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Lord Khaos ignored Felix and turned to Thor and Jörmungandr.

I hope you enjoyed your slumber.

It was calming alright. Thor smiled.

Jörmungandr nodded his head in agreement.

Lord Khaos didn\'t bring this subject anymore after hearing their responses.

He turned to Lady Sphinx and said, Your proposal might seem simple but you are asking too much out of me.

I can\'t just hand out my bloodline to a random kid, who clearly isn\'t worthy of it.

Felix\'s expression turned solemn at his judgment.

He didn\'t like what he heard but he remained quiet and left Lady Sphinx to do the speaking for him as they planned.

He is not any random kid though Lady Sphinx smiled, He is my disciple as well as those two geezers\' disciple.

Hm My apologies, I didn\'t think your relationship was this close.

I thought you are taking care of him since he is your champion. Lord Khaos bowed his head almost immediately.

He ought to apologize since a disciple/master relationship was extremely tight and respected in the primogenitors\' circle.

Primogenitors could talk ** about their champions or descendants all day long and no one would care.

But, it was different with a disciple/master relationship.

The fact that all three of you took him in makes me quite curious about his capabilities. Lord Khaos said.

In your eyes, his capabilities wouldn\'t move you.

But his potential would definitely make you understand our reasons. Lady Sphinx shared.

Potential Lord Khaos seemed slightly interested.

He knew that Lady Sphinx was a very practical person and would never boast or lie about anything.

Without him needing to ask about it, Lady Sphinx listed what made Felix unique from the rest and why she believed that he could even surpass primogenitors in terms of strength in the far future.

Naturally, she had to bring Asna to the mix since she was a core part of what made Felix have this potential in the first place.

She wasn\'t worried about Lord Khaos going on spreading Felix\'s secrets to other primogenitors because she knew that he was a neutral member of the council.

He belonged to no faction and had absolutely no enemies due to his minimalistic way of living.

Even a unigin being resides within him and assist him. Lord Khaos turned to Felix and commented, What an interesting little fellow.

Felix didn\'t know if he said with a favorable expression or not since he literally had no facial expressions while his tone remained static the entire time.

It was like a robot communicating with them.

If it\'s like this, I believe that he is able to use other primogenitors\' bloodlines.

If I still recall, a couple of elders are dead and will have no issue with your request whatsoever. Lord Khaos questioned.

It was to be expected that Lord Khaos would find out that their request was a bit illogical.

After all, they could have picked much safer primogenitors without paying anything instead of trying to make a deal with him.

A deal that would probably make even Lady Sphinx feel hurt financially for a long time.

Lady Sphinx already anticipated as much and was ready to come clean.

The thing is, the little thief had managed to secure an egg that we believe might be created by the universe to replace the Paragon of Sins.


For the first time, Lord Khaos had shown a different expression through his tone.

This surprised Lady Sphinx a bit since this was the first time ever that she saw him get flustered by anything.

\'Does he have a close relationship with Paragon of Sins\' Lady Sphinx thought, \'I never heard about this from anywhere.

If it is true, then he might not help us.\'

Lady Sphinx wasn\'t afraid that Lord Khaos would share the news with the Paragon of Sins if he was a friend of him or something.

That\'s because she knew that Lord Khaos would feel that it was beneath him to share information gotten in his own house with others without receiving permission.

He was that kind of person and why he was respected by the primogenitors\' circle even though he rarely interacts with them.

How certain are you I know that you never announce a theory without being at least 50% confident about proving it. He asked with a solemn tone.

It was obvious for everybody now that he was too invested in this matter for some unknown reason.

About 70%. Lady Sphinx stressed, Still, the only way to truly prove it is by receiving your bloodline and hatching the egg.

Upon hearing so, Lord Khaos went quiet for a few seconds.

\'I don\'t know if her theory is correct or not but I am willing to try it if it meant the death of that old enchantress.\' Lord Khaos sighed in his mind, \'As long as she is alive, I will always be forced to live in the edges of the universe instead of the Void Realm.\'

If those four heard his thoughts, they would be left absolutely gobsmacked!

Firstly, all of them believed that the Paragon of Sins was a man since he presented himself as such during his few appearances!

Secondly, The Void Primogenitor was actually banned from entering the Void Realm!

They wouldn\'t believe it even if Lord Khaos confessed!

That\'s because the Void Realm was the only place with void elemental energy!

So, if he couldn\'t access it, it only meant that he would be forced to send subordinates to get it for him.

Otherwise, he wouldn\'t be able to sustain himself for long and be forced to enter hibernation! 

I am willing to accept the proposal if some of my conditions were agreed upon. Lord Khaos informed.


First, I ask nothing in return but all of you will owe me a favor that would last for eternity. Lord Khaos pointed at Felix and said, Even you.

Felix was a bit speechless by owing a favor for such a cosmic entity.

Though, he still nodded his head quickly, knowing that when the day Lord Khaos needs him, it would be way far in the future.

The others nodded their heads casually.

It was a common practice in the primogenitors\' circle to owe favors if one part didn\'t have what the other part desired during the deal.

Secondly, I would like to keep a wisp of my consciousness within his consciousness space to supervise the hatching and also the use of my bloodline. Lord Khaos said, I have neither alive descendants nor disciples.

So, if my bloodline is going to make an appearance, it better be used in a worthy manner.

That\'s only common sense. Lady Sphinx agreed.

The others agreed to his condition as well.

Even Asna didn\'t throw a tantrum about the space like usual.

After all, she would be soon living in the UVR.

My last condition is to let nature take course. Lord Khaos said with a strict tone, If the being within the egg had a purpose to replace the Paragon of Sins, then by no means can you change that.

This condition threw them off as they didn\'t expect that Lord Khaos actually wanted the replacement to happen.

\'It seems like their relationship isn\'t as amicable as I thought.\' Lady Sphinx thought.

The others thought the same but no one voiced a question about the matter.

They simply nodded their heads in agreement with his final condition.

There was no point in blocking Nimo from doing his job.

After all, he would need probably a hundred thousand years before he fully grew up.

At that point in time, Felix would most likely not require his backup if he kept growing with this pace.

Please send me an address. Lord Khaos requested as he stood up, I will handle the delivery for you.

We appreciate it. Lady Sphinx created a link and sent it to him.

Upon reading it, Lord Khaos commentated, It will take a month or two for my subordinates to deliver it even if he traveled between the void and the matter universe at his fastest speed.

\'He must be really far away.\' Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise.

\'You have no idea.\' Lady Sphinx said, \'His void subordinates are even faster than Space Worms when it comes to traveling the universe.

So, if it still takes them a month or two, it only meant that he is close to the edges of the universe.\'

\'That far!\' Felix sucked a deep breath at her conclusion.

He knew that the closest edge of the universe was at least tens of billion light-years away from the milky way galaxy!

I don\'t want to keep you held up for long. Lord Khaos said while standing up from his seat.

Felix and the rest understood his cue and stood after him.

It was a pleasure meeting you again Lord Khaos. Lady Sphinx smiled as she offered her hand.

The pleasure is all mine. Lord Khaos kissed the back of her hand gracefully as he thought, \'You brought me hope that I never knew I had.\'

Thor and Jörmungandr shook his hand after her, leaving only Felix behind.

Felix suppressed his nervousness and bowed his head respectfully, not offering him a handshake.

Why He knew that Lord Khaos wouldn\'t accept it.

He wasn\'t worthy and Lord Khaos made sure to make him understand it before.

\'At least, he has some good sense.\' Lord Khaos smiled in his mind as he watched Felix disintegrate into light particles with the rest.

After the room was cleared out, Lord Khaos murmured to himself, If I want the egg to hatch faster, I need to gather a good amount of pure void energy as well.

Relying on them to collect void energy won\'t be enough.

But, I need to do it discreetly and carefully.

Otherwise, that wicked enchantress will find out about it. Lord Khaos sighed, Even while living at the edges of the universe, I can not escape her Void Eyes.

It seems like even Lord Khaos, one of the strongest beings in the universe was having problems big enough to make him feel hopeless....

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