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'Good thing we are near the back.' Felix grinned slightly while lightning charges began to emit from his fingers, 'I have a clear view to striking everyone who attempts to enter the speeding ring.'


Upon receiving another telepathic message, Felix turned to Wild's Breath and warned, 'If you don't have a way to resist lightning, I suggest you stay a couple of meters away from me.'

Understanding that he was planning to make a move, Wild's Breath didn't hesitate to separate himself from Felix by gliding to the side.

'Leave me those at the back.' Wild's Breath said while focusing on the five players above them.

Just like they could easily strike those below them, the ones on top could do the same at any moment.

When Felix heard so, he gave him a slight nod and focused back on the players.

Boom, Whoosh, Baam!!...

It has begun! Kayn shouted while highlighting the current ongoing chaos between the players in front of the pack and the ones behind them!

The ones at the very front were using all of their defensive abilities to glaze through the barrage they were being fired at!

They didn't bother to even try and retaliate since they would do nothing but help other players beside them!

If a moron went and did so, it would be the same as staying behind to cover for the rest who would definitely prioritize going through the speeding ring more than anything!

This led to a one-sided beat down as the players in front kept succ.u.mbing to the tens of destructive abilities thrown at them!

Krialder's abilities were the deadliest since he could use as many Talismans as possible at a single time, making it possible to create one mega destructive attack from three elements!

That's exactly what he did as he had combined four Talismans! One to summon a whirling tornado, another to create a blazing inferno!

The other two had the same combination, making him manifest two destructive attacks that were fired without hesitation at those players ahead of him!

The worst part, he had armor of lightning and flames covering his entire body, making it extremely difficult to hurt him since they were created to assault anything heading in his direction!

The sky shook from the aftermath of those two combinations ending up exploding upon contact with two players, who unluckily failed to glide to the side fast enough!

Unfortunately, their shields only managed to weaken the abilities but not completely nullify them!

This resulted in them being propelled into different directions while groaning in agony from the burn marks all over their skin!

Two down by Krialder!! Kayn shouted with a feverish tone, The rest were forced to retreat from the path to the ring to avoid getting bombarded!

As he mentioned, most players in the front had decided to glide to the sides after realizing that it was impossible to continue tanking the salvos!

In their eyes, even if they entered the speeding ring, the ones above them would do the same and the distance wouldn't change!

Hence, they would continue being on the receiving end!

After they retreated, Krialder, Saltz Master, Sensation, and the other players who were the ones responsible for the barrage had been switched to be in the front!

Felix, Wild's Breath, and few more players were now the ones behind them!

'That's it, line up for me.' Felix narrowed his eyes at Saltz Master and the rest of the players below him, who were creating somewhat of a long line between them.

Only Sensation was breaking the line as she was diving while sandwiched between one Orc and fisherman, appearing like they were her bodyguards!

No wonder most male players castrate themselves in fear of meeting with a charm Elementalist in their game!

She literally had obtained two meatshields in the first minutes of the game! The worst part, they could use their abilities based on her orders!

'With those bodyguards, my attack wouldn't do much to her.

I guess I can only go for Saltz Master.' Felix sighed in dejection while reaching towards his leather bag.


He unbuttoned it and reached inside with two fingers.

Leader Emma and the rest of his fans leaned closer with unblinking eyes, desperate to know what he was packing inside.

Just as they thought that it was going to be needles, Felix had pulled a 10 cm long silver nail that gleamed under the sunlight!

'A nail'

What was he going to do with them, throw them, and hope to hit the players' eyes The viewers were honestly baffled by the sight.

However, before their thoughts could stray any further, Felix had closed one eye while placing his left hand above the shoulder of his extended right arm.

At the tip of his index and middle finger, he appeared to be holding into the silver nail.

But in reality, the silver nail wasn't touching his fingers at all as he was relying on his mental energy to keep it affixed like that.

But posture still made him appear like he was aiming a gun at the players below him!


Without any warning, Felix's entire arm had been engulfed in golden and blue lightning, coursing back and forth from the tip of his fingers to his shoulder!!

The moment Felix spotted that Saltz Master, Krialder, and two more players were exactly in his crossfire, he murmured to himself, Thor's Ordnance...Fire!


Saltz Master, Kriader, and some of the players had instantly activated either defensive abilities or escape abilities without taking a split second to think about it!

Their instinct had sensed an incoming grave danger above them and they simply reacted based on it!


Two players who were slower to react were the victims of Felix's 4th Active ability as the golden beam had penetrated their t.h.i.g.hs and emerged from the other side, slightly dimmer but still going on strong towards the ring!!


It missed Krialder's head by a meter, and went through the ring with a 20% boost in its speed!

It was already fast enough, those who got harmed by it still hadn't realized that they had been hit!

But with the enhanced speed! The golden beam actually reached the two first players in less than a millisecond!


Alas, only one of them managed to do it successfully...The other


The dimmed golden beam ended up striking him right in the back of his head, managing to explode it into a bloody shower akin to a bomb exploding inside of it!


The other player who was about five meters near the explosion could only touch his face stiffly after being tainted by some blood drops.

Thump thump!

His heartbeats started to accelerate after his emotions began going out of control...Bafflement, shock, horror, and fear!

Looking at the corpse of that player get handled by the wind roughly, He knew that he had just dodged a bullet by luck!

His emotions were shared by every player who was in that golden beam's crossfire!

At last, the two players who got struck first had let out heartwrenching screams after a hellish wave of pain assaulted their being! 

The players broke off their emotional shock after hearing their muffled screams.

When they glanced at them, they couldn't help but sweat a little after seeing their bottom half turn into a bloody mess!

Both of them were missing an entire leg while the other had a portion of it blown up by that golden's beam!

Since they were the first to get hit, they endured its full power!

WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT!! Kayn's composure was completely ruined as he screamed at the mic in utter confusion and shock!

His feelings were comprehensible as the camera was placed in front of the pack when the golden Beam struck out of nowhere!

Before the viewers could react, Kayn was fast enough to show a replay of what happened, wanting to dig the source of that golden beam!

When everyone saw the activation sequence of Thor's Ordnance their mouths were left agape as they had never seen such an ability from lightning element!

How I thought only light element have abilities that fire off golden beams!!

Holy **! That beam had actually penetrated three players at once!

No wonder he used a nail! He turned his f*cking arm into a Railgun! A lightning Elementalist player commentated with an awed tone while watching the stream live from his bracelet.

Based on Thor's Ordanace activation sequence that was shown, he somewhat understood how Felix managed to create the golden beam!

He straightaway wrote it down on the stream chat but his message got buried instantly due to trillions of fans spamming constantly in a frenzy!

He shook his head and rewatched the replay again with a fascinated expression, 'I don't know the name of such incredible ability, but when I successfully copy it, I will definitely name it Railgun!'


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