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Felix let out a long exhale and started pondering on a method to help fatty earn more from deliveries. 

\'If that fatty was capable of inter-galactical delivery, everything would have been the same as before.\'

Felix knew that it was impossible for Fatty Bodidi to pull them off with his age.

His space manipulation and energy weren\'t adequate yet.

\'Though, he can take an exam in the wormhole express company to upgrade from a galactical delivery to inter-galactical.\' Felix rubbed his chin, \'Yeah, I still recall that the exam is meant for juniors who want to broaden their horizons by delivering to different galaxies, using private wormholes for their race\'s use only.\'

This would be enough to solve his problem plus Fatty Bodidi\'s.

However, this depends heavily on Bodidi\'s performance in the exams since a lot of junior delivery worms participate in it on monthly basis.

Thinking of that idiotic fat worm who only knows how to accept bribes and eat, made Felix lose hope in this plan entirely.

\'Like hell, he will pass it.\'

\'Heey, don\'t look down on cutie fatty.\' Asna chided while trimming her nails, \'Who knows Maybe his hunger would motivate him to do his best and pass it\'

\'Oh, you just gave me a better idea.\' Felix grinned faintly and dialed Fatty Bodidi\'s number.

After a couple of rings, the call was picked.

Listen up fatty, I have the perfect solution that will help us both. Felix said.

Really Fatty\'s voice rose up a notch in elation.

Yes, cough, all you have to do is simply pass the inter-galactical monthly exam in your company. Felix suggested while coughing.

Inter-galactical monthly exam Bodidi\'s tone screamed of confusion, making Felix want to teleport to Bodidi\'s place and slap the ** out of him.

The f*cker didn\'t even know of such a known exam in his own company!

\'Does he think about anything besides food This is going to be an impossible mission.\' Felix massaged his temples and started explaining what the exam represents and why he needs to take it.

When he was done, Bodidi replied to him with one phrase, Hell no!

I was always weak in studies and exams.

Heck, I barely passed the juniors exam and got this job! So no! Bodidi refused vehemently.

Felix wasn\'t even mad as he had already anticipated his rejection.

He simply shrugged his shoulders and told him their future together, If you pass it, you will be able to deliver my items throughout the entire universe.

I will be traveling from a galaxy to another in the upcoming years.

If you don\'t pass the exam, this will further make it even harder for me to make even two deliveries in a single month.

One delivery per month. Bodidi murmured with a horrified tone, not wanting to imagine his fate when that happens.

He was already struggling to feed himself with the current status quo.

If things came to be as Felix described, he felt like he would honestly die from starvation after he blew all his salary on junk food!

This your fault, bastard! Why did you sign a lifelong contract with me if you aren\'t going to stay in the galaxy! Bodidi started whining again.

Fatty, you better start working your ass up if you want to catch up to me. Felix cleaned off his ear cooly, I don\'t mind leaving you to starve if you kept being this lazy.

You demon! Since the moment you introduced yourself in my life, it has been going downhill! Fatty Bodidi sobbed, feeling like he got cheated again.

When Felix made him sign to renew the contract, he told him that he would be paid for the deliveries.

That was enough for Fatty since Felix was making a lot of deliveries in a single month.

But, who would have expected that the bastard would pack up and take off to another galaxy At least Bodidi didn\'t.

Alright, stop being such a crybaby. Felix switched to a softer approach, How about I reward you with a lifelong worth of snacks if you pass the exam

Lifelong wo..rth of snacks! Just saying it out loud made Bodidi squirm in his place like he was having a seizure.

Yes! We can even sign a contract for it. Felix said with a faint smile.

I will do it! I will sign it! 

\'Well, that was easy.\' Asna giggled.

\'Should have led with it.\' Felix smiled wryly as he anticipated some struggle or hesitation but the fat f*ck had just emphasized again that junk food was everything to him.

Listen up, the contract will only activate after you pass the exam successfully. Felix said, I don\'t care if it took you a month or five years.

You are not getting a single snack out of me before then.

Of course, of course. Bodidi spoke with a rushed tone, Where is the contract Email it to me quickly!

Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he said, You will get it in an hour after I work on it.

I don\'t want you bastard to bankrupt me by buying billions of expensive snacks in a single purchase.

Felix wasn\'t lying at all since there were truly some high-quality snacks that cost millions of coins apiece.

He needed to set a limit lest he ends up regretting the deal.

Cough, you think too little of me.

I am sure I don\'t. Felix scoffed and switched the subject, I will be emailing you now some addresses, go pick up my stuff there and leave it with you for now.

This time Bodidi accepted the order and hung up quickly, probably already preparing for the journey.

Although the deal seems unfavorable for Felix since he might lose the millions worth of snacks, in reality he would be earning much more out of it.

That\'s because he would be traveling through the universe most of the time and if he didn\'t have Bodidi who he trusts, he would be left to use a random deliveryworm.

Who knows if he would get betrayed and have his location transmitted Those deliveryworm all love taking bribes.

I better start preparing for my journey as well. Felix logged out and went to his closet and desk.

After beaming everything in his spatial card, he asked, Elder, it\'s safe for me to leave right I won\'t be hunted down by primogenitors or beings at that level.

Don\'t worry, I believe they are busy with other important matters to deal with an ant. Lady Sphinx insulted Felix quite casually like she didn\'t see anything wrong with what she said.

Hehehe, an ant. Asna\'s provocative laugh always makes it worse.

Alas, Felix was already numb to insults coming from his tenants.

He simply carried on with his preparation.

Since the important stuff was already in his bracelet, he finished in a few moments.

He left the sheets and pillows on the bed since he was going to return in a month or so after he deals with the expedition personally.

He learned his lesson after everything that had gone through in the ruins!


A few hours later, Felix and the squad were gathered in the conference room.

Everyone feels refreshed Felix checked upon them.

Upon seeing them nodding their heads, Felix moved to the main subject of discussion.

I have decided to take part in the remaining of the expedition.

I will be the eyes and also the scout due to my abilities. Felix announced calmly.

However, nothing was calm about the squad\'s reaction as they were pretty shocked and also excited.

Only Malak seemed worried about his decision as she argued, Sir Felix, don\'t you think that it\'s a bit risky to leave the empire

The others reeled in their excitement after realizing that she made perfect sense.

They knew that Felix\'s enemies were as many as the stars in the universe.

Everyone wanted something from him and the only reason no one was making a move was due to him hiding in the capital.

She is right boss! Erik beseeched, Don\'t bother coming here, we are able to take care of this on our own.

I concur, we just need to hire another slime and make sure this time that he was enslaved from his birth so he wouldn\'t be able to split his consciousness without the Queen remaining attached to him. Khodri supported.

What he said did make sense as the only reason why Momo caused them so much trouble was due to their ignorance of him being enslaved in his adult life.

That is what made it possible to separate his consciousness before he even signed another contract.

However, if it was done during birth, the Queen would remain connected to any copy he makes after he split his consciousness, making his chances to escape obsolete.

This was the reason why Momo was able to speak with Felix and the rest after he lost his bracelet.

This time we can order the slime to always synchronize his vision with us. Malissa said, So, there is really no need to endanger yourself.

Just as Declan wanted to add something, Felix raised his hand and spoke with a faint smile, I appreciate the care but I have made my mind.

Malak wanted to open her mouth and retort but Felix wasn\'t done talking, I know that it is going to be dangerous to head outside but I also know that I will not out strength my enemies any time sooner.

There are millions of them, each wanting a piece.

Even if I kept hiding for tens of years, I will still not be strong enough to deal with some of them.

I really don\'t want to hide for the rest of my life until I reach the peak and feel safe. Felix extended his arms in a carefree manner and said with a charming smile, What\'s the point of living if It\'s going to be like that

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