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Without further ado, he pressed on the second button and watched the wheel spin yet again.

Ting Ting Ting!


The wheel slowed down its speed for a few seconds until it was brought to a halt, leaving its needle placed on a green-colored board.

-Congratulation on Picking The Game, Bomber Bomber!-

Felix looked to his right and was met with the game\'s details.

// Game Platform: Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Game Format: Puzzle (Maze Edition)

Game Name: Bomber Bomber!

Participants Number: 19 (Still increasing)

Strength Allowed (Human Race System): From Awakening Realm to Origin Realm.

Prizes Pool: High-grade stones, Peak grade stones, Vial of Nothingness, Bullzroot, Life Taker Dagger...Infinity Gauntlet. 

Rules of the game:

1) All of the players will be teleported above a giant maze.

2) Every player will have the same distance from the center of the maze.

3) The Maze will be made out of Giant Brown Boxes and Metallic Walls.

4) The Brown boxes are destructible by using special bombs.

(The metallic walls are unbreakable)

5) The players will be required to forge their own path to the center by destroying the brown boxes.

6) The players can\'t pass through, climb up, dig below the boxes or the walls.

7) Each player will start with the same set of bombs.

(Set has 5 weak explosive bombs)

8) The only methods to get bombs are by looting other players or finding them within treasure chests.

9) Multiple chests will be hidden inside the brown boxes.

The only way to get them is by blowing the brown boxes.

10) Treasure chests come with various rarities.( common/rare/epic/legendary).

A higher rarity chest can provide bombs with different unique effects.

(Freezing Bombs/Poisonous Bombs/Time slowing Bombs...etc)

11) Treasure chests ensure that the looter will obtain at least 3 weak bombs.

12) Treasure chests are filled with other goodies worth fighting for.

(GP Pouches, rare materials, Artifacts, Ancient Ruins maps...etc)

13) Weak Bombs are able to explode in four directions and destroy only one box in each direction.

Strong bombs can destroy two boxes in each direction.

Superior Bombs can explode three boxes in each direction.

Lastly, Nuclear Bombs can explode five boxes in each direction.

14) Weak Bombs can cause mild damage to players.

Strong Bombs can cause serious damage.

Superiors Bombs are deadly to players.

Nuclear Bombs will instantly kill anyone in its path.

15) In the center of the Maze, the exit will be inside a giant black box.

It can be blown up only by Five Superior Bombs placed on all faces or one Nuclear Bomb.

16) The first player to exit the Maze will be declared as a champion!

For more information please open your SG profile Interface.

Good luck to all participants.//

\'Interesting gamemode.\' Felix rubbed his chin as he recalled a similar VR Game that was pretty popular in his previous life.

The concept was almost the same.

The only difference would be a real death for the players in the SG games and rewards within the chests weren\'t virtual and useless.

\'Since they didn\'t ban vision abilities, it will be difficult to kill other players with the explosions.\' 

Felix understood that all of the players in this game would have an ability related to enhancing their senses.

It was impossible for players to reach this rank without having a sensory ability or innate trait.

Because of this assumption, he knew that the game would limit the distance of sensory abilities greatly.

\'Whatever, as long as they don\'t completely ban them.\'

Felix\'s Truth Vision was a great asset to him and he planned on fully taking advantage of it.

\'Let\'s see who I will be dealing with.\'

Felix waved the game\'s hologram to the side and clicked on the participants\' list.


> Flame Bearer_8779 (Red Dragon-ling): Platnium, Peak-Tier, Wins  18 / Losses 2.

(For more details click on the name)

> The Traitor_9987(Settegian): Platnium, High-Tier, Wins 9 / Losses 1.

(For more details click on the name)

>Disfigured Beauty_1211(Nature Centaur ): Platnium Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 17 / Losses 3.


>The Executioner_3429(Eoxnian): Platnium Rank, High-Tier, Wins 18 / Losses 3 (For...)


> Unpaid Landlord_6996(Human): Platnium Rank, Low-Tier, Wins 8 / Losses 0.


> Bee Colony Official N487(Hive Race): Platnium Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 19 / Losses 2.


> WowefxNero_43(Dragolus): Platnium Rank, Mid-Tier, Wins 7 / Losses 0.


Oho A member of the Dragonlus Race. Jörmungandr smiled, They must be Aspidochelone\'s champions.

Great, it just had to be them. Felix rolled his eyes after recalling the weird and annoying antics of this unique race.

He clicked on their name and their profile emerged before him.

He glanced at their profile picture and was met with a giant emerald-colored turtle with four scally limbs and two long necks, emerging from its shell.

One neck was connected with a spiky black dragon head and the other was connected with a small emerald turtle head with snappers.

Felix\'s eyelids couldn\'t help but twitch after seeing the Dragonhead biting the neck of the turtle head.

He seemed pissed while the other looked like he was laughing his ass off.

As expected, these race personalities are always the same, one is easily irritated and the other is overly talkative. Felix commented as he closed the profile picture, Truly, the worst genetic match in the history of the universe.

Felix wasn\'t the only one who thought so.

The Dragonlus reputation throughout the universe wasn\'t to be admired in the slightest.

Instead, they were the butt joke of every conversation if their name was ever brought out.

It was to be expected, when every time they were caught in a video, they appear to be biting each other\'s necks fiercely.

Felix was actually weirded out by the fact that the Earth Primogenitor Aspidochelone picked them as his champion.

After all, they were known for having the worst cooperation due to their opposite personalities, making them unable to conclude a single fight without ending up biting each other.

Since they have so many wins, it only meant that they are different from the others.

Felix didn\'t dare to understimate them even though they appeared like a joke in their profile picture.

He knew that they were a hybrid mix from the Proud Dragon Race and The Heavenly Turtle Race.

Both of those races were in the top ten strongest races in the universe and the leaders of the SGA.

So, it was only natural that a hybrid race from them would result in the creation of strong lifeforms capable of having the strongest assets of both races!

If it wasn\'t for the fact that the personalities of both races were inherited, the Dragonlus would have annexed a race in the top ten and replaced them!

Maybe they are cool with each other and the profile picture is just a way to lower our guards

Felix scrolled down on their profile and clicked on the previous recording of their games and highlights.

He picked the most viewed one on the network and started watching it.

When the video was over, Felix could only draw a deep cold breath at what he had just witnessed.

An absolute massacre of 3 players in a platinum game!

What\'s worse, those five players didn\'t leave even a scratch on them!

Those motherf*ckers ain\'t playing around. Felix\'s expression turned serious as he began binge-watching their other highlights.

When he was done, he was left with a sense of crisis drawing upon him.

\'I can\'t defeat them with their abnormal defenses.

Even my strongest attack won\'t be able to penetrate their skin.\' Felix cringed, \'Their shell is already tough enough to put everyone in despair, yet their skin is actually made out of Dragon\'s scales.

This is literally the perfect defensive combination.\'

What\'s worse, Felix knew that their poison and shock tolerance wasn\'t a joke.

So, if he wanted to poison them, he needed to increase the potency so high up, it would drain him out of his energy almost immediately.

\'Their only weakness is speed.\' Felix thought, \'But, they have it somewhat covered by filling the entire area into a muddy field.

This makes it impossible to move fast on it for their enemies.

Meanwhile, they can slide on it extremely fast with their shell.\'

Felix tapped his finger on the table as he kept analyzing the videos, \'As for their offense, the Dragonhead is capable of breathing out the hottest fire in the universe...Dragon\'s Flames.\'

So, they inherited limited earth element manipulation and one fixed fire ability from the Dragon Race Asna questioned in intrigue.

It seems like it from their videos. Felix nodded his head.

He knew that the Dragonlus Race wasn\'t born with two limited elemental manipulations, Fire and Earth, even though they were mixed from two superior races.

Instead, they inherited either one of the manipulations and some abilities of the other race.

It all depends on the purity of the bloodlines.

If it was **ty, they might not even inherit even a single limited manipulation but just a few abilities!

For WowefxNero to have this amazing combination of strong offense, invisible defense, and speed, they could be said to have an extremely pure bloodline compared to their brothers.

This game is truly not going to be easy to clutch. Felix noted as he closed off all the holograms.

Are you wavering Lady Sphinx asked, Should we not bet heavily on this game

What are you talking about Felix cracked his knuckles with a faint smirk, I just said it\'s going to be difficult, not impossible.

That\'s what I like to hear. Thor grinned, This is my introduction game, you better make me proud before those old fogies!

Alright, enough pressuring him. Jörmungandr clapped his hand and said, Leave him to study his opponents in peace..

We have a meeting with Aspidochelone in a few minutes.

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