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Since it was going to take Malak half a year at minimum to secure a license for owning the spaceship, He decided to let her use his license and vouch for her.

That's because he couldn't wait that long due to an issue in the timeline.

If he still recalled properly, the Shurima Temple was going to be discovered by a pirate crew in less than a month from now if the timeline remained the same.

Hence, his reason for rushing everything and not having enough time to plan a better method to sneak Erik and Malak out of the planet without relying on a wish.

As for vouching It simply meant he would be using his license to give them access to planets and space worms expressway.

Since his criminal record was sparkling clean, they would be given permission right away.

The latest incident had been settled properly and wiped out of Felix's criminal record.

However, if his squad did something bad on a planet or such, his license would be revoked and he would be considered as an accomplice to any criminal activity they carried out.

It was done like this to stop anyone from vouching for pirates.

I believe that Malak had already filled you in with the ruins we are targeting. Felix folded his hands behind his back and informed, Since it's a tier 4 ruins, it means that your power force is barely enough to go through it in one piece unless you made a fatal mistake.

Everyone's expression got solemn after he mentioned the dangers of the ruins.

Although Malak did her best, she still didn't manage to find too many experienced bloodlines in exploring ruins at such a short deadline.

Only Momo and Malak had been in a couple of ruins.

If it wasn't for Felix's confidence in his hidden intel about the ruins, he wouldn't dare take those v.i.r.g.i.ns to tier 4 ruins.

But you don't have to worry, I will be using the ghosting feature to supervise the expedition and also feed you crucial intel that I obtained about the ruins. Felix promised, You just need to listen to orders no matter how insane they seem and everything would go smoothly.


Yes sir!

Perfect. Felix smiled faintly and said lastly, I will be returning later.

Stay alert and don't create trouble between yourselves.

Upon hearing so, Malak and Erik bowed their heads at Felix who was breaking into light particles.

The rest copied them as they didn't want to leave a bad impression on their master.

This was a big sell-out for Malak when she bought them as they weren't this cool about being slaves to another person.

Didn't think our boss will be this cute upclose. Malissa giggled while breaking from the line, heading towards her seat.

Cute A man with a blue goatee and an army hairstyle scoffed at Malissa and proclaimed, Sir Felix is a legendary person who I admire the most!

Alright Jones, he is not here, you don't have to keep kissing his a.s.s. Khodri said while scratching his furry cheek with a bored expression.

A dog like you can't see his greatness. Jones sneered while walking away, most likely heading to his room.

Khodri merely yawned lazily at his insult and closed his eyes, trying to take a short nap.

Meanwhile, Malak and Erik were discussing private matters related to their primogenitors' bloodlines.

'When are you planning to integrate' Malak asked.

'Next week.' Erik informed, 'I am now at 25% and I want to reach 30% like you to obtain two active abilities before we reach the ruins.'

'Alright, we will park ten thousand kilometers away from the VIP wormhole so you can integrate.' Malak patted his c.h.e.s.t and said eagerly, 'I can't wait to see your active abilities.'

Erik tightened his fists in excitement and said, 'I hope they are as good as yours.'

Both Erik and Malak had been putting great effort to integrate the primogenitors' bloodlines since the moment they received them.

Although the duration was tripled so as the pain, they managed to stomach it and adapt to it.

After all, they were in the 5th stage of replacement, they had their own fair share of pain throughout their bloodline path.

'As usual, keep it to yourself that we own mythical bloodlines.' Malak warned, 'Unless Sir Felix ordered us to tell the squad, don't inform anymore.'

'Will do.'

'Alright, go take care of your own matters, I will be contacting my family.' Malak wave her hand dismissively at him and walked away.

Both of them were already given a new modified contract by Felix to allow them to contact their families and ease them up.

Felix made sure that no fool play would be carried during their conversation to avoid his secrets getting exposed.

However, he didn't have to worry about either Malak or Erik betraying him as both of them were loving their work so far.

They were part of the Organization, had primogenitors' bloodlines, were direct subordinates of the Great Landlord, getting paid monthly, and lastly being treated with respect.

They never once felt that they were slaves under Felix and they appreciated that very much.


Two weeks later...

The Northern Sentinel Spaceship was about to reach the deserted planet that held within it, The Shurima Temple.

There were some troubles reaching the deserted planet since it was in an uncharted territory that had yet to be registered in the Queen's database.

Thankfully, Felix had the exact coordinates from his previous life, allowing them to avoid getting lost in this uncharted territory.

It's sure a small planet. Malak commentated in wonder while staring at a midget planet that was slightly bigger than Pluto.

It was also as golden as sand, making them realize that the entire planet must be one massive connected desert.

They were going at this pace to avoid getting detected by other spacesh.i.p.s' radars in the vicinity since their surveillance system wouldn't block incoming detection radiowaves.

Ring Ring!

Abruptly, Malak's bracelet started ringing, making her glance at the caller on the small screen.

Upon noticing that it was Felix, she shushed everyone down and answered in a straightforward manner, Should I send you my link now

Please do. Felix replied.

Malak emailed a unique link and Felix clicked on it.

Immediately after, his holographic image began shaping up in the c.o.c.kpit within the pack.

A second later, the synchronization was turned on and Felix began feeling everything surrounding him while appearing somewhat lifelike as he hovered above their heads.

Welcome back boss! Everyone greeted with a head bow.

Felix nodded his head in appreciation and asked for an update on their current plan.

We will be waiting for the planet to make half an orbit so we can land exactly near the ancient ruins. Malak read from a hologram, Based on the Queen's calculation, this will happened two hours from now if we continued going at the same speed.

Good. Felix nodded his head and asked, How about the plan to explore the ruins

We have decided to move at 24 hours later so we can explore the area around the ruins first.

After we make a good assertion of the area, the crewmen would be left behind in the spaceship while everyone else would be moving at dawn.

As for the plan exactly to explore the ruins, we can only use the standard exploration plan since we lack knowledge about the traps in the ruins. Malak reported.

Leave the traps situation to me. Felix comforted them, I have received some insider intel from the Organization about the same ruins getting explored by another group.

They firmly believed that the structure was more or like the same.

For real!

Everyone exclaimed in delight at the sound of that.

They always felt frightened the most by traps instead of beasts or guardians.

If they could be taken care of, then the exploration's difficulty would be lowered substantially.

I don't want to jinx it, but I would say that there is a 70% chance of the theory being correct. Felix ensured with a faint smile.

Haha, we are going to get rich without having too much risk into it. Khodri laughed with his dog mouth wide open.

The others didn't bother with the bits of saliva flying everywhere as they were also too excited to care. 

They ought to feel this way since the slavery contract they signed had ensured that they would be getting 7% of the profit split up among them while Erik and Malk would be getting 1.5% each.

The remaining 90% would be going to Felix's pockets.

Yet, no one complained about it since Felix was the master and they should feel glad that he bothered to share with them some of the treasures.

Because they signed a limited-time slavery contract that would last for about 100 years, It meant that they would be filthy rich by the time they get freed.

Naturally, if they remained alive by then.

Felix asked Malak to modify the contract in order to motivate them to do their utmost best in the exploration!

Without the carrot, the stick would merely be doing more harm than good.

Seeing everyone's eager expressions as they neared the planet, Felix couldn't help but smile inwardly, 'There is a high chance to empty all the three treasuries in the temple before it collapses.'


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