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What was that noise guys Are you okey! 

Abruptly, Jones\' concerned voice resounded in the intercom loudly, managing to jolt Felix and the rest from their daze.

It\'s nothing, just keep focusing on the walls\' stability. Felix responded calmly after taking a deep breath.

He could see from the opening that both Nicci and Jones were trembling in their positions while continuously releasing ice and vines from their hands at the walls.

In such a situation, Felix knew that hiding what happened from them was the best decision.

\'I can\'t risk breaking their focus at such a critical moment.\' 

Felix knew that the moment the walls collapsed, they would be locked with this gigantic monstrosity that could make a peak 4th stage bloodliner disappear without a trace!

Sir Felix, what should we do now Malissa asked while staring fearfully at the kingly guardian, who was slowly standing up on his feet.

After seeing Khodri and Pualani\'s fate, she didn\'t dare to consider flying to the pyramid\'s peak.

As for feeling sad about their death no one had such luxury.

Felix didn\'t reply but activated his supersonic mode to slow down the flow of time for a few extra seconds of contemplation.

\'I feel bad for the way Khodri and Pualani died but this isn\'t the time to mourn for them.\' Felix squinted his eyes at the sinister smile of the kingly guardian and thought, \'The fact that it didn\'t shoot another beam of a laser at me even though I am flying implies two things.

Either, the guardian doesn\'t want to harm the cube or he shoots only at targets that are seeking to escape from the pyramid\'s peak.\'

\'Whatever it is, I brought this trouble upon myself and the squad.

I can\'t get them wiped out at the finish line.\' Felix hardened his expression, \'The only way to secure their safety is by forcing the kingly guardian to focus only on me.\'

\'At least, you take responsibility for your greed.\' Jörmungandr somewhat praised.

Just as Felix wanted to show a bitter smile, his eyes widened in shock when he saw that the kingly guardian\'s eyes were getting extra bright while staring at Malak!

\'Shit! He actually can aim even at those on the ground!\'

Without another thought in mind, Felix sprinted at the speed of sound towards Malak, who could be seen trying to flap her wings in slow motion, preparing to dodge the incoming laser beam.

But from the look of despair on her face, she clearly knew that she was way slower than that laser beam that could appear at the speed of light!

Hell, even Felix knew that he was way slower than it after seeing its first emergence!

However, not all hope was lost as the kingly guardian clearly needs a bit of time to shoot!

Felix took full advantage of those milliseconds to reach Malak\'s side and quickly dash away after picking her up!

A split second later...Bright milky white light illuminated the hall yet again, forcing everyone to close their eyes shut.

The instant Erik and Malissa realized that the light had faded away, they quickly opened them up and started looking around them, hoping that Malak and Felix were alright.

It didn\'t take them even a second to spot Felix carrying Malak by her waist while having some leftover electric charges coursing through their bodies.

Everyone! Keep your focus on the guardian\'s eyes! The moment you see them getting brighter, leave your spot at once!! Felix shouted immediately in the intercom, not giving time for the others to react.


Soon, he dropped the paralyzed Malak, who was in direct contact with his lightning overflow, and then ordered them again with a serious tone, I won\'t repeat myself.

All of you be prepared to escape outside the hall the moment I give you the order!



Save the chitchat and concentrate on his eyes if you don\'t want to die! Felix roared as he sprinted towards the guardian\'s slightly cracked left leg.

He made sure to not go all out in speed so the guardian would notice him.

To attract him even more, Felix kept shouting loudly while waving the pitch-black cube, You creepy f*ck! If you want to take back your treasure, f*cking come get it!

The kingly guardian who was planning to weed out the trash first, couldn\'t help but glance down at Felix after he made such a ruckus.

Humn if t was\'t fr yur grid i wuld hav cmandd yu fr yur activ sacrifis tu hlp yur frinds. 

Out of nowhere, a deep rough voice resounded thunderously throughout the hall, shocking everyone who heard it!

It was loud enough, it reached both Nicci and Jones, making them stiffen in their places.

The language used was too foreign for them to comprehend what he said.

Meanwhile, Felix and the rest couldn\'t help but doubt their ears after realizing that the kingly guardian had actually just spoken!

What the hell! Can golems even reach such a high level of intelligence! Erik cried out loud in shock.

Unfortunately, even Felix was bewildered by the sudden turn of events.

\'Oho It seems like this golem has a spirit residing in it.\' Lady Sphinx commentated with a tone filled with praise, \'It seems like the owner\'s proficiency in golems creation isn\'t too shabby.\'

For Lady Sphinx to praise the ruin\'s master, only meant that he really was an extraordinary individual!

Too bad, it seems like the spirit he put inside the guardian wasn\'t patient enough to engage in conversation as the moment Felix paused his footsteps, he was met with two bright eyes!


Without a second thought, Felix entered his supersonic mode and dashed away from the instantaneous beam attack!

After evading it easily, Felix didn\'t show any signs of delight.

That\'s because his stored lightning was about to run out!

Without it, he wouldn\'t be able to use supersonic mode again! If that happens, Felix knew that he would be doomed!

\'Shit, I can\'t waste my energy on using an electric field to absorb the lightning.\'

It was to be expected after repeatedly using size manipulation ability to take out those guardians.

Right now, he knew that Asna was out of emergency energy, and he was left to fend for himself with the remaining 70% in his body.

\'I can only use that method to recover some energy...\'


Abruptly, Felix\'s thoughts process was broken by Asna\'s sudden warning.

Knowing full well that Asna wouldn\'t joke in those critical moments, Felix instantly covered himself in electrical charges and appeared like he teleported ten meters from his previous spot.

That spot was currently emitting white smoke from the heat caused by the laser beams.

\'Thanks.\' Felix wiped his sweaty forehead and thought with a serious expression, \'I need to come up with a plan that will at least handicap him for a few seconds if I want to live.\'

Felix knew that killing the guardian was out of the question due to his terrible conditions.

\'I don\'t have time to think of the perfect plan, so I can only use the same method I used before and improvise on the go!\'

Upon making a quick decision, Felix snapped his finger and turned himself into a giant yet again.

While doing so, he also entered his supersonic mode, in addition to pouring out a condensed grey poisonous mist from his skin.

Since his size was unlike before, the poisonous mist appeared like a magnificent thundercloud with the lightning flickering from within!

Before Malak and the rest could react to this development, Felix instantly teleported to the kingly guardian\'s massive feet and jumped on his toenail!

Although Felix could be considered as a giant, at this moment, he still appeared quite tiny in comparison to the kingly guardian\'s behemoth\'s size.

Yet, Felix didn\'t let the size difference deter him!

He clenched his fist and punched the leg\'s chin as hard as he could!

Crack Crack!

Small fissures resulted from his strike, allowing Felix to understand that the material used to create the kingly guardian was a lot tougher than the other guardians!

Nevertheless, Felix didn\'t hold back his lightning-quick punches at all.

Since his stored lightning was too limited, he was forced to carry out his assault without being in his supersonic mode.

After losing his monstrous speed, the kingly guardian finally managed to react to Felix\'s fierce beatdown.

Yu dar!

Realizing that Felix was attempting to destroy his ankle, the kingly guardian\'s sinister smile turned into a nasty grimace.

When Felix sensed it, chills coursed on his spine, making him immediately pause his assault and withdraw as fast as possible!

The moment he reached the toe, his heart sunk at the sight of a bright milky white light emerging from the cracks on the ankle!

Then, dozen of tiny small laser beams got emitted everywhere, scaring the ** out of Felix, who was crouching below the guardian\'s toe for protection.

This f*cker\'s entire body can shoot lasers!

Felix would be lying if he said that this new development didn\'t scare him because the only plan he had was crippling the guardian\'s foot and escaping either during his fall or after.

For a golem to have a size like that only meant that it would be almost impossible to carry its weight with one foot.

Now His mind was absolutely blank as he couldn\'t figure out any method to carry out his plan without letting himself get too close to those cracks!

\'What do I do no...Hmm\'

Just as Felix tried to seek out a hail mary emergency plan, his thoughts were interrupted by the sight of the cracks getting melted!

The same cracks where he was punching before and where the laser beams emerged!

\'That\'s weird, if the rocks were this vulnerable to the laser beams, then his eyes should have been melted a long while ago.\'

Felix\'s assumption was correct.

The guardian\'s body material was tough enough to resist the monstrous heat of the laser beams.

The best proof was the perfectly fine cracks on the chin of the leg, a few meters above Felix\'s striking area.

This led Felix to reach only one valid explanation of the melting phenomena!

\'Haha! My brittle inducement had weakened the rocks to the point they find it tough to handle the heat! This changes everything!\' 

Excited and enlivened, Felix jumped on the toenail again and showed a wide sinister grin at the kingly guardian.

Then, without any hesitation, Felix flipped him the middle finger and taunted with a newfound arrogance, To have such a **ty aim, no wonder you were captured and prisoned inside this golem.

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