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For this plan to work, I need a copy of myself and Sage Dalilia\'s help. Felix requested politely, Elder, mind creating another copy

Sure. Lady Sphinx agreed calmly.

Thanks! Felix smiled pleasantly since the copy was a must part of his plan.

Soon, Felix went to the bathroom and remained there for more than half an hour, doing nothing but making sure to empty his bowels.

When he was done, he flushed the water and cleaned his hands thoroughly.

Then, he went back to the toilet seat and stuck his finger deep in his throat until his gag reflexes made sure to help him empty everything left in his stomach.

The things I have to do to use one ability. Felix cleaned his mouth with a disgruntled expression, I really need to learn how to destroy the food and waste inside my body without relying on such methods.

Now that he was done, Felix left the bathroom and contacted Sage Dalilia, requesting the same army convey to escort him back to the castle.

When she agreed, Felix coughed and informed her, Elder, I might need your help to leave the planet.

Leave the planet Are you insane Sage Dalilia immediately rejected, No, I can\'t allow you to leave when you are being pursued heavily.

If you died, all of my master\'s efforts on you will be wasted.

Felix already knew that Sage Dalilia didn\'t really care about his well-being but her master\'s plans and benefits.

Currently, Felix was bringing tons of benefits in the games as he had bested two champions.

Sorry, but I must leave. Felix stressed, I have already received permission from Master.

Upon hearing so, Sage Dalilia swiftly asked Lady Sphinx\'s copy in her mind.

\'Yep, he is free to go.\'


\'No buts, if you are worried that much, make sure to help him thoroughly in his plan.\'

\'Sigh, alright, I will see what I can do.\' Sage Dalilia complied.

Speak, what do you want from me Sage Dalilia\'s tone wasn\'t that friendly anymore.

Felix didn\'t care about it one bit as he began listing the things he needed, First, I need the drawn map of the military base, showing only a path to the safest exit from the place where the convoy would park.

In addition, I want a valid soldier ID to disguise myself in the base.

Lastly, I want to enter the spaceport without getting scanned or verified.

Is that all


How about your plan Sage Dalilia inquired.

Felix didn\'t hesitate to fill her in with the details of his escape, fully confident that she wouldn\'t betray him and expose his plan to his enemies.

After all, she was under brutal scrutiny by Lady Sphinx in her mind.

After hearing his complex plan and the way he wanted to escape, Sage Dalilia could only offer speechlessly, Isn\'t it better to simply take you by a spaceship while accompanied by an army fleet to your destination

The casual way she said it, made it sound like getting such a thing done was nothing to her.

As much as it was tempting, Felix still rejected her offer, No, it\'s too high profile.

I want to get inside and outside of the planet without anyone knowing about it.

You better make your plan work then. Sage Dalilia warned with a strict tone before hanging up.

Now that he got that out of the way, Felix went to the mirror and beamed his Academy\'s official uniform and wore it.

Then, he waited patiently for Sage Dalilia to come through with her part.

In a few minutes, he got an email with an attachment of the map, a valid soldier ID, a valid excuse in case he got asked, and lastly the approval of the spaceport matter.

Felix extended the holographic map and began studying it silently.

He spent one hour on it, mapping out additional paths in case the one Sage Dalilia gave him didn\'t work out.

He also worked on the soldier ID to perfect the resemblance.

After he was done, he left his dorm room clean and empty, knowing that he would not be returning for a long while.


In a short while, Felix had reached the entrance of the campus and stood near it, waiting patiently for the escort squad to arrive.

He made sure to stand in the most conspicuous place in the area.

\'Boss, the target is planning on leaving the campus.\' An old woman with a wrinkled forehead spoke telepathically while controlling a small cleaning machine on the sidewalk.

She was glancing at Felix once in a while to not make it obvious that she was stalking him.

\'Good work, you can expect the same amount to be in your brother\'s account in 15 minutes if the target left the campus.\' The Queen delivered this message without telling the name of the sender.

The janitor lady thanked the man/woman and kept doing her own job naturally.

She wasn\'t the only one reporting the news.

Felix had spotted at least 10 people were giving him sneaky glances.

Most of them were witches making it impossible to know if they were selling his position or simply interested in him.

Whatever it was, Felix was preferred to have more eyes on him to make sure that everyone sees the entire process of him leaving the campus then returning.

Sometime later, the army convoy arrived grandly as always above the entrance of the campus.

Everyone saw that Felix hopped inside the vehicle in the middle.

Then, the convoy took off towards the castle as usual.

When the news got delivered to the patrons, they were left disappointed and frustrated.

They knew that it was impossible to make a move on him with such protection.

The only reason they hadn\'t given up yet was that their superiors believed that Felix was bound to make a mistake sooner or later.

Alas, so far Felix was as careful as someone who\'s treading on a thin rope.


Before long, the convoy reached the castle and Felix could be seen jumping outside of the vehicle.

Then, he went inside the castle while the convoy remained to wait for him.

The hired scouts were eyeing everything with penetrating vision while sitting either in front of windows, cafes, in shops...etc

All of them had monstrous visions, allowing them to check on Felix thoroughly when he enters and leaves.

So, when they saw him leaving after spending only five minutes inside, they could only shake their heads in frustration.

The idea of him going in and leaves as he pleases while knowing that he had millions of wanting a piece of him made them feel like he was mocking their passiveness.

\'The target is returning to the campus.\'

Everyone sent this message to their superiors after seeing Felix getting inside the vehicle then heading in direction of the campus.

Just to be sure, they sent hidden hovercars following them from afar to not get spotted.

After they reached the campus, they noticed that Felix had exited the vehicle and walked away with his hands in his pockets.

\'It\'s another bust, let\'s head back.\' One of them waved his hand at the driver while sighing disappointedly.

The rest of the cars all retreated, fearing that they might get noticed and hunted down.

Just because they hadn\'t attacked Felix yet, it didn\'t mean that they were safe.

While the moles inside the campus kept reporting Felix\'s current whereabouts in the campus, the army convoy was currently heading back to their military base in the main city.

When they got inside and parked in their rightful lot, the soldiers stepped off the vehicles and marched back to their stations.

\'I am not sensing anyone nearby.

I guess they have left\' Felix thought to himself in utter darkness, not having a single idea what\'s going on in the outside world.

That\'s because he had transmuted into an electrical charge and connected himself with a tiny wire on the floor of the vehicle!

When Felix had first entered the castle, he transmuted into an electrical charge and attached himself with a tiny wire inside his copy\'s hand!

The moment they got inside, Lady Sphinx ordered the copy to open its hand, allowing the wire to drop in the ground, unbeknownst to anyone! Even the soldiers, sitting beside Felix.

They simply focused on delivering the copy to the campus.

When they saw through its end, they returned to base, taking the real Felix with them.

This took more than 10 minutes! Meaning that Felix was in an electrical form for such a long period!

Thankfully, he had Asna\'s purified energy, helping him with the consumption.

\'I might be in the military base right now.

I need to sneak outside without being noticed.

Otherwise, a mole might expose me to my enemies and I can never use this method again.\' Felix contemplated.

Although it\'s a military base, making it almost impossible for a mole to be within it, Felix had nothing to lose by playing it safe.

\'Hopefully, my preparation to counter the transmutation are enough.\'

Felix wished softly before deactivating the ability, allowing his body, AP bracelet, and clothes to get transmitted back to their normal size.

The moment he opened his eyes, he felt like the world was spinning around him while his gag reflexes kept hitting him over and over again.

But, Felix kept his mouth shut at all costs.

Those nauseating feelings remained with him for more than five seconds before withdrawing slowly.

\'Finally.\' Felix coughed while covering his mouth.

When he was done, he rubbed his eyes to clean up the fogginess and glanced outside of the vehicle window.

\'Damn, this is what I call a military base.\' Felix exclaimed with an awed tone after lying his eyes on the glorious appearance of the base!

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