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'It's time to go all out.' Saltz Master thought with a serious expression while gazing at the grey clouds below him, 'He is going to have his strength at least doubled in his favorite environment.

I need to focus on survival first then aim at his back.'


Immediately after making his mind, Saltz Master snapped his finger, turning himself into a shadowy cloud.

Before anyone could figure out what he was doing, they were left speechless by the sight of tens of versions of himself emerging by batches! 

By the time he went through the thunderstorm, there were at least 70 versions of himself doing the same!

They had all split up at random as they went through the thunderstorm!

Meanwhile, Blood Curser seemed to have the same thought as Saltz Master as he had created a fortress of brown clay around him!

'Didn't expect any less.' Felix smirked faintly at their defensive attempts, feeling only slightly annoyed by Saltz Master's method.

He knew that it might affect his plan slightly.


Felix stopped thinking about those matters and dove inside the thunderstorm, chasing right behind Blade Curser.

The insides of the thunderstorm were damp and dark.

However, there were some flashes of light happening at random throughout the thunderclouds brightening the area for split seconds.

They were always followed by the deafening noise of thunder.


Out of nowhere, Felix got struck on his back by a lightning bolt, scaring the ** of Olivia and his grandfather.

Before they could start to worry about his condition, Felix got struck with another thick white bolt that was big enough it covered Felix's entire body!

Then! Another and another! They kept striking only him totally ignoring Blade Curser and tens of decoys of Saltz Master!

Why does it seem like the heavens want to obliterate his existence Sylvia said speechlessly.

He is finally being punished for his shamelessness and asshole attitude. Olivia murmured absent-mindedly.

George and the rest didn't know what comment after hearing the reason...But somehow, they felt that it could be right.

Is his parachute going to be fine Leo wondered, It should have gotten burnt by now.

Kenny shook his head and clarified, I have watched previous games with the same design and all of them had parachutes that were resistant to environmental hazards so as the owner's own abilities.

They could only get damaged from other players' attacks.

Yes, it was done like this to give the players a sense of mind when they use their abilities or travel through a hazardous environment. Sylvia supported.

Just as Felix's fans were planning on bashing the game for being biased and focusing only on him, they were shocked to find out that the lightning had suddenly stopped targetting him, leaving them to bask in the newest look of Felix!

He appeared like the god of thunder as golden lightning tongues kept being emitted from every inch of his body!

His hair was already stiffened while electrical charges kept coursing through every strand.

Meanwhile, his skin was bright, his white pupil had gone almost unnoticed by the camera!

Why is the lightning gold Is that a new ability of his Kayn wondered what was on everyone's minds.

Alas, no one managed to figure out what ability Felix was utilizing.

Most of them assumed that it was his 4th active ability but in reality, Felix's current condition was caused by a merged effort of two passives!

Supercharge* and *Lightning Attraction*!

He unlocked Supercharge after he reached 45% in his integration.

This passive allowed him to not only absorb lightning at a faster speed but actually empower all of his abilities with the absorbed lightning instead of his lightning energy!

He never was able to do it with only his mutation since he didn't possess lightning manipulation.

But with this passive He was fully able to take advantage of it!

Meanwhile, Lightning Attraction was the newest passive that he unlocked at 75% integration.

It was the reason Felix had been struck tens of times by lightning bolts!

Without it, he would have been struck once or twice on average just like Blade Curser's fortress that was under those bolts attacks.

Meanwhile, three of Saltz Master's decoys had exploded in this duration.

The reason why the lightning wasn't killing them left and right was due to the game's modification.

It was done like this so the players wouldn't get killed left and right the moment they go through the thunderstorm even though they had their shields up.


Not planning on wasting his time, Felix activated his electrical pull ability on his right arm and pointed it at the clay Fortress.

Abruptly, a thick purplish lightning arc had emerged from palm and instantly crossed the two kilometers between him and the clay fortress!

This wouldn't have been possible without supercharging passive that empowers his abilities!


The moment he felt that it was connected properly, Felix grinned faintly and pulled himself rapidly towards the clay fortress!


Taking advantage of the momentum, Felix had enlarged his supercharged arm and smashed it at the surface of the clay!


The clay's surface immediately shattered into large fragments, exposing another clay sphere in the center!

The f*cker had double shields on himself!

All of this was happening at the speed of sound due to Felix's lightning-quick reflexes, making it impossible for Blade Curser to react fast enough and counterattack!

'Let's see how your turtle's shell will fare against this.' Felix smirked slightly and enlarged himself to 40 meters, appearing like a giant standing on a small boulder.

Then He activated his electrical field!


Just like a gigantic flash bomb had been released, Felix's body had exploded into blinding light as the billions of golden lightning arcs had been released at once!

They crossed half a kilometer in radius instantly, turning the dark gloomy thundercloud brighter than the sky outside of it!

What's in god's name is that Wild's Breath murmured in a daze as he fell gradually towards the thunderstorm with the biggest pack of players.

All of them thought at first that it was a massive lightning bolt striking suddenly.

However, seeing that the light continued existing for a few seconds while the thunder was nowhere to be heard, they instantly recognized that it was a player's doing!


All of them thought of it at the same time since he was the only one left with such flamboyant abilities in the front pack!

'What's going on in there...I am getting chills just by seeing such a massive area brightened up.' Wild's Breath gulped a mouthful while trying his best to slow himself even further.

If Kayn and the viewers weren't currently stunned, they would have praised his intuition.

However, their eyes were fully attracted to the image of Felix's golden body shining akin to a star above the crumbling fortress of Blade Curser.

Poof Poof Poof!...

Since the impact area was massive, Saltz Master's decoys kept exploding one by one after getting touched by the golden electrical arcs.

'What is this!! How can he still have so much energy within him to use this large-sized attack!'

Saltz Master's composure was utterly ruined as he kept sensing his decoys getting destroyed easily like a bunch of c.o.c.kroaches.

He could feel that the number was dropping rapidly and if this kept going, it wouldn't be long before he would be left with only a clone or two!

'Thank god, I slowed myself to the limit.' Saltz Master wiped his sweaty forehead while sky diving two kilometers above Felix!

He was planning on mingling with his decoys and sneak up to Felix by slowing his speed.

He thought that Felix wouldn't target him since he wouldn't bother to consider that Saltz Master would slow himself in such a critical moment.

Yet, what happened after was beyond Saltz Master's planning as he didn't expect that Felix would actually pull himself towards Blade Curser!

By doing so, they ended up changing positions!

At first Saltz Master was annoyed by this since he thought that two kilometers were a big gap to have.

But now He couldn't stop thanking his lucky stars since the attack didn't manage to reach him!

'He is too dangerous in this thunderstorm, too dangerous.'  Saltz Master took a deep breath to calm himself and planned, 'Blade Curser must have definitely perished after he was struck by that attack so close by.

Since I am going to lose all of my decoys in the thunderstorm, Landlord will most likely assume that I got killed by his attack as well.'

'But, he still has his vision abilities, he will most definitely spot me.' Saltz Master glanced at Serenity and Waterloo that were above him and thought, 'I can only use that strategy.'

'If I played this right, I can absolutely get him killed.' Saltz Master smiled coldly while narrowing his eyes at the brightened area that was dimming slowly.

A second later, the thundercloud had returned to its original state...However, the situation inside was entirely different than before as Felix was the only one remaining at the front.

The clay fortress and Blade Curser didn't have a single option besides turning into dust after experiencing trillions of volts coursing through them!

This kind of super attack was supposed to be reserved for mother nature and powerful beings.

Yet, Felix had just unleashed one while still at peak 2nd stage of replacement.

Olivia and the rest of the human viewers could only stare at him with open jaws, feeling like everything they knew about their cultivation system had been flipped upside down!

If a 2nd stage bloodliner like him could already unleash an attack that was even stronger than Origin Bloodliners then were they fake bloodliners

This thought couldn't help but course through the minds of every bloodliner watching the stream!


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