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Five hours later...

The team had already started the digging process and made some progress towards the pyramid\'s peak, thanks to Erik\'s active ability *Cosmic Vortex*. 

Because they were digging the rubble and they needed to get quite deep, Erik was allowed to go all out in his abilities.

The first two hours were just for Erik to spam his wind abilities at the site while constantly recovering his energy from stones.

The squad only took it from there when they saw that he had dug more than 10 meters worth of sand and rubble on his own.

How long do you think it will take us Malak inquired while standing near Felix.

If we going at this pace, I doubt we will be leaving here in two weeks. Felix responded while staring at the squad using shovels and machines to dig.

It\'s too risky to remain here for too long. Malak said.

I agree, we need to use that method. Felix sighed and ordered, Guys, go empty your spatial cards in your rooms and start using them to dig faster.

Felix didn\'t want to use this method because it requires the spatial cards to be empty so the sand wouldn\'t touch the items within.

It wasn\'t decent to make others empty their spatial cards because it possesses their secrets and some items that could be spoiled if remained exposed for too long.

That\'s why Felix didn\'t feel the need to use it the first time since it took only a few days to find the entrance...But not this time.

Understood boss.

On it.

The squadmates obliged the order obediently since they understood that the situation was time-sensitive.

In a few minutes, they returned from the spaceship and restarted their work.

Erik pointed his AP bracelet at the sand before him and started beaming it like a vacuum inside his spatial card.

It didn\'t even matter if he ended up beaming rubble or big rocks as the spatial card accepts anything lifeless.

The rest were doing the same in a five meters radius.

This was the exact location of the peak and they were digging just around it not the entire site.

In less than a minute, Jones lifted his hand and said, I am full, I am going to unload. 

Then, he sprinted towards an empty space and began emptying the content of the spatial card freely.

One by one, the others started doing the same.

When they were done, they head back to repeat the same sequence..


Six days later...

Felix could be seen joining in the fun by using four AP bracelets and spatial cards to dig the surrounding area.

Those were his tenants\' bracelets in use.

When the squad asked him about them, he simply told them that they were spare bracelets with spatial cards.

They bought it in a heartbeat since there wasn\'t really any other alternative in their minds.

We are getting too deep, watch out for sudden collapses. Felix warned everyone as he lifted his head and looked at the depth of the hole they were in.

It was being supported by pillars they had dugout.

They were being enforced by Nicci\'s vines network that was covering the entire hole.

I will reinforce them again. Nicci notified while spewing more vines to hold into the pillars and keep the hardened walls remain tough.

Those walls were hardened by Jones\'s water and ice abilities.

If it wasn\'t for him, they would have no way of dealing with the sand collapsing back inside the hole.

I am full, I will be back. Felix informed while activating his lightning arcs.

Then, he used them to pull himself upward.

However, just as he planned on leaving, he heard Erik\'s loud exclamation, I think I found it!!

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix turned back and jumped inside the hole, using his lightning arcs to slow himself up.

The moment he landed, he noticed that everyone was gathered around Erik and they were looking at one place.

Felix got inside the pack and glanced downward.

He couldn\'t help but smile widely after seeing a sharp pointy golden tip exposed in the world.

I will expose it fully. Excited, Erik got down on his knees and began removing the sand rapidly with his hands like a dog.

In less than two minutes, the entire pyramid\'s peak was exposed!


Thank god, I was starting to think that we were digging in the wrong location.

Same! it\'s too dreadful just to think about it.

The squad couldn\'t explain how relieved and thankful they were to see that golden shimmering peak before them.

tens of hours were spent on digging and they honestly would have snapped a nerve if they found out that the coordinates were wrong.

Why isn\'t it opening up Felix murmured to himself while touching the smooth surface of Strucrase, Does it react from the inside only or getting close it isn\'t the key in the first place

Felix began having some doubts about his theory but he knew that it wasn\'t time to question it.

That\'s because the suns were about to rise!

For his theory to work, he needed the sunlight to be there when manages to open up the peak.

Nicci and Jones, stay here and keep the walls enforced. Felix voiced his orders quickly, The rest follow me to the spaceship, we don\'t know how long those walls would last even with Nicci\'s and Jones\' reinforcement.

The squad didn\'t seem like they were requiring a break either as they had followed Felix outside of the hole and started sprinting towards the spaceship while emptying their AP bracelet from the sand.

When they got inside, they went straight to their rooms and filled their spatial cards with their items.

Then, they went towards the elevator after throwing two boxes worth of elemental stones to Jones and Nicci.


Sometime later, the squad had arrived at the staircase, leading to the empty hall.

This time, they all climbed the stairs with Felix while having serious expressions.

Felix had already informed them that the guardians would wake up the moment their feet touches the hall.

They weren\'t easy opponents to deal with in the slightest.

When they reached the wide-open gate, Felix ordered them to stop while timing his watch to the exact time when the suns would be high enough to shine at the pyramid\'s peak.

\'We have less than 5 minutes.\' Felix informed the squad of the plan, \'Malissa, I need you to find out the method to open the pyramid\'s peak.

Try everything since our lives depend on it.

\'I will see through it.\' Malissa ensured with a solemn tone.

\'As for us, we will be dealing with the guardians.\' Felix pointed at them and said, \'There are more than ten guardians around without adding the one sitting on the throne.

It\'s going to be extremely difficult for you guys to kill them so I need you to focus on buying Malissa time instead of risking your lives to kill one.\'



Upon hearing their harmonized firm shout in his suit\'s intercom, Felix gave them a slight head nod and then dashed inside the hall!


He used his tether lighting arc to pull himself on top of the monolith and immediately activated his electric field to brighten up the entire hall for them.

\'Mark your guardian and go for it!\' Felix shouted his order.

\'I will take the one on the leftmost.\'

\'Leave me the one with the bow and arrows.\'

\'The hammer guardian and the whip guardian is mine.\'

\'Dibs on the female guardians and the spear guardian.\'

The squad members kept yelling at their guardians one by one while heading towards them with their abilities fully activated.

When Felix saw that four guardians were left untaken, he said, \'I will be dealing with the rest.\'


Felix jumped in the air and used two lightning arcs to propel himself from the ground towards one of the toughest guardians in the hall.

The guardian was 10 meters tall and had two axes placed behind his back and a helmet that was exposing only his eyes.

His eyes weren\'t dead in the slightest as they began to brighten up akin to two blue light candles.

Crack Crack!

Out of nowhere, the sounds of rocks breaking echoed in the entire hall, scaring Khodri and the rest when they saw that it was coming from the guardians\' bodies.

With each step they took, the noise kept getting louder and louder until it stopped abruptly...allowing them to hear only the sounds of their footsteps and the sizzling of Felix\'s lighting.

Still mid-air, Felix brought out a silver nail from his spatial card and placed it on the tip of his finger that was aiming at the tough-looking guardian.


Blue and yellow colored lightning coursed on his arm continuously, building more force for *Thor\'s Ordnance*.

The moment Felik entered the perfect range to hit the guardian\'s head, he immediately flicked his finger, causing the nail to get propelled like a bullet while encased in a thick golden dreadful beam!

Based on its trajectory and speed, Felix didn\'t doubt for a second that it was going to hit!


Unfortunately, his confidence in his ability has shattered the instant he saw the horrifying sight of the guardian moving his head to the side just as the beam reached it!


The beam collided with the wall, not managing to leave even a dent.

As for the guardian His rocky grey cheek had turned slightly black after being grazed by the beam.

\'Well, f*ck me.\' Felix gulped a mouthful when he saw that the guardian had pulled both axes from his shoulders and entered a combat stance while staring coldly at him with red eyes.

Felix knew that he should not underestimate them even though his strength had already surpassed 20k!

The worst part, he wasn\'t dealing with just one but four of them!

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