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While Malak and the rest were left dumbfounded by his sudden attitude change, the kingly guardian\'s eyes appeared like they were about to spew flames at Felix.

Yu askin Fr t!

Yet, Felix wasn\'t fazed in the slightest.

Instead, he was delighted that his provocation had managed to piss him off. 

This is how you aim!

Then, he promptly manifested tens of giant grey poisonous brittle spears and shot them all at the melted area of the ankle!


The spears exploded on contact, leaving behind them multiple grey clouds on the ankle!

Then, they seeped through the melted orange cracks and began turning the rocks into a fragile mess from within! 

However, in less than a second, the grey mist got evaporated thoroughly from the ankle!

The reason The kingly guardian had shot yet again laser beams at Felix!

Thankfully, Felix was already prepared this time and hid under the toe the instant he spotted the ankle getting illuminated!

The best part He avoided it without relying on his supersonic speed!


Nevertheless, Felix didn\'t waste time feeling proud.

Instead, he took advantage of the free opening that the kingly guardian always exposed after shooting laser beams!

Whoosh Whoosh!

An arsenal of grey spears manifested yet again before getting hurled at the melted area!

folish atmpts!

The kingly guardian\'s mocking voice resounded loudly as he brought down his humongous palm at Felix, clearly planning to smash him to pieces instead of repeating the same attack!

Dear god! The hall will get destroyed if that landed! 



Malissa, Erik, and Malak all showed expressions of worry, fear, and despair while flying reflexively away from the palm of god!

Felix who was experiencing the massive pressure of being right below it, wouldn\'t find it too shocking to call it that!

Such pressure and force were capable of turning anyone\'s legs into a jelly!

Knowing that his stored lightning was too valuable to waste, Felix tensed up his body and sprinted as hard as he could towards the shadowless part of the hall!

\'Shit I won\'t make it!\'

However, after seeing that the shadow of the hand was getting larger and larger, he knew that he would be caught beneath it if he kept going at this pace!

Yet, Felix was still hesitant to waste what remained of his stored lightning to dodge one single attack.

\'Think, think, think!!\'

Thankfully, the danger of the situation had allowed Felix to experience another burst of adrenaline, making his heartbeat and thought process speed up!

That burst was all he needed to get his vision cleared out and see his escape route!


Felix squinted his eyes at an opening between the ring and the middle finger that was only a few ten meters above him!

Then, without an ounce of hesitation, he shrunk his body to his normal size and jumped as high as he could!! 


Malissa, who decided to take a peek behind her, almost suffered from a heart attack at the sight of Felix\'s proactiveness to bridge the distance between him and that apocalyptic palm!

Alas, her view of Felix was soon hindered by the gigantic fingers that were about to touch the ground!

When she saw this, she removed all of her worries about Felix and braced herself for the impact!

A split second later...a magnificent shockwave had emerged after the palm\'s contact with the floor.

Before the shockwave slammed Erik, Malisa, and Malak, a thunderous explosion rocked the entire hall!

Then, both of them smashed into those three, resulting in them getting flung wildly towards the wall!


The instant they slammed into it, their suit had absorbed most of the damage, saving them from having their bones snapped!

Alas, the helmets didn\'t manage to survive perfectly as the glass got cracked due to the deadly sound!

While this was happening, Felix could be seen floating tens of meters above the palm with a cracked helmet and tens of grey spears pointing at the ankle!!


Before the kingly guardian could react to Felix\'s escape, his ankle was met with a barrage of nonending poisonous spears!

Poof Poof...

Since the kingly guardian wasn\'t anticipating Felix\'s survival and abrupt counter-attack, his ankle ended up engulfed in a giant grey cloud for a few seconds!!

Yu Bastrd!!

Only after sensing that his ankle was getting weaker and weaker did the kingly guardian realize that he couldn\'t keep this up!

So naturally, he shot laser beams from his ankle to evaporate the mist.

Alas, the instant he did so, his ankle began breaking into melted pieces!

At least, the front part of it, where Felix focused the most.

Although it was only half the ankle, a wide smirk had emerged on Felix\'s face after seeing that the kingly guardian was starting to wobble slightly!

\'Good, he is starting to lose his balance.

Before he decides to sit on the throne and ruin my plan, I need to pull him away from it!\' 

Felix swiftly wiped that smirk from his face and snapped both of his fingers, resulting in the creation of two humongous condensed grey swords on his hands.

Behind him were an arsenal of grey spears floating by, making him resemble the god of death, ready to bring down judgment on this foolish golem!

Whoosh Whoosh!

A split second later, Felix dove rapidly towards the ankle while at the same time ordering the spears to target it!

The kingly guardian wasn\'t planning on letting him have an easy trip as he had started shooting laser beams from the cracks on his long arm and also his eyes!

Since Felix was anticipating them, he quickly took cover under the arm\'s triceps!

However, before he could feel relaxed at his successful evasion, he was forced to enter his supersonic mode because the kingly guardian was actually preparing to fire laser beams from the entire arm!

This made it impossible to stay close to it!

Thankfully, Felix was close enough to the ankle already, making him take advantage of his momentum and great grey swords to inflict as much poisonous mist within it.

However, this time the kingly guardian reacted instantaneously by evaporating the mist before it could deal any serious damage.

Luckily for Felix, every time the kingly guardian used those laser beams, the ankle\'s shape would get worse and worse!

\'Hehe, you got him cornered.\' Asna laughed with a mocking tone, \'If he left the mist, the stones his ankle is made of will get too weak to handle his weight.

If he decided to deal with it, the heat will end up melting the fragile stones as well.

If he decided to rely on his physical strength, the movement he makes would end up putting huge pressure on his weakened ank...\'


Before Asna could finish speaking, a loud cracking noise resounded in the hall, shocking everyone but Felix.


Instead, he was thrilled to see that the ankle had finally ended up separating from the foot after the kingly guardian tried to punch him down!

He was too furious and humiliated to be played by a tiny human like this to even stop for a second and think about taking a step back!

\'This is why I dislike using spirits inside my golems.

Their emotions will always get in their task, unlike the cold and rational AIs.\'

Lady Sphinx shook her head slightly as she watched the kingly guardian trying his best not to fall on the ground.

Alas, the fight he had with Felix had forced him to walk away from his majestic throne without his realization.

This left him stranded in the middle of the hall!

He did it!

What\'s going on down there!

Oh god, he looks like he is going to fall in our direction!


Felix shouted in the intercom, reminding them that everything that he was doing was for this slight opening!

Currently, he could be seen breathing ruggedly with sweat covering his entire forehead, clear marks of elemental exhaustion.

The fight had sapped him clean, leaving him with only 5% in his tank so he wouldn\'t pass out!

All of this was to simply destroy the kingly guardian\'s ankle!


After a couple of seconds of trying to balance himself out, the kingly guardian finally realized that it would be impossible to keep standing on one foot!

So, instead of resisting it, he actually decided to control the way he fell!!

Yu Fols! As Lng as I kep my eys on yu, yu wil nevr run awy!!

Everyone\'s ears quivered at his furious bellow but they still didn\'t understand the language spoken.

However, seeing how the kingly guardian\'s eyes never left them even though he was falling down slowly, they easily figured out what he meant.

Their hearts sank at the thought of trying to fly to the pyramid\'s peak in such conditions!

In their eyes, the only reason Felix went on a limb to handicap the kingly guardian was to make him lose attention on them, giving them few seconds to escape!

But now 


The kingly guardian\'s knees touched the ground, making him regain his balance in a kneeling position.

He appeared as solid as before, making Erik and the others feel utterly hopeless about their escape.

What\'s worse, his infuriated eyes were on them this time instead of Felix who was remaining surprisingly silent with his hands tightened into fists.

When Malak and the rest saw him like that, they could only sigh in dejection and acceptance of their doom.

They could see that Felix had spent everything to save them even though he could have easily escaped on his own by relying on his supersonic mode.

After all, It was simply impossible to hit him with laser beams during it.

Boss, if you have any juice left, please leave us behind...You did more than enough. Erik gave Felix a sincere smile and said, All the years I have lived don\'t compare to a single minute that I have spent serving under you.

I am satisfied with the adventure!

Malak and Malissa glanced at him with a wry smile.

They wish they could be as selfless and loyal as he was, but that ain\'t happening with the short amount of time that they spent with each other.

Absolute loyalty couldn\'t be obtained so easily.

So, they lowered their heads without approving or disapproving of what Erik said.

\'Asna, is it done\'


Felix unclutched his hands at the sound of that, allowing a bunch of black rubble to fall off.

He heard what Erik said but he didn\'t bother to think about it.


\'It\'s time to leave.\' Felix smirked faintly as he glanced at the kingly guardian\'s sinister expression.

He knew that the kingly guardian didn\'t attack them right away because he saw the despair in their eyes and believed that he had already won this.

Too bad for him, handicapping him was only the first part of Felix\'s shrewed plan!

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