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The first thing that Felix did was purchase the materials for the potion online.

He bought enough materials for ten attempts.

In total, he paid 600 million or so for them.

Ring Ring!

What do you have for me! Fatty Bodidi\'s excited voice resounded in the living room.

Bring me those as quickly as possible. Felix sent the serial codes to him.

On it!

Just as Bodidi wanted to hang up, Felix suddenly asked, Any updates on the promotion

Cough, I attempted the exams once and failed horribly. Bodidi confessed with an ashamed tone.

How badly Felix inquired.

My best mark was C in six exams. Bodidi\'s voice got weaker as he spoke.

Felix was left speechless by his performance.

He knew that it was going to be difficult for Bodidi to pass those promotion exams, but he didn\'t expect this **ty result.

If he didn\'t improve, he really would get promoted after a decade.

At that time, Felix would be either dead or too big to care about universal deliveries from Bodidi.

What seems to be the problem Are the exams too hard, you didn\'t prepare enough Or you are simply too stupid for them Felix sighed as he asked.

Bastard, I did my best! The exams are too brutal! Fatty Bodidi complained, Especially the physical and elemental related exams.

I almost died in them!

Felix knew that promotion exams in the Space Worm Race required the juniors to be capable enough to travel through the vast cosmos safely.

After all, universal delivery was an extremely difficult and risky endeavor since the deliveryworms were needed to open up multiple wormholes to reach their destination.

In between, they could end up getting hunted or worse killed by a rogue void creature or another unique space monster.

\'I guess I need to boost him a bit if I wanted him to pass them faster.\' Felix decided to assist Bodidi.

He knew that helping him was the same as helping himself.

After all, it was much better to receive packages directly from Bodidi than sent by some random deliveryworm or company.

Knowing that a lot of beings were interested in his Sphinx eyes made it harder for him to trust strangers.

I will call you back soon. Felix said and hung up.

Then, he started browsing on potions that could help Space Worms either physically, mentally, or elementally.

What he found made him grumble, This ** is too expensive to make.

Is it even worth it for that Fatty What if he failed the exams even after consuming them

Who could blame him for thinking like this 

The potions were all ranked 3 and the materials to make them were quite rare and limited.

The cheapest potion on the list cost at least 100 million SC to make.

Unlike most races, the Space Worm Race could only consume specific potions that were made by specific materials.

Whatever, I would invest half a billion in him. Felix decided to buy enough to concoct three potions.

One would help with memory, another would help with stamina, and the last one would boost Bodidi\'s energy capacity.

Soon after buying the materials for them, Felix called Bodidi back and sent him a new list.

Get those for me as well.

Then, he hung up, not planning on telling him about the potions yet.

It was better to do so after he actually concocted them successfully so he wouldn\'t raise his hopes for anything.

If they failed

Oh well, there was no investment that was foolproof.


The next morning on the campus...

A shocking announcement was posted by the Headmistress on the Academy boards and on the website, making it noticeable for everyone.

The announcement was a single short sentence.

-Felix Maxwell had graduated from the Academy-

It offered no explanation, no nice gratulating words, or even wishing good luck.

Yet, this little sentence had left everyone lost for words.

In her dorm room, Lara could only stare at it with widened eyes, feeling like her world had just crashed apart.

Just yesterday, she was hyping herself to beat Felix in the next semester, feeling like she finally had a worthy rival to help her improve through competition.

Yet, in a single night, that dream had broken apart, leaving her feeling a sense of failure.

Meanwhile, Naima and Karry didn\'t react much as they were already informed by him.

Though, they still felt like it was a pity to see him leave so soon.

Teacher Sonna, teacher Djamila, and teacher Hala all felt the same.

Apart from those mentioned above, the other witches\' reactions couldn\'t be more embarrassing for the Academy.

HE LEFT!! The tumor has finally left!!


Thank god! Oh lord, I really thought we will be getting thrashed by him in every semester exams.

We need to hold a party in the UVR to celebrate his departure!

The campus has risen from the ground with celebratory shouts and excited high-pitched screams.

Papers and books were thrown in the air inside the library and the halls.

Witches could be seen hugging each other and high-fiving with teary eyes.

If anyone saw them without knowing the situation, they would assume that they had gotten rid of a plague or a new Sage Witch had emerged.

During this exuberant and enlivened atmosphere, the Headmistress\'s assistant walked through the corridor towards the entrance of the main faculty.

Usually, she would have scolded or glared at witches for not being quiet in the corridors, but now

Only a look of irritation and helplessness could be seen in her eyes.

In a short while, she reached the crowded main entrance and walked towards a wall that was decorated lavishly with trophies, medals, certificates, artistic cauldrons, and pictures of young beautiful looking witches.

Below them were written names that could shock the entire galaxy.

Names that belonged to current famous grandmasters and Sage witches!

The Headmistress\'s assistant looked at those glorious witches and felt like she was about to commit a grave sin.

But, she still reeled in her emotions and did as ordered.

She beamed a large golden framework that had its back facing the witches.

Her action drew their interest, making them drop their conversation about Felix\'s graduation and see what\'s going on.

What is she doing

Maybe alumni had just got promoted to a grandmaster

Today sure is blessed! so many good ne...Heh

The witches\' lips stiffened immediately after spotting a damned face on that framework.

A face so handsome, it would move most girls, but before those genderless witches It gave them an urge to spit a mouthful at it.

Felix\'s smug smile on the portrait made it even harder for the witches to accept the reality before them.

Alas, the Headmistress\'s assistance didn\'t turn around and tell them it was a prank or something.

Instead, she hung the portrait beside the other great witches then closed the glass window and walked away with a weary expression.

After she was gone, the witches kept staring at each other in utter bewilderment and confusion, hoping for one of them to step up and explain this ludicrous situation.

In this utter silence, a witch suddenly murmured the words written below the portrait.

                                              -Felix Maxwell, 784KY graduate-

-The first 2nd-semester student in the history of the Academy to concoct a 5-star potion-

                                          -A True Pride of The Royal Academy-

Those words resounded deeply within each witch core, striking their pride like a sledgehammer.

A nobody in potion-making, who learned about such art in less than a year managed to get himself hung within the hall of fame.

Meanwhile, those witches couldn\'t even dream about it even in their sleep.


Out of nowhere, a despairing high-pitch scream echoed within the halls of the main faculty.

It belonged to nonother than the Racist Mushroom Lilly, who was glimpsed at Felix\'s portrait the moment she stepped within the entrance.

Her scream awakened those poor witches, who felt like a part of their soul died after imagining seeing Felix\'s smug smile every time they entered the main faculty.

Such horror made even some witches tear up as they run away towards their classrooms.

Before long, the area turned into chaos as witches began protesting furiously and loudly until their voices reached even the 3rd floor.

The cause of the mayhem easily went viral in the network, making everyone feel either shocked or amused.

[Ayye, he really did a dirty one on them.]

[I honestly can\'t believe that the administration went as far as glorifying him in their hall of fame.]

[True, he must really have some good pull from the Headmistress or even the Queen herself!]

[Hahah, the fact that his face will be erected there for eternity must be making those proud witches want to rip their hair apart.]

The other non-witch residents in the empire all enjoyed Felix\'s last parting gift.

Whether they were humans, orcs, goblins, elves, and even slimes.

As long as they were mistreated by witches, they felt better knowing that the witches were getting shamed just like they did to them!

The only difference was that no matter what happened, Felix would always remain an unswallowed pill for old and young witches throughout the upcoming years!

His job of wounding the witches\' pride could be finally considered as concluded!

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