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While the viewers were watching the replay, Saltz Master, Sensation, and even Krialder, who went through the speeding ring, had turned their heads to look behind them.

They wanted to know who fired such a dreadful attack!

The moment they saw Felix's extended arm that was emitting smoke from the front, they instantly recognized the progenitor.

'No wonder I sensed lightning element when it passed by me.' Krialder thought with a solemn expression while breaking away from the pack after getting the speed boost.

'This bastard almost had me!'

Meanwhile, Saltz Master's poised attitude was no more as he knew that he had survived merely through his monstrous reaction speed and element!

Why Because the f*cking golden beam had actually gone through his body first!

But it didn't cause him any harm as he had morphed his body into a living shadow, making him untargetable!

'Tch, his elemental manipulation sure puts mine to shame.' Felix clicked his tongue in irritation after failing his ambush to get rid of Saltz Master.

He always knew that it was extremely difficult to kill Saltz Master due to his ability to morph himself into a formless shadow.

The ones able to morph into the element itself were all monsters since they require peak external and internal control of the element.

Haha, your champion sure had unlocked a fine ability of Thor's. Erebus praised with a hollow laugher.

Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx snickered together as they had seen before how his eyes almost lept out of their sockets when the beam had penetrated Saltz Master.

If his champion wasn't good enough, Erebus would have lost the bet in the very first minutes of the game!

Lucky dog. Kumiho cursed Erebus softly while focusing on Sensation's stream, seeing that her champion had ordered her meatshields to use their defensive abilities to cover her.

It wasn't just her who had taken extreme measures of defense as the rest of the players below Felix had used at least one defensive ability.

'Nice one Landlord!' Wild's Breath praised telepathically after he regrouped with him.

Although many players managed to go through the speeding ring, he was still delighted.

Alas, Felix didn't share the same joy as him since he had failed to kill or at least heavily wound Saltz Master.

Now He knew that Thor's Ordanace wouldn't have the same results since its activation sequence was high-profiled.

When they spot him preparing to use it, they would stack up shields and wait for him to waste his energy.

Some might argue that his strike was beyond successful since he had taken care of three players at once.

But Felix didn't give a ** about them...Only Sensation and Saltz Master were in his eyes now.

Landlord has shown his hand and it was a big one! But it was his turn to feel the wrath of the players above him!

One of them had summoned a giant lightning bolt while another had morphed his arm into a water-based bazooka.

The other three had decided to participate in the attack, wanting to get rid of Felix so he wouldn't threaten them with Thor's Ordanance anymore!

'It's my turn!'

Upon seeing the seriousness of the situation, Wild's Breath had dove below Felix and said telepathically, 'Hop in!'

Understanding what he was aiming to do, Felix didn't hesitate to hold into Wild's back fur!

When Wild felt his grip, he immediately opened up his arms and legs, slowing his speed down but at the same time obtaining astonishing mobility in the air!

Whoosh Whoosh!...

The abilities kept missing them as Wild had been zig-zagging left and right, making it extremely difficult for the players to aim at him!

The worst part, he wasn't just gliding left and right, but also closing his arms and legs for a sudden plunge just to open them up and dodge other abilities.

In a few moments, Felix and Wild's Breath had finally gone through the speeding ring, emerging faster than ever on the other side!

'I will detach!'

Felix immediately let go of Wild's Breath fur after saying so.

They had only ten seconds of speed boost and he didn't want to waste it by slowing them down.

As for the attacks

They stopped the moment they reached the speeding ring since it was going to be even harder to hit them now.

After all, the only reason the players aimed at each other was due to the speeding ring making it obvious which direction those players would be heading to!

Landlord and Wild's Breath truly have an amazing synergy! Kayn praised, Wild's Breath could taker care of defense and mobility while Landlord could take care of offense by using his long-range abilities to open up paths and thinning their competitors!

It sounded good on paper but Felix knew that he couldn't rely on Thor's Ordnance too many times since to create the mindblowing propulsion, he needed to use at least 60% of his lightning energy!

Right now, he had only 30% poison energy left and 0% lightning energy!

Naturally, with Asna's emergency energy tank, he was back to 100% in no time.

However, he knew that he could utmost use it 6 times before Asna taps out.

Since the players were still too wary of it, it wasn't going to give the same results as the last time!

The reason Thor Ordanace consumes so much energy was due to its activation sequence.

There are two parallel currents on either side of Felix's hand.

The first one was going towards the palm of the hand while the second one coming back towards his body.

Those two currents were represented by the blue and golden lightning that were going back and forth on his arm.

Without a projectile that acts as a bridge between the two currents, they wouldn't be able to do anything besides continue to consume Felix's energy. 

However, the consumed energy doesn't just evaporate but actually builds up more force! When Felix feels that enough force was built up, he simply flicks the Nail's head with his index finger!

This causes the driving current to go through the positive side, through the projectile (Nail), and comes back through the negative side, using the Lorentz Force with the addition of Fleming's left-hand rule.

The end result The Nail gets projected by the electromagnetic force akin to a bullet, turning it into a golden beam from all the force that was stored in the activation sequence!

The more force stored during the activation sequence, the bigger the golden beam would get plus faster, making it almost impossible to be dodged!

Felix was more than careful in his attack as he had utilized all of the stored lightning energy in it.

Yet, it turned out that wasn't enough to take down that monster.

But neither most viewers nor the players knew about any of this since it was their first time seeing such an ability in play.

Based on its sophistication and complexity, it would require a genius Lightning Elementalist to pull it off with his elemental manipulation.


Soon, three minutes had passed by without any fight occurring in the sky since there wasn't anything to fight for.

Everyone was trying his best to keep up with the pack since being left behind at those moments could be fatal.

'Oh Is that a ring or a teleportation circle' Felix pondered while zooming in on a tiny shiny object tens of kilometers below him.

As they got closer and closer, the tiny shiny objects kept increasing substantially, allowing even the player with the worst vision of the bunch to notice them.

'So many teleportation circles!' Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise after seeing that all of them were creamy white!

After a quick counting, he came up with 10 teleportation circles all placed randomly and somewhat far from each other.

'10 teleportation circles ahead.' Felix informed Wild's Breath, 'The first one is still 20 kilometers or so away from us.

I assume that there was at least 5 kilometers distance between each one of them.'

'You can see that far' Wild's Breath exclaimed in shock at such detailed information.

His eyes had been shapeshifted into an eagle's eyes.

Not just any eagle but one of the finest ones with astounding vision.

Yet, he was able to spot only four teleportation circles!

'Good thing I didn't speak first.' Wild's Breath wiped his forehead and lied through his teeth, 'I can see them as well.

What's the plan Should we enter one of them or avoid them at all cost'

Felix thought about it for a second while taking in newer information about the distances between each teleportation circle.

Then, he nodded his head and said, 'Let's enter the first one since it is going to teleport us at least 3 kilometers below but 1 kilometer off course.

So, it's worth the risk.'

'Most players are going to aim for it as well.' Wild's Breath said with a grin, 'How about you give them the same treatment'

'Heh, like hell I will keep wasting my energy to keep opening up the way.' Felix scoffed in his mind.

He understood that Wild's Breath mobility cost him minimum energy unlike him who needs to place everything in a single strike.

If he kept using Thor's Ordnance wantonly, it wouldn't end pleasantly when their partnership breaks off since he would have more energy than him.

'No, that ability consume alot of my energy and it wouldn't have the same result as before.

It's not worth it.'

Felix refused his suggestion and offered a simple clarification to not break off the partnership so soon.

After all, he still needed a mount to carry him through those three layers.

Wild's Breath in his squirrel form was a fine mount!


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