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Told you it's not worth watching. Asna snatched the remote control from Felix and turned it into a mist just like the mirror.

Felix didn't reply as the last words of Thor were still resonating in his mind.

He was told by Jörmungandr that most primogenitors suffered from depression.

But only now, did he realize how severe their conditions were.

He saw the pure desolation in Thor's eyes.

Like he had nothing left in life to do and was simply spending his days living but not feeling alive.

Sigh, I truly hope that he would find something to live for after I awaken him. Felix smiled bitterly.

Jörmungandr patted his shoulder and said, No worries, unless his heart is completely dead, he will definitely remain for revenge after he hears the news about Fenrir.

Felix still wasn't told completely what had transpired between the factions in the past to move even Thor.

Regardless, he nodded his head in understanding.

I guess it's time to awaken him. Felix exhaled deeply and went outside of his consciousness space.

He was already sitting in a meditation position, fully prepared for the final integration.

Since only 3% was left to cover, Felix managed to finish the integration without passing out.

The first thing he did after he was done was heal himself back up to shape and enter his consciousness space, not bothering to even read the information of his newly awakened ability.

Did he wake up Felix asked while standing beside Lady Sphinx, Can you sense his presence

Lady Sphinx placed a finger near his mouth, shushing him.

A few moments later, she smiled faintly and proclaimed, Thor, you better gather with us here before I drag you out myself.

Before Felix could raise his head and check his surrounding, he heard a familiar voice resounding from everywhere, Haha, aren't you a bit too impatient my love I guess you have been missing my departure after your brutal rejection of my marriage proposal.

Before Felix and Asna could react to such a piece of juicy dramatic information, Lady Sphinx made her hand into a tiger claw and struck the air in front of her.


The lake rose from its place, sending droplets everywhere! However, no one was focusing on it as their eyes were attracted to a misty body that was beginning to construct on Lady Sphinx's palm!

Didn't I tell you to never call me my love Lady Sphinx tightened her grasp on Thor's neck, making his dignified face turn purple instantly.

COUGH! COUGH! I give in! I give in!

Thor tapped his other hand on Lady Sphinx's extended arm, begging for forgiveness.

Jörmungandr, Asna, and Felix could only speechlessly watch Thor continue tapping out but Lady Sphinx was still unflinching.

Only after seeing that his electrifying blue eyes were about to roll at the back of his head, did Lady Sphinx let go of him and dusted her hands elegantly under the noisy coughing of Thor.

'She almost killed him after he got revived due to a single comment.' Felix gulped a mouthful, 'She really shouldn't be provoked.'

Lady Sphinx heard his thoughts but didn't bother to deal with him.

Instead, she looked down on Thor who was still coughing on the ground.

As long as you remain here, I don't want to hear your crap. She warned while creating a table and a set of chairs next to him.

Cough, you are still as aggressive as ever. Thor said with a breathless tone while trying to stand up.

You kinda deserve it. Jörmungandr chuckled while walking towards him.

You are taking her side Don't tell me you guys are in a relatio...


Before he finished his sentence, his face got smacked by a teacup that was thrown by Lady Sphinx.

She immediately created another cup and began sipping tea as nothing happen.

Meanwhile, Thor was left rubbing his white beard with a pained expression.

You are truly asking for a beating. Jörmungandr chuckled and gave him a quick bear hug.

Where is the fun in life if one isn't walking on a string Thor laughed thunderously while patting Jörmungandr's back.

It's good to see you old snake. Thor said with a smile while breaking off.

Likewise, likewise. Jörmungandr smiled as well while staring at him in the eyes.

Then...there was no then, they started looking at each other like this for a couple of seconds until Thor couldn't take it anymore.

Old snake, aren't you going to explain this f*cked up situation to me Thor asked speechlessly.

Oh, I forgot that you weren't given time to read this lad's memories. Jörmungandr extended his hand to Felix and introduced, This is Felix, we are currently residing in his consciousness space.

Welcome back elder. Felix said with a respectful tone, not wanting to f*ck up his first impression again.

Alas, Thor completely ignored his existence and dashed towards Asna with a brightened look.

The moment he reached her, he dropped on one knee and extended one hand elegantly, I have traveled through the cosmos back to back and met with otherworldy goddesses from every race known in the matter Universe...Yet! I had yet to meet a woman with such an enchanting beauty like yourself.

Thor stared deeply at Asna's bewildered eyes and proposed with a firm tone, Will you marry me

'Is he for real Dumbfounded, Felix looked at Asna then at Thor's resolved expression and felt that everything was derailing from the script.

Meanwhile, Asna's thought process was far simpler than Felix's as the moment she broke off her daze, she showed a mocking grin and taunted, Geezer, don't you have any shame to propose to me with your age and history with women

Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx chuckled after seeing Thor's stiffened expression.

They already knew that Thor would definitely hit on Asna since he couldn't keep it to himself every time he sees a beautiful woman.

However, they still didn't say anything to defend Asna's since they knew that she didn't need anyone's protection with that mouth of hers.

Haha, I admit that I am quite old. Thor gave a charming smile and said, In front of true love, age is just a number.

So as the times I will beat you up if you ever bothered to harass me, geezer. Asna snorted while tightening her fist before his face.

Then, she humphed and went to sit next to Lady Sphinx, not bothering to glance at his pitiful expression.

Alright, drop the fake sadness and join us. Jörmungandr patted his shoulder and said, You tried and failed, don't bring this matter ever again.

You are truly the worst wingman in the universe. Thor grumbled, You woke me up impolitely from my peacefulness and didn't even bother to prepare a couple of gentle beauties to take care of me.

Is this your revenge after smashing your head with Mjolnir at our last fight

Jörmungandr's eyelids twitched after that painful memory was brought back up.

If he had to rate his worst painful moment, it got to be that final hammer strike.

Enough nonsense and sit down. Jörmungandr glared at him in annoyance.

Thor listened this time and joined them on the round table.

Felix swiftly took his seat next to Asna and started inspecting Thor's upclose.

Since Sphinx didn't let you read this lad's memories, we will fill you up with the situation. Jörmungandr mentioned, I know you are pretty confused.

It is indeed a weird gathering. Thor said while looking at Felix, I didn't expect that two primogenitors and one unigin race member would actually willingly gather in a human's consciousness space.

I am not that bored to explain everything from the start. Jörmungandr informed, Read his memories in your free time.

For now, I want to let you know that the sc.u.m from the Darken Faction had made a move on brother Fenrir after our final battle.

Immediately after Thor heard so, his entire demeanor had been changed to solemn and dignified.

What happened He asked with a serious tone.

Jörmungandr slowly filled him with everything that Lady Sphinx had informed him.

From the primogenitors breaking the pact due to the illusion primogenitor to the ambush on Fenrir by the Darken faction members.

This information didn't just shock and startle Thor but also Felix as he never heard about the ambush before!

'An Iceball with the size of a star...Don't tell me, he is talking about the tourist attraction, Crystal Star!'

Felix exclaimed in his mind in disbelief after realizing the many connections between Fenrir's hibernation protocol and one particular tourist attraction in the Bloodstream Galaxy!

How could it not be a phenomenal attraction when it appeared exactly like a crystal ball made out of glass but had the size of a star

Felix had heard plenty of good things about this tourist attraction and he was always planning to check it out in his previous life.

But after hearing that the Ice Primogenitor was sealed within He made an oath to never approach it!

Being nearby a live primogenitor in the real world was the same as asking for a swift death! Just a single random breath from Fenrir would turn Felix into an ice statue!

'God knows what will happen to all the people near the crystal star after he wakes up.' Felix dreaded just the thought of it!


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