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Everyone was taken back after hearing the Headmistress\'s indifferent voice.

Especially Lilly, who felt that all of her mustered courage had faded away with the wind.

No matter how arrogant she was, she still had to bow her head respectfully before the Headmistress.

After all, the Headmistress was a senior even when compared to Sage Witches.

Questioning my decisions now It seems like I have been acting too nice. The Headmistress\'s voice was indifferent as ever but a tint of fury could be picked up this time.

The Headmistress didn\'t bother waiting for them to respond as she continued, Right now, Felix is taking the written exams.

When he finishes, I will gladly make the Queen testify on the truthfulness of his previous condition.

\'What the hell! This is not going by the script!\'

\'Shouldn\'t she ignore us or at least punish us after rejecting our proposal!\'

\'Why is she agreeing to our demands! This is bad.\'

Lilly and the girls gulped fearfully, starting to believe that it might be true after seeing that the Headmistress actually agreed to their demand!

They believed that they would be rejected or ignored, which in turn, would help them further their agenda that Felix was being treated favorably.

If the results came back positive, every witch in the campus that had bemouthed or questioned the administration would receive a 1000 CP deduction as a punishment. The Headmistress paused and said with a stricter tone, As for the daring ones like you, 2000 CP deduction, one-month suspension, and lastly, write a sincere apology letter to the administration and Felix.

If it turned out to be false, I will resign immediately.

Please send this reply to every witch in the Academy to quieten them down. The Headmistress ordered one last time before closing the door.

The moment her voice faded away, Lilly and the girls fell on their knees, feeling like their souls had just bailed on them.

It\'s over, we are doomed. Lilly murmured absentmindedly.

She knew that the Headmistress wouldn\'t put those punishments unless she was confident in her winning.

When the rest of the witches across the campus received the notice, most of them thought the same.

But, there were still some witches, who were holding into a tiny bit of hope that Felix\'s excuse was crap.

Unbeknownst to all of this, Felix could be seen crashing the written exams without a change of expression.

The questions were too easy for him since he was had already finished the 2nd-semester books and even read books for the rest of the semesters months ago.

In a sense, he had already

finished reading the entire curriculum of the Academy.

However, the others didn\'t know about this.

So, it came to them as a shock to see him stand up and forward his exams papers to teacher Sonna in less than 15 minutes.

[He\'s done already Did he not prepare enough]

[Then why doesn\'t he look nervous at all]

[Maybe he really finished all questions in 15 minutes]

Everyone scoffed in the comment section after reading so.

They knew that the 2nd semester written exams were much harder than even the 3rd-semester exams since they covered the dark reaction, augmentation phase, and many new things that hadn\'t been taught before.

Since Felix was a student in the elite classroom, the questions were more difficult than usual.

If it wasn\'t for so, Lara and Kamil wouldn\'t have scored perfect marks in only some of them!

Teacher Sonna didn\'t comment on Felix\'s rashness to hand his papers like the last time.

Instead, she studied the answers for a few minutes and couldn\'t help but smile beautifully after seeing that they were absolutely flawless.

Only then, did she glance at the mark given by the Queen, the real grader.

\'A , as expected.\' Teacher Sonna nodded her head in satisfaction as she gave Felix permission to leave.

The instant he left the classroom, his AP bracelet\'s blockage was removed, giving him the scare of his life after it started vibrating fiercely!

\'What\'s the matter\'

It didn\'t take Felix even a couple of clicks before he saw the mayhem he caused online.

When he saw the Headmistress\'s \'bet\' that was going viral, he couldn\'t help but facepalm at her response.

\'Isn\'t this going to make it even worse for me either ways\' Felix sighed deeply, knowing that he would be offending most witches no matter if the Queen exonerated him or not.

After all, he would be responsible for thousands of witches losing a massive sum of contribution points!

Naturally, they wouldn\'t take their anger on the administration but on him!

\'Whatever, I will leave here immediately after the exams.\'

Felix shrugged his shoulders and started walking towards the head office, not caring about the witches giving him nasty looks on the way.

He really didn\'t catch a break since the moment he enrolled here.

Sure, the academy was full of gorgeous flowers, but they had too many thorns for him to handle.


In a short moment, Felix reached the head office and was escorted inside by the Headmistress\'s assistance.

Good afternoon Headmistress. Felix greeted respectfully.

The Headmistress looked at his innocent eyes and started rubbing her eyebrows with a tired expression.

You sure make trouble with every step you take. She said in annoyance.

Cough, it\'s not my fault the master wanted me to miss the exams. Felix switched blame instantly, knowing that the Headmistress wouldn\'t complain anymore.

\'This little **.\'

He was right, the Headmistress didn\'t dare badmouth or question Lady Sphinx\'s orders.

Unlike him, she shared a strict disciple/master relationship, so she could never be casual like him with Lady Sphinx.

Forget it, let\'s get this over it already. The Headmistress hastened Felix, appearing like she wanted nothing more but to send him away from her face.

\'You sure piss off everyone you meet.\' Asna giggled in enjoyment.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at her low blow but he focused on the matter in hand.

Queen, please start streaming. Felix requested.

The Headmistress did the rest by giving permission for Felix\'s stream to be notified by every witch.

After they received the notification, they ignored everything and focused on what was about to come next, knowing that their life on the campus literally depends on it.

Queen, was I in a coma in the past two months and a half Felix got straight to the point by asking indifferently.

Yes. The Queen did so as well.

Her simple response sank the hearts of every witch who participated in this fiasco!

To remove any shred of doubt, Felix continued on, Was I able to be awakened if I consumed potions, applied substances, or jolted forcefully


The nail kept being drilled in the witches\' hearts with every response from the Queen.

Was it my intention to enter a coma to avoid the exams He added.


Indeed, Felix wanted to attend the exams but Lady Sphinx was the one making him skip them.

Now that you have your answer, please get off my back for the next two days.

I am too busy to deal with crap like this every time I enter the campus. Felix waved his hand at the camera and closed off the stream unemotionally.

He didn\'t feel a sense of winning or such, but just mild irritation that he needed to justify himself.

Have a nice day Headmistress. Felix excused himself politely and closed the door behind him.

The Headmistress remained silent after he left.

She realized that Felix was starting to dislike his experience in the Academy.

\'Sigh, I hope those lasses don\'t take it too far.

If he shared it online, our reputation would be taken a big hit.\'

The Headmistress didn\'t care if Felix liked being here or not.

The only thing that mattered to her was the Academy\'s reputation.

After all, she didn\'t invite him to the campus and she certainly didn\'t want him to be here and ruin the peacefulness of the campus.

Unfortunately, that\'s not up for her to say.


Meanwhile, the campus was filled with witches\' wails and whines.

Felix reeled in the scenes of witches crying as they stared at their AP bracelets.

He knew that they were checking on their CP balances and not liking it one bit.

With a smug smile, he hovered rapidly past them, heading to the garden.

He had set a meeting with Naima and Karry there.

Speaking about them, they were currently trying their best to hold their laughter as they peeked at Kamil\'s ugly expression in the classroom.

She was the first to propose reporting the administration if they didn\'t provide evidence.

Evidence was provided just a few seconds ago!

\'My teacher is going to murder me.\' She soon startled trembling in her seat fearfully, knowing that bringing her master\'s name into this was a bad bad move.

As for the casual witches who were just releasing steam on the administration They were now all begging for forgiveness so they wouldn\'t have their precious points deducted.

Some of them were already living in debt!

Alas, the Queen mercilessly analyzed everything they wrote and punished them accordingly.

Just as Felix anticipated, after the witches realized that their punishment was a done deal, they immediately exploded into an angry tirade online!

They were venting on no one but him!

This fueled the spread of this drama even more, making it reach the ears of the people outside of the campus!

In a mere few minutes, the news of Felix taking the postponement exams caught the gamblers\' ears!

Wherever gamblers gathered, there was a den ready to take their bets!

Only this time, the bets were on Felix only and guessing the rank he would achieve in the exams!

\'Oh, free money\' Felix smiled innocently as he betted the maximum amount possible on him to score the 1st mark.

That amount was 30 billion SC!

\'You are going to bankrupt the den, how evil.\' Asna laughed in excitement, \'I love it!\'

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