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After the Light Primogenitor joined the experiment, they found out that it was instant death to anyone going for multiple perfect manipulations.

The worst part The moment that descendent died, both the light and Gems elemental manipulations were forever lost!

They weren't bestowed to another and died with the owner! They didn't even return to the original primogenitors.

Till this point in time, there was no presence of an individual with either of those perfect manipulations.

With those disheartening results, the gathering was concluded, leaving every primogenitor more depressed than ever.

That's because they firmly believed that for the perfect elemental manipulations to be completely lost only meant that the universe found that their existence didn't matter much to the grand scheme of things.

If they had such an important role then after the original primogenitor died, another one was supposed to get the same gift and return the balance as it was...Alas, that never happened.

It's going to be different this time. Jörmungandr confirmed with an assertive tone while eyeing Felix.

Thor and Lady Sphinx also turned to look at Felix, making him nod his head with a resolved expression, I will make sure to do my best.

We know you will. Jörmungandr smiled and waved his hand at him, You can go leave now.

Make sure to arrive at Sphinx's l.a.p as fast as possible.

The moment he opened his eyes, he heard Thor's voice in his mind, Kiddo, make sure to buy me that bracelet thingy.

I want to get a taste of this Era's ladies and booze, hehe...F*ck! Why are you hitting me with a teacup again!

Go be disgusting somewhere else. Lady Sphinx threatened him, Every time you mention anything about your disgusting lifestyle, you can expect a teacup on your way.

Sphinx! I have been gentle with you because of your beauty! But if you dare throw another cup at me, I swear I will...Argh! You are dead!

A second after Thor's latest roar, a whimper followed after, Stop! Stop! You will break my neck!!! I give in!

That's more like it. Lady Sphinx snorted.

Throughout the entire interaction, Felix merely kept imagining the scene in his mind while staring at the ceiling with a deadpan expression.

He was too scared to think badly of any of them lest he ends up getting beaten by Lady Sphinx.

She might seem like the most composed of them all but in reality, her aggression trampled above all!

She was truly like a mother to a bunch of unruly children...

Half an hour later...

Felix had been escorted safely to Lady Sphinx's castle by the city's garrison.

The moment he entered the lab, he got touched by Lady Sphinx then sent away after she created a perfect copy of his body.

Felix returned to the academy since he had a class in an hour.

On his way to the campus, Felix finally decided to check on the peak active ability that he unlocked after the situation returned to normal.

A few moments later, Felix opened his eyes with a clear agitation written all over his face.

His heartbeats started to accelerate while his breaths were getting a bit heavy.

'How is it possible for an ability like this to exist!' He exclaimed in his mind while rereading the information twice to confirm that he wasn't seeing things.

'Hehe, that's my greatest accomplishment in lightning manipulation.' Thor boasted while gulping down a vodka bottle like water.

A second later, he threw the empty bottle away and shouted, It's too tasteless! All the alcohol in your memories tastes like crap.'

Compared to the collection that Thor possessed, they were naturally going to taste like dodo water.

'Elder, I will take you to a premium bar after I leave the classroom.' Felix offered politely.

'Now we are talking.' Thor wiped his stained beard with his long sleeve and wondered, 'Are there going to be girls'

'Yes, plenty of them.' Felix coughed.

'Hehe, let's wingman each other.'

Lady Sphinx and Asna rolled their eyes at him and focused on their own matters, not wanting to associate themselves with this bad news, unlike Felix who seemed pretty eager.

Why wouldn't he be 

He had felt that Thor was freer in his thoughts and d.e.s.i.r.es unlike Jörmungandr or Lady Sphinx who were almost always strict with him.

So, he knew that he would hit it off with him instantly.

This would help him a great deal when he asks for advice on his lightning manipulation.

Just like now, as he took advantage of Thor's good mood and inquired, 'Elder, May I know how does Electric Transmutation work'

This was the peak active ability that he unlocked.

Felix already knew that it was the 2nd best ability of Thor since Size Manipulation had to be number 1.

Because it was impossible to unlock the same ability twice, he managed to unlock electric transmutation.

Although it was Thor's 2nd best ability, Felix felt that it was going to be one of the best abilities to ever own!

That's because it allowed Thor to transmute himself into electricity and lightning!

This wasn't even the best part! It was actually able to transmute other objects into useable electricity!

This was the reason why Felix was shocked and in disbelief, he didn't think that lightning element was capable of such a feat.

'Elements are a sea of possibilities and only those who studied them thoroughly could they find them all.' Thor spoke cooly while supporting his head with his palm, 'It took me tens of millions of years to create electric transmutation.

Its concept is simple, just transmute anything you touch into electricity.

But the theory behind it almost drove me mad.'

'That was an understmatement.' Jörmungandr chuckled, 'I still remember how you came begging to show you my own poison transmutation ability.'

'Stop spewing nonsense, you are ruining my reputation before goddess Asna.'

Jörmungandr laughed and didn't interject anymore in their conversation.

'Listen well kiddo, the elemental energy is split into three types.' Thor extended three fingers in the air and spoke cooly, 'The first one is the elemental energy such as water energy, fire energy, earth energy...etc.

This is the most common and used energy in the universe.'

'The second one is the purest form of energy, purified elemental energy.

I believe goddess Asna was using this to fuel your tank in your games.'

Felix nodded his head in acknowledgment.

'The 3rd and the last one is natural elemental energy.' Thor spread his hands and said, 'It's everywhere, and it's the origin of the other two branches.

There could be no fire, water, lightning types of energies without natural energy.

That's because the environment is the one that transforms the natural energy into elemental energy.'

'For example, the natural energy would transform into magma-based energy in a volcanic environment.

It would also transform into Ice-based energy in mountains peaks.

You get the point.'

'In addition, most lifeforms are made from souls and natural energy.

I believe that you humans are also made from natural energy.'

Felix's eyes widened in surprise as he never heard of such a thing before in the network.

Everyone was under the impression that elemental energy was the only one in the universe related to elements.

That's because no one managed to use natural energy that didn't have an element attached to it.

As for everyone being made out of natural energy

He felt that it made sense since it seemed like natural energy was the most flexible and encompassing energy in the universe.

Although it made sense, he still didn't have a clue what this had to do with Electric Transmutation ability.

'Don't be hasty, I am getting there.' Thor disclosed, 'Since physical bodies and objects are made out of natural energy, then the transmutation simply transforms them into their base form then transform them into lightning energy.'

'Only then could you get transformed into elemental lightning or electricity while still having your soul and consciousness connected!'

'For real' 

Felix was left astounded by the logic behind it as he never expected it to be this way.

The logic behind the ability simply implied that for one to return to his own base form, he needed to reverse the process.

From physical to natural energy then to elemental energy to finally electricity, fire, wind...etc

This way, Felix could successfully turn himself into a lightning bolt and still feel everything since his soul was still connected!

Soon, Felix realized that by using electric transmutation, he wouldn't just be able to transform himself but also travel through electronic devices, wires, and anything that uses electricity as an energy source!

In addition, he could also travel through thunderstorms as a lightning bolt at a godly speed!

Whenever he runs out of energy, he could simply do the entire process on objects and absorb the lightning created as an end result!

All of this was in a single ability!

Without needing Thor to continue explaining the ability, Felix had already made the decision to etch this ability in his human bloodline!

It was just too good to be true and god knows how long it would take him to reach that level in his lightning manipulation and create it on his own.

Sir Felix, we have arrived.

Felix's thought process was broken by the soldier's announcement.

Thank you for the ride gentlemen. Felix nodded his head in appreciation at the escorting crew and walked away towards the campus's backdoor.

The moment he stepped foot inside and was met with the sight of tens of beauties walking by, Thor immediately exclaimed, They are even prettier than in the memories.

Before Felix could respond, Thor asked with a serious tone, Are there going to be college girls in the bars tonight


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