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We really messed up badly... Thor covered his eyes as he sighed in dejection and guilt.

Just like Jörmungandr, he also expected that the darken faction members would off themselves after seeing them in the pact meeting.

They could see that they were truly depressed since it was almost impossible to hide such strong emotion in front of the primogenitors.

So, they were certain that Fenrir wouldn't have any trouble with the Darken faction after they were gone.

But who would have anticipated that the Illusion Primogenitor would mess everything up

We did. Jörmungandr nodded his head and said firmly, But, now that we are awake, we need to have Fenrir's back.

If it wasn't for him, our descendants would have been completely wiped out from existence.

That goes without saying. Thor's eyes started sparkling with lightning charges as he asked, What do you need from me

Jörmungandr glanced at the silent Felix and said calmly, facing Thor, We need your lightning manipulation.

Uhm Thor eyed Jörmungandr for a second then at Felix.

He looked at him closely for a short moment then turned to Jörmungandr and said, No wonder, I didn't sense any poisonous presence from you.

You already gifted your manipulation to this human.

I did. Jörmungandr shrugged his shoulders, Many things happened that pushed me to make that decision and I don't regret it.

Jörmungandr said with a confident tone, He might be a human but he has the best potential in the entire universe...Potential to reach far higher than even us!

For real

Thor was a bit taken back as he didn't anticipate that the strict and composed Jörmungandr actually harbor so much trust and confidence in a mere human.

In fact, even Felix didn't know that!

He would be lying if he said that he wasn't feeling overjoyed by Jörmungandr's expectations of him.

I don't know how did this human charmed you to behave like this but I am not planning on giving up on my lightning manipulation that easily. Thor said calmly with his arms crossed.

No one found his reaction odd since a perfect manipulation couldn't be taken back by the giver anytime he pleased.

It was a one-time deal, a one-time bestowal for anyone.

This meant, the moment it was taken from Felix by another one, he would also never have the chance to own that gift again.

First, why do you think that giving my lightning manipulation to this human would help us deal with Darken faction And second, isn't impossible to host multiple manipulations Thor asked.

Didn't I say it before Jörmungandr smiled faintly, He had the potential to grow stronger than any primogenitor.

You know that primogenitors' battles always end with one successfully escaping.

True. Thor agreed.

Since it's impossible for us to kill them then we can only help someone gain enough strength that could absolutely overpower them. Jörmungandr smirked, With this lad's unique situation that turned him into the perfect candidate to host multiple manipulations, It was doable!

It turned out that Jörmungandr wasn't planning to simply train Felix so he could humiliate the darken faction's members' champions in the games but actually had a far greater purpose!!

It made total sense to aim at slaying those three primogenitors with all the opportunities that Felix owned!

The half-devourer heart would allow him to reach physical strength that far surpassed the primogenitors.

Meanwhile, his multiple elements manipulations would give him hundreds of ways to block the primogenitors from escaping when ** gets dirty!

If he was lucky enough and had received other gifts or opportunities then it wasn't a farfetched fantasy for Felix to slay primogenitors with his b.a.r.e hands!

'If elder truly helped me to reach that level of strength, then taking care of his enemies would be my first priority.' Felix made a firm decision in his mind.

Jörmungandr smiled faintly after hearing his thoughts.

But he didn't address them since these matters were in the far future.

I can see that you are pretty confused. Lady Sphinx suggested, Why don't you take an hour to read his memories and see what happened It will clear your thoughts and understand what Jörmi is talking about.

Thor agreed at once as he was indeed pretty confused by Jörmungandr's confidence in Felix.

In his eyes, a human shouldn't possibly have such a monstrous potential that transcended even their pure descendants.

Primogenitors, Unigin, and other few beings at the top chain were supposed to be untouched by those below them.

It was simply impossible for even the most talented being in the universe to reach their social status.

Dragons, Devourers, and couple more races might possess enough strength to contest against a primogenitor, but it didn't mean that they had a chance to defeat them.

Yet, a human, a race at the bottom of the food chain with beasts and such, had such a potential to achieve so

Thor had to see it with his own eyes to believe it!

And so he did...For the next two hours, he went through most of Felix's important memories and discussed them with the primogenitors, exclaiming once in a while after seeing something that intrigued him.

Like the fact that Felix was a half-devourer or the merge of Asna and Felix's souls.

Naturally, the subject of multiple timelines was brought up but it was shrugged by Lady Sphinx, changing it in an instant.

If one of the most knowledgeable beings in the universe refused to share information about the existence of multiple timelines, then they could only drop it for now.

I have to admit that I am starting to see your vision.

If we can't deal with them at our peak then it's best that we dedicate our efforts to build a monster that will do so. Thor said with a convinced tone, It might take thousands of years to millions for him to reach that level but all we have is unlimited time.

That's the plan. Jörmungandr said.

So am I supposed to bestow him now Thor shrugged his shoulders, I don't mind doing so since I will be returning to the embrace of the death with it or without it.

Felix truly felt hopeless after seeing that the Jörmungandr had the same resolved look as in Thor's eyes after he said so.

He understood that the only reason the Jörmungandr was still lingering on was to deal with the Darken faction for revenge.

The moment he finishes that task, he wouldn't hesitate to say his goodbyes.

Felix knew that it was a farfetched fantasy that the Jörmungandr would actually change his mind in merely less than two years of hanging out with them.

If it was so easy to cure depression, it wouldn't have taken so many lives.

You guys are truly too stubborn. Lady Sphinx shook her head at their undying suicidal thoughts and informed, His strength isn't enough to host two manipulations now.

I still need to run some side simulations to see how exactly will his body react with multiple manipulations.

What do I need to do Felix asked with a solemn tone.

In his eyes, if he couldn't help Jörmungandr with his internal crisis then he could at least help him out with the external issues that he was facing.

He would make sure to take it as seriously as possible.

Visit the lab tomorrow, I need an updated version of your body to work with. Lady Sphinx warned, Don't attempt to either etch an ability or advance to the 3rd stage of replacement with another bloodline for now.

Uhm why Felix wondered, Isn't better to etch an ability to increase my strength even further before hosting the 2nd manipulation

It will add another variable and makes it extra difficult to find a perfect method to help you host both manipulations. Lady Sphinx clarified, Your physical strength being tough is merely the minimum requirement to start the experiments.

The real deal comes after you survive the first few seconds of the bestowal when the lightning inscriptions began carving themselves on your body and on the poison inscriptions.

While Asna and Felix were somewhat confused, Jörmungandr and Thor were nodding their heads in understanding.

You still remember the test that was carried by the Light primogenitor and the Gems Primogenitor Thor asked the Jörmungandr.

Jörmungandr nodded his head, How could I forget They were the first primogenitors to test out the theory that one individual couldn't hold more than one elemental manipulation.

Jörmungandr still remembered to this day how the Gems Primogenitor had decided to free himself from his eternity.

He was the first one to take such a decision, hundreds of millions of years before the pact meeting.

Because of that, it was brought up to the primogenitors' attention and they decided to ask him to try and bestow his gift upon one of his descendants.

For example, whether they would still possess it after giving it or it would be gone forever and if they could get it back...etc.

The Gem Primogenitor found no reason to reject...He was going to die anyway.

So, under the gathering of almost all primogenitors in the universe, the first non-primogenitor with perfect elemental manipulation was born.

Before The Gem Primogenitor had offed himself, he allowed Lady Sphinx to experiment on him and his descendant to clear off all of their inquires.

Before the tests could be concluded, the Light Primogenitor had proposed to join the experiment as well under the shocked primogenitors...He was the 2nd Primogenitor to fall to the temptation of mind freedom.

His fall marked the break of every primogenitors' mentality in that gathering...Jörmungandr didn't know what the others were thinking but he remembered exactly what his thoughts.

Am I next...


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