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'Leader Malak, we have an urgent situation.' Declan sent a telepathic message as he watched Samir turn on the main engines of the spaceship!

'Speak.' Malak said while treading carefully behind Momo, who was leading them inside a new dark corridor.

Declan quickly updated her from the start to finish, making sure that he didn't miss anything.

By the time he finished, Malak's compose was broken to pieces as she knew that they were in the worst scenario possible!

They were inside the ruins with no sight of an exit!

So, even if they wanted to give up on the ruins and retreat inside the spaceship, it was impossible at this moment!

Seeing Malak's complexity had turned a bit pale, Felix frowned his eyebrows and asked, 'What's the matter'

'Pirates, a fleet of pirates is about to reach the planet.' Malak informed while taking a deep breath to calm her agitation.

Just like Samir, her history with pirates wasn't pleasant at all.

'Pirates' Felix was taken back by her response.

He wanted to argue and say that the pirates were meant to arrive in next month not now, but seeing her solemn expression made him rethink his future information.

'Are they the Bloody Mary Pirates or another group If they are the Bloody Mary Pirates, does that mean the timeline had been changed even for them'

Felix's confidence in his future knowledge had been shaken at the thought of the timeline getting disrupted even to those pirates who were supposed to remain static in this timeline.

In Felix's eyes, if even those pirates that had no relation to him or SG were affected by his actions, it only meant that his future knowledge was starting to be more harmful than useful!

However, after recalling the amounts of edits in the doc.u.mentary inside the pyramid, it finally clicked on Felix's mind that the pirates might have reached earlier and edited that part out!

'F*ck me! I totally overlooked that!'

'Idiot.' Asna snickered.

Felix didn't bother wasting time creating excuses when the situation they were in wasn't that favorable.

'Malak, did Samir do anything' He asked quickly.

'Yes, he is currently going towards them, planning to intercept them in space.' Malak informed.

'That's good.' Felix was pleased by Samir's decision as he knew that the pirates shouldn't be allowed near the hole at all!

The moment they take control of it, they could get them killed easily by just sealing them inside!

The Tombscreamers would take care of the rest when the stench of the spray weakened!

The moment those two hours pass by, the oldest Tombscreamers would assault them even if they sprayed another bottle.

That's because they got adopted slightly to the smell, making them able to zerg them! 

'Let's hasten our pace.' Malak informed, 'We have company outside and it wouldn't bore good for us if we don't get out of here as fast as possible.

I will clarify on our way.'

Everyone started moving with quicker steps after hearing the order.

While Malak was updating them, Samir was operating the spaceship to break through the atmosphere.

Such a massive movement made his spaceship get easily picked up by the pirates' radars.

Your wish did come through Miss Kylie. The humanoid lizard said while showing a large grey dot approaching them rapidly.

It seems like that bastard did indeed share the map before we took it. Captain Roger leaned closer and wondered, The question is, how many parties are currently on the planet

That I don't know sir, but what I do know is that our fleet is going to struggle to take down this spaceship. The spaceship operator said with a serious tone.

Did you figure out its module 

No, but to take a move toward us willingly, it only meant that we were spotted first even though we had our surveillance system fully active.

In addition, anyone aiming to battle a fleet with a single spaceship must have confidence in it.' The spaceship's operator clarified.

I see. Captain Roger rested his chin on his palm and began pondering on his next move.

With the little information that he had about the planet's situation and the incoming spaceship, it was only smart to not consider going on offense.

As for retreating That wasn't really an option at this moment for those pirates.

This left only defending.

But, he knew that his fleet's spacesh.i.p.s had been already eaten enough damage in his previous conquests.

The alloy used in most of them was just made from cheap materials meant for swift repair.

Your order captain The spaceship's operator inquired while keeping a close eye on Felix's spaceship.

Miss Kylie, tell the Invisible hurricane and madness to split from the fleet and scout the situation in the planet up close. Captain Roger looked at the spaceship's operator and ordered, Liam, you try to get in touch with our visitor.

We need to prolong the start of the battle until we get some good news from our scouts.

On it.

On it.

While Miss Kylie was delivering the orders, Liam was requesting the Queen to make contact with Samir.

'Sir Samir, there is a request for a call on hold by the Bloody Mary Pirates.' The Queen asked, 'Should I accept or decline'

'Pieces of trash, think you fool me' Samir sneered while telling the Queen to not respond now.

His spaceship's surveillance system was good enough to spot two small spacesh.i.p.s, splitting from the fleet with a clear aim to reach the planet.

Samir knew that he couldn't let that happen lest the hole get discovered and the pirates fleet force him to battle inside the planet near the hole!

Hence, he immediately activated the weapon system, turning the silver smooth cube into a spiky cube! Those spikes were all different types of weapons with different ammunition.

There were laser weapons, railguns powered with nuclear energy, plasma weapons., and more dreadful weapons that were installed based on Felix's orders.

Samir aimed more than seven individual weapons at those two spacesh.i.p.s and activated the launch sequence since he chose to start with the big guns!

He was confident that the weapons weren't showing in the fleet surveillance system since his spaceship had a better one yet it was still showing him grey dots instead of the true appearance of the fleet!

If it was like this for him then it should be worse for the fleet.

While Captain Roger was still waiting for a response from Samir, the countdown to the weapons launch had already reached the last three seconds!


Samir smiled coldly with a murderous look as he gazed at the two spacesh.i.p.s that had been engulfed in a massive cloud of fire!

There was no sound of contact or even the sound of an explosion.

Everything happened with an eerie silence, leaving Captain Roger and the rest of his crew stunned by the sudden bright lights of the explosions!

They didn't expect that Samir would be so swift in his offense and also brutal enough to use the big guns on small spacesh.i.p.s!

A second later, the c.o.c.kpit was filled with Captain Roger's furious roar, KILL THE F*CKER!

Liam and Miss Kylie immediately relayed the orders to the rest of the fleet to go full-on offense! 

For those bloodthirsty pirates, the sound of that order was the same as heavenly bells ringing by their ears!

Nine spacesh.i.p.s, each loaded with ten laser weapons and one modified orange plasma weapon!

As for the captain's spaceship It was loaded with 15 weapons and two orange plasma weapons!

However, he didn't cower behind a chair but actually rolled his sleeves up with a genuinely excited smile.

Then, he said to Samir confidently, Don't worry about the damages, just go all out and bring them to their knees.

The moment he said so, Declan jumped from his seat and walked away while requesting, Queen, please awaken all the repair bots in the spaceship and give me their exact location so as the spaceship's holographic blueprint.

Knowing that experienced repairmen was behind his back sure put Samir at ease.

He knew that the spaceship was going to be damaged badly and even get destroyed if he made a fatal mistake.

But, with the existence of Declan and those bots, the damages should be kept at a minimum!

'I can't let my hatred affect my judgment.' Samir thought calmly, 'My job is to delay them until the squad leaves the ruins not destroy the fleet.'

The instant he got control over his emotions, his first order wasn't to prepare to fire like the pirates' brightened weapons but to actually activate the defensive system!

Immediately after it got activated, the spaceship had projected an anti-plasma shield in front of it, just as the pirates' weapons had fired everything at once, creating a blinding rainbow towards the shield!

Samir closed his eyes to avoid the light affecting his vision and braced himself for impact.

With those energy weapons, the impact always comes quicker than one could blink his eyes!


The spaceship rocked back and forth after the beams had collided with the shield!

Just like a piece of glass, the shield had cracked from the center, sending long fissures throughout its gigantic body.

Since this was an energy-based shield, the cracks had disappeared immediately but the energy had been lowered by a whopping 60%!

Samir knew that he couldn't take another one like this.

Thus, he swiftly requested the Queen to prepare for a counter-attack!

It was common knowledge that high-damaging weapons always need time to cool off after each shot.

While big guns like Felix's Divine Judgement take 30 minutes, the ones that were just fired by the pirates should take a minute or two minutes to load again!

I can't believe it didn't even break the spaceship's shield. Captain Roger drew a cold breath and thought, 'Who the f*ck are we dealing with here Their spaceship must cost at least one billion SC without mentioning its modifications.'

'Are there any more spacesh.i.p.s on the planet Sh*t, this lack of information is killing me.' Captain Roger felt torn between continuing the battle and retreat due to the lack of information.

He wanted the treasures dearly but it didn't mean that he would risk erasing himself and his pirate crew for them.

Alas, he wasn't given much time to consider as the weapons on Felix's spaceship had begun brightening up one by one akin to a decorated Christmas tree!

By the time it was done, more than 40 gleaming weapons were pointing at the fleet, expressing a clear intent of fierce aggressiveness!


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