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Right now, Felix was digging through his mind for answers while activating supersonic mode to give himself more time to think.

In those few seconds, he had already eliminated a couple of methods that could help avoid having his face splattered in the ground.

The first one was slowing himself as much as possible and wait until the other players open up their parachutes, then use his empowered electrical pull to hitchhike the ride with them.

However, he eliminated it because he didn't know if the parachute would account for both of their weights.

Plus, who knows if the empowered electricity wouldn't burn the parachute

It was too risky and if he failed, he wouldn't have any more chances since he would be too close to the ground.

The second solution was simply giving up on the game by using the surrender coupon.

The Queen would teleport him outside of the game safely.

Since he had a tier lose exempt coupon plus winning streak saver coupon, he could exit the game without losing any progress.

In addition, he had already eliminated Saltz Master which meant the treasures were secured even if he lost the game.

So, this was actually the best and safest option to take.

Yet, Felix still eliminated it since he firmly believed that one shouldn't give up until he completely used up all his options!

'I just need to find a way to reset my velocity and I will not require a parachute to land.' Felix contemplated deeply, 'What do I possess that could help me achieve that'

Felix began thinking of every ability that he possessed plus their combination, wanting to seek out a possible way to reset his velocity.

After spending a couple of seconds eliminating some combinations, his eyes suddenly brightened up after coming up with a combination that had a high chance of success!

'If I went for it, it's going to be hella risky and painful even if I succeed.' Felix took a deep breath and nodded to himself, 'I can handle pain, it just needs to succeed!'

Felix wasn't worried about dying if he failed since he could always utilize the surrender coupon at the last second!

What's going on here Kayn exclaimed in shock after seeing Felix suddenly change his posture to nose-diving, increasing his speed by tenfolds!

This shocked everyone as they didn't expect that Felix would be hastening his death on his own!


I can't wait to see his blood splashing all over the place!

Hopefully, he doesn't have a surrender coupon.

Most spectators kept booing and screaming hateful comments at Felix due to him massacring more than 50% of the participation list by himself.

Meanwhile, his fans and family members kept shouting in support, knowing that Felix never makes a move without having a plan behind it!


Everyone quieted down after seeing Felix reach such a height without doing anything to save himself.

The golden beam was the biggest one that Felix had ever created in this game as it was empowered by his passive supercharge that used his stored lightning as a resource!

He had plenty of it due to being struck before by his ability lightning call!


Before the viewers could comprehend its emergence, the golden beam had smashed on the surface of the ground, shattering some of it but not managing to penetrate even two meters deep!

That resulted in creating a counterforce that reached Felix's extended arm and sent it through his entire body, breaking most of his bones in the process!

Yet, Felix didn't care about such pain as he was too joyful by the fact that his body was suspended 10 meters above ground!!

His velocity had been successfully restored back to zero!! The 10km momentum that would have killed him had been dealt with properly!

HE ACTUALLY DID IT! Kayn shouted in shock.

The moment the golden beam had disappeared, Felix ended up dropping from 10 meters into the ground, landing on his back!

Although it was merely 10 meters fall, the damage caused had been amplified by 500%! That made Felix feel the same pain as falling from 50 meters!

With his already broken bones, the pain he felt during the contact would make anyone ask for a quick release!

But with Felix's abnormal pain tolerance, he merely squealed in his mind like a pig about to get butchered, making Asna close her ears in annoyance.

The sad part, he was almost completely dried up, not having enough energy to heal himself quickly and relieve his pain.

While he was wincing without having the capacity to move a single finger, Kayn and the viewers were left staring at him with widened eyes, not daring to believe that he was actually still breathing!

The haters were silenced while his fans were left trembling in their places with reddened cheeks and gleaming eyes.

They were feeling an urge to worship Felix after he ended up not disappointing them just like in his previous games!

Although he appeared like a broken doll on the screen with his ripped clothes and bone protruding from wide-open wounds, in their eyes, he appeared a hundred times grander than the players above him with their parachutes fully open!

Those players were also taken back by the sudden change in the situation as they had expected that the game would be a threeway battle against themselves after Felix end up dying or quitting.

'Well played Landlord, truly well played.

It was an honor to ally with you.' Wild's Breath sent a compliment to Felix through the Queen.

Alas, Felix didn't even hear it properly as he was fully focused on when the game would end to relieve him out of his misery!

>Congratulation to the Champion Landlord for being the first player to touch the ground!


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