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Upon hearing so, Felix brought back the list and clicked on another player.

Just because they weren\'t primogenitors\' champions, it didn\'t mean that they were easier to handle.

Instead, he was more worried about dealing with the Bee Official from the Hive Race than Aspidochelone\'s champion.

After all, he could easily escape from them whenever he wanted due to his extreme speed.

But, the same couldn\'t be said about some players in this game.

The Bee Official could hold him down for a split second to a full second inside a hallucination.

If he allied with another player, that short moment was more than enough to blow Felix\'s head to smithereens.

So, even with his preparation, Felix didn\'t want to meet up with the Bee Official in the game.

Hell, he planned on running away at first sight.

There was no shame in retreating against opponents that could take you down.

As for other opponents Each had its own unique scary methods of fighting and Felix was going to spend the next ten days, preparing to handle all of them either individually or together.

Whatever it took to win this game!


While Felix was doing his research, Lady Sphinx and the bunch were currently sitting in her UVR\'s house living room with Aspidochelone.

He still appeared like a wrinkly old kind turtle.

I am happy to see you again brother Thor. He welcomed with a wide gentle smile.

The pleasure is mine brother. Thor bowed his head in response.

Aspidochelone was one of the few Council elders, who was respected and trusted by almost all primogenitors.

He had a neutral status and would help anyone in need...Naturally for an equivalent price.

Who would have known that our little champions will meet so soon. Aspidochelone shared.

Indeed, I honestly preferred meeting any of the Darkin\'s factions members again. Jörmungandr said.

I bet they wanted the same after their last miserable defeat. Aspidochelone chuckled.

Thor and Jörmungandr snickered at the same time.

Even a little win like this was enough to make their year.

Especially, when their brother Fenrir was forced into hibernation protocol due to those unrelenting bastards.

Alright, alright, let\'s discuss what we have at hand. Lady Sphinx changed the subject by asking, What are you willing to bet on your champion

Before answering, is little Felix going to be represented by brother Thor also Aspidochelone asked weirdly.

That\'s only natural. Thor thumbed his chest proudly, He is my student after all.

Aspidochelone could only stare speechlessly at them, not knowing what was going on in their heads.

Who could blame him for reacting like this

The primogenitors\' rules were obvious.

If two primogenitors or more represented one champion, they would be forced to bet three treasures instead of one.

As for their opponent, he would need only to bet one treasure.

This rule was added so primogenitors would choose to represent one amazing champion and earn through him without paying their deeds.

So, it was clearly not worth it to represent one champion by multiple primogenitors.

Lady Sphinx couldn\'t agree more.

But how could she reason against those two to back off

If Felix didn\'t represent them, no matter if he defeated the Darkin faction champions or not, they would not be able to gloat about it in front of everyone.

Even if they were his masters.

Don\'t worry about us old turtle, we are willing to take the risk. Jörmungandr ensured him, It\'s only right to do so as his masters.

Masters Aspidochelone raised an eyebrow in surprise, You actually are taking him both as your student! Are we in an alternative universe without my knowledge

Lady Sphinx laughed at his joke that was clearly targeting Thor and Jörmungandr\'s rivalry.

In his eyes, it was simply impossible for them to share the same student.

Cough, things just happened.

Sigh, don\'t ask. 

Seeing that both of them appeared annoyed by talking about it, Aspidochelone dropped the subject.

\'What an interesting kid to make even those two work together to teach him.\' Aspidochelone interest has grown a bit about Felix.

It seems like this game is going to be a pleasurable watch. Aspidochelone smiled widely as he confessed, My little champions WowefxNero are also one of my favorite youngest disciples.

Ohoo That\'s new.

Everyone was surprised by the news as they understood the gravity of it.

WowefxNero being direct disciples meant that they had received careful teachings and guidance from Aspidochelone.

No wonder, they have amazing cooperation in fights. Thor commentated, You must have thought them your breathing technique, making them voided of emotions during battles.

Haha, that\'s the case indeed. Aspidochelone admitted gleefully, It was hard teaching it to those brats with opposite personalities, but I am glad it worked.

Lady Sphinx and the others thoroughly understood his happiness.

He literally created a monster with almost no weaknesses during battles!

After seeing their winning streak, it was clear that they were bringing him too many good treasures from other primogenitors.

Respectful approach. Jörmungandr praised, knowing that it must have been an extremely challenging task to get them fully ready for champions games.

He picked a race that was being laughed at by the entire universe...A race that was seen as self-destructing due to their constant inner fights...A race that was labeled as a failure hybrid.

Then, turn one of them into a killing machine in the game by getting rid of their weakness!

So, he should indeed be praised for his unique approach of picking his champions compared to other primogenitors.

Still, Jörmungandr and Thor smirked confidently.

When it comes to uniqueness, Felix was unequaled!

Since both champions are our disciples, how about we spice it up a little Lady Sphinx licked her lips as she suggested, I want you to place your Earth Monolith and Gem Monolith in the wager.

I will place three of my Monoliths of your choosing as well.

Aspidochelone\'s kind smile stiffened at her insane wager.

He was also a fan of collecting Monoliths, making him desire to own them all.

Still, he wasn\'t as obsessed as Lady Sphinx about this matter, making him own only five of them, unlike her massive collection.

You sure are daring to bet three at once. Aspidochelone fixed his sitting posture, making them realize that he was getting serious.

Are you daring to do the same Lady Sphinx placed one leg above the other as she taunted nonchalantly.

\'She seems confident in her champion\'s victory.\' Aspidochelone pondered carefully, \'I have to admit that he performed splendidly in his previous two games against other champions.

Still, before my champion, he won\'t be able to do much with those abilities of his.\'

\'I doubt he improved so much in such a little period of time.\'

Aspidochelone would be lying if he said that he wasn\'t worried about Lady Sphinx\'s confidence.

If it was any other bet, he wouldn\'t really care.

But Maniacal Monoliths were a different story.

He went through too much to secure those five and he wasn\'t ready to lose two at once.

Though, the idea of winning three of them without lifting a finger was extremely tempting.

Especially when he calculated that his champion\'s odds of winning were way higher than the risk taken.

I guess you are not interested. Lady Sphinx waved her hand disappointedly and said, Let\'s keep it friendly then and bet sma...

No. Aspidochelone closed his eyes for a second before answering, I agree to your proposal.

That\'s my turtle. Lady Sphinx clapped her hands twice with a pleased expression.

Aspidochelone started to feel like he was walking into a trap after seeing how happy she was.

However, he got rid of those emotions almost immediately.

\'They will definitely win.\' Aspidochelone smiled confidently and then excused himself.

After he left, Lady Sphinx\'s enlivened personality was nowhere to be seen.

\'It\'s good to be bold, but this game is truly going to be difficult for Felix.\' Lady Sphinx glanced at Felix\'s serious expression as he kept doing his homework devotedly and smiled, \'I trust that he will do his absolute best.\'


While this was going on, The Darkin Faction members, Manananggal, Saurous, and Wendigo were gathered in the same cozy ancient living room in front of a fireplace.

I have just received news that Jörmungandr\'s champion has joined another game and ended up meeting one of Aspidochelone\'s champions. Saurous disclosed to the bunch.

Manananggal\'s eyebrows rose in surprise as he replied, So soon

The others were also slightly weirded out by Jörmungandr\'s decision since they believed that he would focus on enhancing his champion\'s strength as much as possible before sending him back to the wolves.

That\'s because they knew that platinum games were a whole different league than what Felix experienced in his previous games.

They didn\'t have such a problem with ranks since they have champions placed in all of them.

Because they saw only Felix representing Jörmungandr, they knew that he was his sole champion.

I really thought he would wait for a year or two. Saurous commentated.

The only plausible answer is that he managed to boost his champions strength enough to take down platinum players. Wendigo guessed.

Manananggal nodded his head in approval.

He knew that Jörmungandr wasn\'t a fool to risk his only champion by sending him to his death like this.

Tell me which champion is he facing. 

Haha, it\'s those annoying brats from the Dragolus Race. Saurous laughed.

Manananggal\'s lips couldn\'t help but twitch after remembering how they humiliated one of his champions two years ago.

It seems like we are about to enjoy this game thoroughly. Wendigo smirked behind the veil of darkness.

How about we make it more exciting by showing my champion\'s game at the same time as theirs Saurous suggested with a cunning glint, The timing of the games is close to each other.

The other two had no reason to reject.

They knew that Jörmungandr\'s expression would be a sight to behold after everyone sees his champion getting his ass handed to him while their champion is performing splendidly!

Make sure to invite all primogenitors to watch those two games. Wendigo proposed, Tell them to add their champion games if they were going to start at close proximity to ours.

This will help out in bringing in more primogenitors.

You sure are going to turn this into a festival.. Saurous snapped his finger and said while breaking into light particles, Leave it to me.

I will make sure to create a worthy arena to drag Jörmungandr into the dirt!

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