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Felix ignored the other 4 common coupons that he unlocked and focused on the last one.

//Back to Back Coupon: Allow the user to avoid waiting two months before starting another game.(365 days before expiring)//

No wonder he was happy about getting this coupon.

The notion of playing two games in a day interval or a week was a boon to Felix!

Although he wouldn't use it right now since his strength wasn't even close to battle in the upcoming game, he knew that a day would come when this coupon was going to help out greatly!

Soon, Felix closed off his profile interface and went to check his emails and reply to Olivia, Grandfather, and the rest of his friends who congratulated him on another victory.

When he was done, he checked the network for his information and closed it after getting pleased by the viral news spreading in the Milky Way galaxy.

The more attention on him, the more coins he would be earning in the games.

With this additional 150 billion SC, I have now more than 200 billion SC in my bank account. Felix pondered to himself, I can easily reach the 3rd mark if I used it to purchase grade A natural treasures and entered another hibernation, but it's not worth it.

Better wait for the expedition's results.

Felix wasn't in a rush to increase his strength drastically if it meant that he would waste all of his capital on it.

The expedition would be happening somewhat soon.

Felix had already given Malak the name of the ruins they would be targeting plus most of the information that he knows about it.

First, the ruins' danger was at tier 4.

It was called the Shurima Temple and existing on a deserted planet in the Guardian Empire.

Based on the memories that Asna had extracted from him, this temple was filled with sand element natural treasures!

Most of them were B Grade treasures but it was mentioned in the exploration report that Grade A treasures had been excavated as well.

As for the dangers inside, they were based on sand guardians, mummies, and a sea of flesh-eating bugs that would make anyone piss their pants in fright after getting engulfed by them.

Yet the biggest danger was the traps all over the temple that would get anyone killed by a single misstep.

Felix wasn't worried about Malak and the squad getting killed by those traps since he had watched most of the exploration report of these exact ruins.

An exploration report implied that a squad member had doc.u.mented the entire exploration by recording it with his eyes.

The Queen would process everything that he saw and place it on his bracelet's memory card.

Those reports get sold to tv stations or channels to play them for the commoners akin to movies.

It was a wildly popular genre since watching real people on a dangerous adventure was an entirely different experience than watching normal movies.

Felix had ended up watching a few 'movies of this genre, making it possible for Asna to dig in the information and let him take advantage of it fully!

Naturally, he didn't inform Malak about the traps positions since that would be too peculiar even for him.

But, there was nothing to worry about as he was planning on supervising the expedition with the ghosting feature.

Soon, Felix closed all the holograms and decided to squeeze a half an hour nap to recharge.

After he wakes up, he was planning on continuing his daily training.

As long as he wasn't strong enough to walk freely in the universe, the training would never stop!


20 days went by in a jiffy...

Everything was going well for Felix as the moment he received the shipment ten days ago, he began integrating 5% every two days and also eating Grade C natural treasure on daily basis.

Due to his efforts, he managed to reach 97% in his integration, one step away from awakening Thor.

However, before he awakened him, he needed first to watch the memories that Asna had gathered from his essence.

Currently, he was sitting with his tenants in Asna's bedroom while focusing on a darkened mirror.

I am telling you, this is just a waste of time. Asna complained, The bastard's entire memories were just him playing around with females and drinking until he passes out.

That's Thor alright. Jörmungandr smiled wryly, He was a rowdy and beyond alcoholic.

He owned the most impressive collection of drinks in the entire universe.

Lady Sphinx laughed softly and said, While his worshipers proclaimed him as the god of the thunder, he was calling himself as the god of alcohol.

Felix's eyelids twitched after hearing so.

He could feel that Thor was going to be a handful to deal with unlike Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx who were composed and wise.

I still want to see for myself. Felix stressed.

Fine! Asna smacked him in the arm with the remote control and turned to the other side, not wanting to rewatch those damned memories again.

Felix pressed play while massaging his arm.

This time he wasn't holding a notepad or a pen due to his photographic memory.

A split second later, loud noisy m.o.a.ns began resounding in Asna's silent bedroom.

'The hell' Felix was merely staring speechlessly at the current ongoing orgy in the mirror while Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr were watching casually.

They didn't seem embarrassed at all like they had seen those sorts of things on hundreds of occasions.

Only Asna's cheeks had gotten slightly red at the noises but she refused to look at the mirror with them.

Nothing useful to see here. Felix coughed while pressing fast-forward button rapidly.

Due to his enhanced vision, he managed to see that the next scenes were all showing nude parts as well, making him not know whether to feel respectful of Thor or curse at him.

After skipping for about three minutes' worth of memories, Felix finally paused on a scene where Thor could be seen sitting in front of a mirror fully clothed.

He was wearing an exquisite long blue robe that matched well with his fair skin, white thick beard, black thin eyebrows, and long wavy black and white hair.

It was split from the middle just like Felix's hair.

He was handsome alright appearing like a dignified man who never takes no for an answer.

However, his expression seemed a bit downcast while he looked at his reflection in the mirror.


He smashed the jar of wine with the floor and barbed loudly, appearing like he was extremely satisfied with the drink.

Alas, his satisfaction lasted for merely a few seconds before sadness took over again.

Yo..u disgust me. Thor pointed his finger at the reflection and spoke with a drunken tone, Heh, you are the only primogenitor to take his breeding job serious...

Before he could finish his sentence, the scene ended, changing to another one.

Felix paused after seeing that both Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr were showing signs of frustration.

It seemed like Thor's words had opened an old wound.

It was about the theory that the primogenitors' entire existence was to populate the universe with multiple races that could use elements.

All of them felt that this theory was the real deal and that their entire meaning and purpose in life was to be breeding machines.

For Thor's memories to be mostly based on his s.e.x.u.a.l life, it only meant that he spent all of his time on finding excitement in s.e.x and booze.

That was a truly meaningless life and there was no need to prolong it beyond the billions of years that he lived.

Felix clicked play after seeing that Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr had recovered.

However, the next scene showed only Thor sitting in the wild under two full moons with tens of wine jars lying around him.

He was doing nothing but sitting with his legs crossed and taking big gulps from a jar in his hand.

The atmosphere was serene, allowing anyone to swim in his own thoughts peacefully.

This would have been good in some situations but also deadly in other situations.

In the case of people with severe depression Being left alone to one's own thoughts was far more dangerous than facing a robber.

At least a robber would merely steal your money...But your own negative thoughts would steal the last bit of sanity and makes you agree on decisions that one could never make next to loved ones.

Sigh, today is like yesterday and it's definitely going to be the same tomorrow and after tomorrow... Thor murmured while gazing at the moons, If I am going to live my days in this meaningless loop, then what's the point of living

Thor took a big gulp from the wine jar and smacked his lips.

Then, he said with a wide sincere smile, Might as well break the loop and free myself.

The screen went dark immediately after Thor uttered that heartwrenching sentence.

Felix and the rest could only look at the screen with a gloomy expressions.

Their reasons for feeling like that might vary but all of them agreed on one point.

There was nothing worse than seeing someone deciding firmly on suicide and knowing that whatever you say would almost make no difference...


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