.

So, for Fatty to actually possess one of it, it simply meant that it was given to him by his company to hold small items like Felix\'s.

Since his dimensional space was used mainly for oversized shipments.

Such as containers, machines, and even corpses of dead beasts.

Hell, some professional deliveryworms could actually deliver a whole spaceship inside their bodies.

I wish you good luck dealing with the aftermath of losing it Brother Fatty.

He chuckled at Fatty\'s upcoming misfortune and clicked the withdrawal button on all of his items.

He pointed his bracelet at his bed and a sudden blue light projected from it, flowing like ripples of water.

As the light touched the bed, 20 items or more started to slowly materialize on it.

Felix stared at this captivating scene with a hint of praise in his eyes.

No matter how many times he saw it, His respect for the metal race never diminished.

It wasn\'t just him who felt that way, but actually every user of this convenient tool that enabled them to hold as many items as their card allowed them to.

Felix could only bow his head in respect for the metal race never-ending lust for the truth of the universe, that pushed them to continue researching anything that had value.

If it wasn\'t for so, they wouldn\'t have bothered to combine their technology with the space worm abilities to create such a sophisticated device.

Heck, even the AP bracelet was created by them.

The entire universe technology was being carried singlehandedly on their shoulders.

If they advanced forward, the rest advance with them.

If they stopped their groundbreaking inventions, the universe would halt as well.

After a few seconds, the process had ended, and all of Felix\'s items were laid neatly on the bed.

Asna wake up! it is time to awaken.

Just 5 more minutes. Asna murmured softly while hugging her pillow.

I can\'t wait a single second more! Wake up, WAKE UP, WAKE UP! Felix started to annoy her to ruin her sleep.

He already waited more than enough.

It was time to awaken, and he won\'t tolerate any further delays.

FINE, I am up, just shut up already.

Irritated she threw her pillow away, as couldn\'t continue sleeping under his annoying voice.

So, she woke up with bloodshot eyes.

Clearly, the time she slept wasn\'t enough to cover for her mental exhaustion.

Good, you have 5 minutes to prepare yourself.

Eager, he removed his T-shirt, exposing his well built upper body, and picked only the items, which were needed for awakening.

The four pain relief potions, the Tier 4 bloodline, rejuvenation potion, and lastly the Double Percentage potion.

He then arranged them on the floor next to where he planned to awaken.

After doing so, he went to his closet and took an oversized injection needle that he purchased yesterday from the street pharmacy.

Hopefully it\'s not faulty.

He opened its package and tested it by drawing his own blood to check if it was working properly.

After all, the last thing he needed was penetrating his heart with it, but failing to inject the bloodline inside.

Following the successful test, Felix placed the injection needle inside the bloodline bottle and extracted a whopping 20% of its content all at once.

The bottle was marked with accurate measurements, on one side there was a Metric system that displayed measurement down to the milliliter.

Meanwhile, the other side showcased the percentage numbers.

All of this just to help the bloodliners from not screwing up their awakening or integration after so.

This amount should be enough.

Although 20% was quite a large amount to awaken with, Felix wasn\'t worried at all, since he bought the double percentage potion just for this reason.

If he drunk it after injecting the 20% in his heart, the potion would do its wonders and half the upcoming pain waves from 20 to merely 10.

Felix was confident that he could handle 10 waves of pain for merely 6 minutes after drinking the four pain relief potions.

This strategy of his was used by the majority of bloodliners to secure for themselves the first passive ability, and also bring them closer to the lesser purity stage.

After all, the moment they reached 15% the first passive ability should be unlocked automatically.

Calm and peaceful, he sat in a meditation position with the injection needle close to his heart.

He took a long inhale and called for Asna, Are you ready

go ahead, I will keep a lookout, Asna replied in utter boredom.

Here we go.

He smiled and stabbed his heart with the injection needle, forcing all of its content inside his heart.

Without delay, he took advantage of those precious few minutes of calmness and drunk all the potions needed to facilitate the awakening process.

After drinking them he relaxed his muscles and closed his eyes.

\'Only a minute left before the first wave strikes.

I am thankful to mom and dad for having me and thank....\'

Before he finished his awakening ritual or whatever that was.

He got interrupted by a noisy exclamation from Asna.

What the hell am I seeing!

Just as Felix wanted to scold her for ruining his focus, he closed his mouth shut as he listened in disbelief to her random bull**.

Felix, you need to hear this! Her bloodshed eyes had a hint of images that were being displayed at the speed of light.

I\'m forcefully reading the memories of this bloodline as we speak, and I just found out that there are actually three bloodlines mixed in it!!

She closed her eyes and reopened them again.

But this time, those images were gone.

She massaged her eyelids and clarified what she meant in a faster pace.

The first one is from the heavy anaconda and the second one is from the Green Mamba.

Yet, the most terrifying one is the bloodline of an ancestral beast called the Midgard Serpent or in the language of his worshipers Jörmungandr!!

Felix immediately lost it and scolded her.

What the ** are you talking about This is not the time to joke around Asna.

I will bombard by waves of pain soon.

So leave me alone!

Asna didn\'t have the time to explain everything to him since the process of awakening would begin soon.

So, she just said one thing that tempted Felix to take her words seriously.

The Jörmungandr is the poison element primogenitor.

It was born at the beginning of the universe with full control on the element of poison.

Astonished and honestly quite disbelieving in the nonsense he just heard, Felix calm focused eyes couldn\'t help but bulge out.

However, Asna quickly changed the subject and asked him urgently.

Tell me quick! Do you want me to filter the other two bloodlines, leaving only 1% of the ancestral being that I found, or you want to continue with normal awakening. She rushed him again, Decide fast as the moment integration start I can\'t do much.

Do it, I trust in your judgment. Felix agreed without hesitation, or even pausing for a second to check if Asna was just pulling a prank on him.

Good, you won\'t regret it. Asna smiled happily after not hearing those words for eons.

Without wasting any more time, she filtered 19% of the AnoMamba bloodline from the pure 1% Jörmungandr bloodline and then unexpectedly stored it inside his body.

It seemed like it still could be removed from the body without issues, which was honestly quite understandable, as Asna\'s cosmic social status was so high within the universe, even the Jörmungandr bloodline could only obediently be manipulated by her.

Don\'t even mention those low tiered bloodlines.

But this control and oppression were valid only because this was just a bloodline.

Otherwise, If the ancestral beast was here in his flesh, Asna social status wouldn\'t mean ** to him.

He might show respect but not total obedience.

Shortly after, she finished manipulating the bloodlines and informed Felix, I am done; now you won\'t deal with ten waves of pain but just one, since you will awaken with only 1%.

Felix sighed in relief after hearing that.

At least there was some good news after his whopping 20% got butchered to merely 1%.

However, before his relief took root, a sentence from Asna sent him to the depth of the despair.

Even though it\'s just 1%, you should expect the pain to at least triple, as well as the duration.

Good luck, I\'m cheering for you. Asna clapped her hands cutely after delivering such heart-wrenching news.

You Bi..Arrrrrugh!!!!!!!!!!!

His curse was cut in half by a high pitched shriek that escaped from his mouth, marking the beginning of his awakening.

All of Felix bravado and toughness he showed before in the awakening mock practice was no more, as he kept thrashing on the ground with his hands smashing everything that near him.

If the bottles weren\'t made of tough glass material, they would have been shattered by him already.

Fortunately for Felix, his pitiful wails and cries were being confined inside his room, as it was soundproof.

The only spectator to this pathetic charade was Asna, who already found a comfortable lying position on the misty couch with her arm hugging a bucket of popcorn.

Her wide smile and delightful eyes were clear proof that she was enjoying watching Felix getting tortured like this.


Inside Felix\'s body...

Immense changes were occurring on his nucleus cell that hosted the human DNA code.

Yet, currently, this sacred code was being tempered by foreign genes that invaded the majority of Felix\'s cells and started to fit themselves somehow, without killing their host.

This was the main reason why the integration process was always painful without any way to stop it.

The only thing that was possible was reducing its duration, or in other words, hasten the process to end faster.

A simple analogy of what was truly happening to Felix\'s body now was to simply consider the human body as a vase made of clay.

The awakening process tries to reshape the already made vase without breaking it into pieces.

Either by adding an extra handle or making the base wider or thinner.

It all depended on the bloodline unique characteristics.

Thus, resulting in mutations that could range from either having a different hair color or growing an extra limb or a tail.

Those mutations could get removed only by replacing the bloodline with another.

But even this method wasn\'t successful all the time.

As in some cases, the mutation might stay permanently after the bloodliner etched an ability in his human 1% bloodline.

A plausible reason for why so, was that the ability held the same genes of the mutation itself.

For example, if a bloodliner had a third eye in the middle of his forehead, and he decided to keep an ability that could be activated only by that third eye, the mutation was going to remain permanently following its ability.

It was just common sense.

Now Felix\'s body had already started to display some mutations after a couple of minutes in this process.

Firstly, his height increased by 3 cm all at once, pushing him to reach 180 cm.

He could finally call himself tall proudly.

Secondly, his hair got longer and glossier.

Then its color began to transform from blond to a spring light green with a hint of dark purple shade at its tips.

A breathtaking combination that could make girls trade everything in their possession to have a single strand.

Yet, the biggest mutation only took place after nearing the end of the awakening, and it happened to his eyes.

As his pupil turned into dreadful slits with dark violet irises surrounding them, resembling a field of midnight rose, circling around an eerie smooth crack on the ground.

Those mutations could be said to be a quite lowkey when compared to having bone claws or a bushy long monkey tail.

After his eyes transformation, nothing else changed from his body, since 1% bloodline wasn\'t able to change much.

To do so, one must use a higher percentage of a bloodline during the awakening or in replacement.

In fact, if Felix continued with the original plan and used a 20% bloodline, serpent scales were definitely going to cover his body.

That was one of the main reasons, he wanted to awaken by that large amount.

Since he knew that those scales were going to add an extra layer of defense naturally.

But now, he could only obtain other mutations, in his first replacement.


A few minutes later, Felix\'s body that was twitching like he was having a seizure, stopped moving at once.

If it wasn\'t for his chest that was rising and falling slightly, anyone would have assumed that he failed to awaken.

After a while, Felix slowly opened his muddled eyes, while lying naked on a pool of sweat mixed with some blood that originated from his eyes mutation.

\'Finally, it ended.

I can\'t believe I almost fainted during the process.

Thank god Asna intervened and called for me.\' He thought with agitation at such a close shave.

He truly was blindsided by the pain getting tripled from what he was used to.

Yet, that wasn\'t even the real reason he struggled to survive the awakening, but actually it was the long duration that increased from 6 minutes to a whopping 16 minutes!

Felix\'s best record in the mock practice was pulling through 1 wave of pain for 20 minutes.

However, the awakening that he just went through was the same as dealing with three waves in that duration!

Something he clearly wasn\'t ready for.

\'You almost got me killed Asna.\'

He scolded her while staring at the ceiling with bloodied eyes that allowed him to see everything in red.

\'And what\'s wrong with my eyes Did I awaken ability at 1% This has never happened before to anyone.\' He grinned, wondering, \'Maybe this is because of the ancestral bloodline So bad-ass to be able to see everything in red.\'

Your blood is blocking your vision you retard. She facepalmed and chided him, Get a grip, you are embarrassing the Jörmungandr bloodline.

She truly began to regret advising this idiot to merge with a primogenitor bloodline, as she felt that he did not deserve even an ounce of blood from a being that was born in the early days of the universe.

Though so as well.

I just wanted to mess with you.

Not embarrassed in the slightest, Felix tried to clean his eyes from the blood, but pain assaulted him immediately as he moved his hand.

His body desperately needed a full treatment.

Otherwise, he would need months to recover.

Good thing he prepared a rejuvenation potion, which accelerates the recovery process vastly.

To the point, his body could return to its peak form within a couple of minutes!

So he picked the potion from the ground with some difficulty and drunk it quickly.

After doing so a pleasant feeling welcomed him, like bathing in a cold spring during the heat of summer.

Anyone who felt this pleasure would wish for it to be everlasting.

Sadly, it stayed for only two minutes before its potency declined, marking the successful ending of the treatment.

Felix Immediately stood up and started stretching his body fully, creating a symphony of loud cracking noises.

It sounded exactly like every bone in his body was displaced.

I never felt better in my life. He said with a wide beaming smile.

After cracking all of his joints, he suddenly noticed his long glossy green hair that touched the ground with its dark purple tips.

Not bad, not bad at all. He examined the silky soft strands with eyes full of praise.

I wonder what Olivia will say, after seeing that mine is better looking than hers He wondered in amusement over his next encounter with Oli, since she had green hair as well.

Whatever, I have more pressing things to take care of now, than my mutation. Solemn, he let go of his hair and asked, Asna mind explaining the situation from the top again with more details this time

He crossed his arm and sat back on the floor again.

It was clear that understanding his new bloodline was a priority to him than cleaning himself up or his room.

Do you want the long version or the short one She asked, smiling.


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