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Unlike the previous treasures, the squad didn\'t beam everything in the center and pilled them up.

Instead, they beamed one natural treasure at a time and a tightly sealed container.

The instant the natural treasure finishes up its manifestation, they place it gently inside the container and sealed shut.

Then, they repeat the process with all-natural treasures that had been carefully harvested.

The rest remained in their spatial cards for now since the moment they get exposed to air, they would start losing their beneficial properties rapidly.

Before long, there were more than 20 sealed containers stacked against each other right in the middle.

Queen, please scan them. Felix requested with gleaming eyes.

The Queen disclosed the results a moment later, 10 A grade natural treasures and 11 B grade natural treasures.

The dominant element absorbed is the sand element.

Five of them are not registered in the database...

The Queen kept giving intricate details and the rest listened impatiently, waiting only for her to reach the total market price they would net them.

In a few moments, the Queen proclaimed, The total tally is 160 billion SC.

Everyone had already expected to hear a considerable number but their emotions still had been stirred, feeling excited, shocked, agitated, and more emotions that kept conflicting with each other.

160 billion! This is just the market price! Too agitated, Declan clutched his heart, feeling he was about to have a heart attack any moment.

Who could blame him

The true value of those treasures was actually above 400 billion SC since they would be sold at 30 billion to 40 billion apiece in renowned auctions!

Adding to the previous 150 billion, they had already crossed half a trillion of profit without even calculating the rest of the natural treasures inside their spatial cards!

Even 1% of such profit is enough to set me for life. Samir breathed ruggedly as he imagined having five billion SC in his bank account!

Since the contract was valid for only 10 separated ruins explorations, by the time he leaves the squad, he would be a filthy rich man!

This implied to all of them besides Malak and Erik.

Felix who\'s getting 90% of the pie, would have enough natural treasures to push himself into the 3rd mark and even the 4th mark in his devourer cultivation system!

Such a massive strength boost is good enough for his future games and also to start the experiment to host the lightning manipulation!

Good work everyone. Pleased, Felix smiled faintly while gesturing for Malak to beam everything in her bracelet.

When the table was cleared, Erik asked, Boss, how about the rest

Transmit them straight to Malak\'s Bracelet. Felix said.

Instead of manifesting them outside, the straight transmission allows the items and materials to be sent from one bracelet to another, as long as they were nearby and both had given permission.

The squad swiftly did as ordered and started watching condensed blue particles travel forming a line between each of their bracelet and Malak.

This mesmerizing image lasted for only a couple of seconds.

It\'s done. Malak said.

Upon hearing so, Felix requested her to let the Queen scan them from within.

When Malak agreed, the Queen took less than a split second before giving them the final results.

60 Billion SC!

It wasn\'t as good as the previous batch since they were harvested perfectly, but they would still be getting another 200 billion SC if sold in auctions.

So our final earnings should be 700 billion SC more or less. Felix would be lying if he said that he wasn\'t extremely satisfied with the results.

He already anticipated a higher number than this if they managed to finish the entire ruins but he was still content with what they got considering the many variables surfacing.

Boss, are you going to sell everything Erik inquired while smiling foolishly.

No, I will give you guys 70 billion SC to split among yourselves right now.

It\'s your 10% from 700 billion SC. Felix clarified his reason for doing so, The Organization will be taking the treasures for their research projects.

I don\'t care what they use them for as long as I get my split. Khodri smiled widely.

The rest also didn\'t reject the proposition since 70 billion was truly their fair share.

It might not be their exact share since they needed to sell everything first, but it was more than good enough for them.

They weren\'t stupid to go against the Organization\'s plans for a couple of few missing millions.

Alright, this meeting is concluded for now. Felix shoed them with his hand and said, Go rest for a couple of hours, we will continue our discussion after.

The moment they heard so, a wave of exhaustion had hit all of them, reminding them of everything they had gone through in the ruins.

They weren\'t physically exhausted but mentally.

I will be taking a nap, wake up when the meeting starts. Erik yawned while standing up.

The rest each gave their own reasons and started emptying the room one by one.

Even Felix didn\'t hang around as he had disappeared into light particles.


When he opened his eyes in his UVR\'s house, the first thing he did was ask Lady Sphinx, Elder, I believe that I have reached at least 20% in my 2nd mark.

How long do you think I will be in hibernation for if I ate enough natural treasures to take me straight to the peak

Probably four months Lady Sphinx closed a book that was on her lap and clarified, After each mark you pass, the next hibernations would be lasting for longer periods of time.

That\'s quite bad. Felix knitted his eyebrows at the sound of that, not liking the idea of sleeping half a year to years for one upgrade.

He had so much to do every day and having those long slumbers would definitely interrupt his lifestyle and mess it up badly.

Is there any method to lower the hibernations periods Felix wondered with a hopeful tone.

Nope. Lady Sphinx said bluntly, Those hibernations are a must so your body can absorb the energies and benefit from them.

The more you absorb, the harder it gets for your body to keep doing so.

Hence, why the process keeps getting slower which increases the period.

Felix would be lying if he said that wasn\'t a bit discouraging.

But, he could only live to adapt to those hibernations.

If he didn\'t want them, he could still continue absorbing natural treasures on daily basis instead of shoving them all in a single minute. 

However, if he chose this method, it would take him much longer than using the hibernations method.

Felix could guess that there would be a three months increase at a minimum.

I can\'t go slow if I want to keep up with the strength of the players in my next games. Felix said with a firm tone, knowing that the moment he relaxes would be the day he loses a game.

If I sent Fatty to deliver the natural treasures from my spaceship to the cargo company, it will take him three days.

The cargo company would take at least 15 days to reach the witch empire, then another 3 days for an additional wormhole delivery.

Felix started calculating the time spent for the treasures to arrive at his room if he acted right now.

When the results came through, he realized that there was a high chance of him skipping the 2nd-semester final exams!

But if he waited until he finishes them, he wouldn\'t be able to participate in the games or actually possess enough strength to undergo the experiment.

Don\'t worry about the exams. Lady Sphinx said casually, I will inform my student to postpone it until you are ready.

Neat. Felix smiled faintly.

He already expected Lady Sphinx to intervene like this since the experiment was far more important than anything in her eyes.

Let\'s see what that Fatty has been doing. Felix quickly dialed Fatty Bodidi and waited for less than half a second before the call got connected. 

Sob! Sob! Boss, you finally called! Fatty\'s pitiful cries resounded loudly in Felix\'s mind, getting him irritated instantly.

The Space Worm race had one of the worst cry noises in the universe as it resembled a banshee screech.

Stop bleeding my ears you fat f*ck. Felix placed his bracelet away from his ears as he cursed.

How can I not cry! You are leaving me starving to death with your low-order count! Fatty Bodidi cried loudly, You keep asking for delivery from 15 days to 15 days.

That\'s too few and I can\'t keep my body mass with the earnings I get from them!

It should have been more than enough if you were able to get a f*cking diet already. Felix scoffed, not buying his fake whining.

He had no intentions of making deliveries each week since the galactical shipment fees weren\'t a joke!

Just in his previous delivery, he had to pay a total of 49 million SC.

This includes Bodidi\'s payment, the cargo company\'s fees, and the other deliveryworm\'s payment.

I can\'t live like this! I have already lost half my weight and my friends keep giving me ** for it! Fatty Bodidi sniffed.

Why would they laugh at you losing weight Are your bastard friends fat too and actually take pride in it Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he imagined other fat worms getting stuck in their wormholes.

Stop **-talking my friends and you better find me a solution before I commit a star suicide near your planet! I can\'t take it anymore! Fatty Bodidi shouted his warning with a maddened tone before hanging up.

How is it my fault that he is broke after wasting all his money on junk food Felix was left gazing at his bracelet speechlessly.

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