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Immediately after, the players began to raise their hands one by one.

There were twenty-five of them, which means all their inquiries would be answered if no one held back.

Can we control the timer of the bombs Disfigured Beauty asked after getting permission.

Yes, you can set them to explode from one second to ten minutes. Letomar replied and pointed at another player.

Do bombs need to be attached to the brown boxes to work or not

Bombs work as long as they got attached to a wall, a box, or the ground.

Letomar emphasized.

Some players sighed in relief at the sound of that as they didn\'t want their fights to be focused on who got the strongest bomb.

Now instead of throwing them at their enemies, they would be forced to focus on surfaces, making it easier to anticipate the explosion and dodge it.

May I know if there will be any limitation on sensory abilities A three meters fat Panda asked with a low-pitched voice.

He was wearing an orange robe in a way that made him resemble monks.

In addition, he was holding into a long green bamboo staff.

Yes, the limitation is 35 meters for everyone.

The humanoid Panda nodded his head and sat down on his butt, shaking the entire backyard.

The players ignored this sight and continued throwing their questions one by one.

Soon, only a few players were left, who had yet to ask.

Felix was one of them and he wasn\'t planning on asking anything.

All of his inquiries were answered and he had no intentions of doing favors to other players by giving them a freebie.

I guess we are done here. Letomar gave them a slight head nod and said, You have 30 minutes to prepare yourselves.

Then, he entered the castle and the gate closed behind him.

As usual, Felix went to sit in a corner, not planning on socializing with anyone.

He understood that making allies now was useless since all of them would be dropped in random areas.

The others thought the same.

So, they remained quiet as they waited for the game to begin.

Only Wowef was left talking to himself excitedly about his new addition to his collection.

Meanwhile, in the Primogenitors Council, a hubbub has risen after Thor showed himself with Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx.

Everyone anticipated that he would show himself sooner or later after Jörmungandr\'s recent appearance.

So, no one was fairly surprised that he showed up.

However, when it was exposed that Felix was representing him as a champion as well, no one remained quiet about it.

I am starting to think that you guys got cursed by that kid or something. Erebus facepalmed at the mere notion of three primogenitors sharing a single champion.

Two primogenitors sharing one is already too much. Siren shook her head in disapproval.

Aren\'t we sticking by the rules and betting the right amount Thor scoffed as he brought out a jar of wine, So, mind your god damn business.

The neutral primogenitors dropped the subject at once since it didn\'t affect them that much.

But the Darkin faction\'s members weren\'t planning on letting it go.

I hope you are not planning on participating in the yearly event with one champion. Saurous asked with a concerned tone.

The other primogenitors\' ears perked up in intrigue, wanting to know how would they manage to join the games with a single champion.

It was a known fact that primogenitors were needed to bring out a team made out of six champions, so they could participate in solo/duo/party game modes.

Since only Felix seemed to be their champion, this made them eligible to participate only in the solo game mode.

That\'s a bit shameful to have three primogenitors in the event but participate only in one game mode.

I hope you sit it out.

We don\'t want our champions and viewers to look down on us after they see the three of you sending only one champion but ends up the first to get slaughtered. Wendigo advised with a caring tone.

But still, a tint of ridicule could be picked up almost immediately by other primogenitors.

It seems like we are making you worry for nothing. Lady Sphinx smiled, We aren\'t planning on participating in the first place.

The primogenitors were a bit taken back by her response.

In their eyes, any primogenitor with a champion must join no matter what since those games would be a hundred times more entertaining.

That\'s because the players would all be champions and the bets placed in the games would move any primogenitor.

Knowing that Lady Sphin was on the hunt for the Maniacal Monoliths, they believed that she would risk making her champion participate at least in solo game mode.

Haha, it seems like they are lacking confidence in their champion\'s ability to win it. Saurous laughed in mockery, completely dropping the act.

It\'s to be expected. Manananggal smiled gracefully, The event will start in a month or so and it\'s clear to us that their \'amazing\' champion has yet to hit the mark.

The other primogenitors nodded their heads in understanding.

They knew that the weakest champion in the event would be ranked as peak-platinum.

But in reality, even those players were able to easily hit mid-rank diamond rank or above.

The only reason they remained at such a low rank was to participate in the solo game mode and have higher chances of victory.

Since all primogenitors were doing so, it meant that Felix would get eaten alive if he dared to step into the arena against them.

Lady Sphinx knew so and had no intentions of pushing Felix to almost certain death just to join in the fun.

Hence, their mockery and taunts had no effect on her.

She still smiled faintly as she listened to the Darkin faction members snicker at their expense.

\'They are really starting to piss me off.\' Thor tightened his fist on his wine jar until cracks started to emerge.

\'Keep it in.\' Jörmungandr said, \'It\'s not time yet.

Let them laugh for now.

Next year, we will see if they will still keep laughing.\'

Upon seeing that the atmosphere was getting nasty due to the Darkin Faction\'s continuous terrible remarks, Aspidochelone coughed twice loudly and said, The players have been teleported to the stadium.

Sure enough, the 3rd screen before those primogenitors showed that tens of players getting summoned one by one in the main field.

It looks like we will be going first. Siren snickered as she looked at Kumiho.

Kumiho giggled without responding to her.

Those two also had a bone to pick with each other, making the game interesting for the primogenitors to watch.

Soon, another screen brightened up, showing the players suspended above moving white platforms.

Saurous smiled the moment he noticed his champion above one of those platforms.

He looked at the Magma Primogenitor Cherufe and nodded his head at him politely.

Two high-ranked diamond champions. Wendigo clapped his hands twice, I believe we have the main show to watch.

Indeed, I hope it\'s going to be a spectacular game.

The primogenitors agreed with him.

Even Siren and Kumiho approved of it since their champions were only at peak platinum.

Before long, the last screen finally brightened up, displaying Felix, WowefxNero, Disfigured Beauty, and the rest of the players hurdled up on a giant arena.


The stadium exploded into frenzied cheers as Felix\'s fans infested almost every corner of it!

His fan club already owned more than 40% of the stadium to themselves, leaving 60% for the rest of the clubs!

Such domination was only due to Felix\'s discount coupons, making it possible for more fans to risk going broke just to watch his game live!

In addition, humans were known for their terrifying numbers, so it wasn\'t weird that a lot of rich lords were cheering him on live.

After all, Felix was probably the only notable human player in The Universal Supremacy Games Platform.

Thank you. Felix smiled charmingly as he waved his right arm at them while wearing a black tank with his brand logo in the center, beach shorts, and white sneakers.

\'You bastard, I will kill you when I leave here!\' Asna cursed with reddened cheeks as she saw the camera zoomed on him, making his tattoo visible to all.

Did he adopt a pet or something

Can someone tell me its species! I want one as well!

It must be expensive as heck.

Sure enough, his fans were left wondering about the tattoo \'My Pet Asna\' unlike the other spectators from other clubs, who started booing him.

They didn\'t like it one bit that he was getting all the attention the moment he appeared, leaving their idols to serve as side characters.

How dare this lowlife to get more attention than me. Flame Bearer\'s nostrils started to emit burning smoke as he eyed Felix murderously.

It was a known fact that red dragon-lings were easily angered since their main source of power came from their fury.

The madder they get, the harder they hit.

\'Oh It can only be him.\'

Sensing the heavy killing intent targeting him made Felix recognize its source immediately.

When he turned around and saw Flame Bearer\'s vicious look directed at him, he smiled innocently and asked, You want some cheers as well


His reply threw Flame Bearer off as he expected that Felix would lower his head again instead of talking crap like this.

Unfortunately for him, Felix wasn\'t known for talking crap....

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