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No need to make a decision now, there is still half a year before the event will be held. Jörmungandr massaged his neck while saying calmy, His strength will significantly rise by then.

Still, he will lose Asna's emergency tank and would need to either manage his energy efficiently or find a method to increase his tank significantly. Lady Sphinx said.

Well, there isn't much to manage when his abilities almost empty his tank every time he uses one. Jörmungandr sighed, His abilities belong to primogenitors so his energy would never be enough to bring out their full potential unless he reached our level.

True. Lady Sphinx tapped her finger on her chin with a thoughtful expression.

She would be lying if she said that she didn't want Felix to participate in the event.

After all, the winner in the individual game would be taking everything home with him!

If the game had 100 champions this entailed that there would be 100 treasures on the line!

If she managed to get them, it wouldn't be hard to trade a couple of them with monoliths that she was collecting.

Naturally, the champions had their own rewards pool that was specified for their advancement instead of those treasures that were useless at their level.

After spending a few seconds thinking about it, Lady Sphinx nodded her head and informed, I have decided to create a potion recipe that is specified for Felix only.

Why create a new recipe Jörmungandr wondered, Don't you have some potions that could increase his energy in your stock

No, those wouldn't work on him. Lady Sphinx clarified, If he was still a normal human, then I have the perfect potion for him.

However, he is now a half-devourer.

I need to consider his other heart in the recipe lest the potion would end up conflicting with it and cause him a serious double heart attack.

I understand. Jörmungandr went quiet for a second and couldn't help but chuckle, Didn't think you will actually go this far for him.

I am not. Lady Sphinx said calmly, I am doing this for myself.

If he won, I will be getting tens of treasures that will enhance my chances to collect the monoliths.

If he lost, he would at least have enough strength to survive and try again next year.

If I am going to send him to such a difficult game, he would need to be fully prepared. Lady Sphinx added, Plus, he will be paying for the potion.

Haha, there it is. Jörmungandr laughed, Had me fooled for a second that you started gifting stuff.

Shut up. Lady Sphinx's lips twitched slightly as she stood up.

Then, she teleported away, leaving Jörmungandr still laughing on his own.


Queen, please open up my earnings list and my profile interface. Felix requested as usual.

//>Winning Wish

>Total Streaming Revenue (1%): 150 Billion SC(With Taxes)

> Unique Title: Meteor Strike!

>Game Points collected solo: 4400 GP //

Ohohoho, I guess a lot of humans tuned in for this game. Felix grinned in delight after spotting the amount he earned from the streaming revenue.

Felix knew that it was quite a lot since most viewers were actually watching from a pirate website in the dark network or a shared stream like the method the earthling team was using.

So even if trillions of humans watched the game, he knew that only a small percent were actually payer viewers who want to support their idols.

The SGAlliance was knowledgeable about those 'illegal' methods of watching and still didn't make a move to get rid of them since they understood that what matters the most wasn't the money but the viewership and interest in the platform.

Those with money to pay would prefer paying.

Those without money They still wouldn't bother paying to watch after the alliance gets rid of the illegal methods.

Hence, it was better to leave them so SG would always stay as the number one entertainment platform in the universe.

My game points are a bit low though. Felix scratched his cheek, I guess it's better to hold off into the double GP coupon for now.

Felix had been planning on using it a couple of times now but he never landed in a game that could help him earn a lot of game points while at the same time still focus on the championship.

Even planetary games weren't that helpful since his opponents always surrender in the first five minutes.

He understood that as long as he keeps holding into it, it would keep getting harder to earn a lot of game points due to the difficulty of the upcoming games increasing noticeably.

For example, in this game, Felix was forced to give up on the loot boxes just to keep his lead steady since he knew that he would be aimed at heavily if he dared to go for one.

If I collect more than 7000 GP next game, I will use it. Felix decided firmly and requested, Queen, please show my profile.

//Name of the participant: Unpaid Landlord_6996


Integration Level:

SG Platform: Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Rank: Peak-Tier Gold

Games Played: 008

Wins: 008

Loss: 000

Win streak: 008 (click to obtain rewards)

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 061//

Next game will definitely have most players from platinum rank. Felix knitted his eyebrows after being reminded of his monstrous MMR.

Krialder was a low platinum player yet he caused so much trouble to everyone.

Hell, he almost took care of Sensation all by himself.

In Felix's upcoming game, there were definitely going to be peak-platinum players.

When compared to the bloodliners' strength, they could wipe the floor clean with newly emerged Origin Realm bloodliners!

You need to increase your physical strength to a minimum of 35k before considering stepping foot in this game. Jörmungandr informed, Plus your mental defenses need to be adequate.

You got lucky in this game that Sensation had been taken care of by Erebus' champion.

I doubt it will happen again.

Felix nodded his head in understanding and said with a bitter smile, I wish nothing more but to enhance my mental defenses, but I really don't know how.

Felix had already used his upgraded access in the network to search for potions capable of helping him with this dilemma.

However, he found only a few potions that weren't meant to be drunk by humans.

As for natural treasures

They were all graded as 'A' and were sold at a minimum of 200 billion SC in private auctions that require special invitations.

Felix had neither of them and even if he had them, he wouldn't consider paying that amount for a natural treasure that wouldn't truly upgrade his mental defenses heavily.

When he finally annoyed her with repeated requests, she confessed that she needed to create a new recipe for him and that would take too much of her precious time, effort.

Lastly, he couldn't afford it even if he slaved himself for ten years.

Well, I know a way to enhance your mental defenses. Jörmungandr confessed abruptly, startling all of them at once.

Why didn't you speak sooner Lady Sphinx wondered.

It wouldn't matter much. Jörmungandr clarified, Because, it requires having lightning manipulation.

Oh Are you talking about Thor's psychic shield ability Lady Sphinx guessed instantly.

Jörmungandr nodded his head and informed, I was hoping that he would unlock it as a passive after he reaches 75% of his integration, but he unlucky got another.

So, the only one to get a pure shield against mental abilities was by having lightning manipulation and learning how to create the shield on his own.

Is it that good Felix asked.

Jörmungandr's eyelids twitched as he replied, that drunken bastard was able to counter all my mental affecting poisons due to that shield.

Felix's eyes brightened up after hearing so.

A shield that could block even mental affecting poison that was far deadlier than normal mental abilities

This was an ability that he dreamed of having!

However, to get it, he needed to awaken Thor and convince him to pass down his lightning manipulation.

Although Jörmungandr was quite confident in Felix's chances to get the manipulation, it was still a big if.

Who knows if Thor's depression would be so deep he wouldn't even bother to wake up after Felix reaches 99%

Everything was possible.

In a week or two, the shipment that is carrying my lightning bottles will arrive here. Felix nodded his head firmly, I will start preparing for ways to convince elder Thor to pass down his manipulation.

Jörmungandr waved his hand dismissively and said, Don't bother yourself with such matters.

Just focus on your training.

Erebus was laughing his a.s.s off after seeing your little black nail.

Tch, I still killed his champion didn't I Felix grumbled.

I am proud of that. Jörmungandr said with a faint smile.

However, before Felix could feel a spark of joy at hearing that, Jörmungandr gave him his special death glare and said, But what does have to do with your poison manipulation being far behind everyone

Hehehe, cat got your tongue Asna laughed after seeing Felix's stiffened smile.

Felix acted deaf to her mockery and quickly clicked on his win-streak icon to change the subject.

After seeing the newly given five coupons, he exclaimed in excitement, Lucky!


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