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Felix knew that by doing so, Dark-Druids would be able to shapeshift into those animals, beasts, or creatures, then utilize their inherited abilities fully.

Naturally, they needed to have the same elemental affinity as those creatures to use their abilities.

Looking at those multiple spirits sealed inside, god knows how many abilities he could use in this game!

Yet, Felix still thought that he was the best ally for him when compared to other players.

Hello human. Wild's Breath greeted Felix by tapping his staff twice on the water.

Felix greeted back with a head nod and inquired calmly, Do you need something

He didn't want to show his intentions of allying with him since it would appear like he was prepared for it.

In his eyes, this might push Wild's Breath away since he was also thinking that Felix was the best ally to play with and also the easiest to betray.

It seemed like many players had thought the same but decided to back off after seeing that Wild's Breath had walked first.

I am looking for a partner. Wild's Breath spoke frankly, I believe we can help each other fend against others before we reach the troposphere.

'So, he is implying that our partnership will last only to the troposphere' Felix smiled in his mind, 'That's exactly what I hoped for.'

Although Felix thought so, he didn't agree at once.

Instead, he showed a thoughtful expression for a few seconds before saying, I am down for it if the terms of the contract pleased me.

Do you have something prepared

'Good, he is interested.' Wild's Breath was quite elated by Felix's indirect agreement but he didn't show it.

Instead, he manifested a holographic contract and allowed Felix to read it in peace.

'Queen compare it with the SG partnersh.i.p.s default contract and show me only the differences in it.' Felix requested.

Felix started reading those terms from the top meticulously, knowing that a tiny missed detail could cause him to lose his life.

The MCs didn't give the players always from 30 minutes to 1 hour of bonding time for no reason.

It was to given proper time to read the alliances contracts carefully.

In 10 minutes, Felix had finished reading all of the changed terms and was satisfied with most of them.

The ones that he didn't like, he negotiated with Wild's Breath to change them.

After a couple more minutes of back and forth negotiations, the contract had been signed and a new partnership had been born!

Sensation and Saltz Master saw their interactions but they still didn't know if they had allied together or not.

Felix and Wild's Breath kept the holograms invisible and their conversation telepathically for this reason!


Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready to meet your idols!!

Well, it was to be expected since MCs needed to be rowdy and passionate to hype the stadium and get a fat commission out of it.

So, even if an MC appeared like a piece of ice in his daily life, he would transform into an energetic commentator!

Kielder!!....Sensationn! I love you!!...Landloord!!!...Blade Curser!!...

The spectators sure responded well as cheers and chants had exploded throughout the fully booked stadium!

Fans from different races, galaxies, planets, nationalities, and genders all gathered together in one place to watch and hopefully enjoy one heck of spectatorship! 

Whoosh Whoosh...

Under this zealous atmosphere, Felix and the rest of the players had materialized before all.

Immediately after hearing their names, all of them showed pleased expressions and began waving their hands at their fans, sending another feverish wave.

Alas, Kayn didn't let them enjoy it for an extra second since the half-hour interview segment wasn't enough to cover even half of them.

Hence, he floated down gracefully on his lotus flower and began the interview segment with Sensation since she was the prettiest of the bunch.

While he was interviewing her, Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, Erebus, and Kumiho were all seated in the same room where they had their meeting.

There were three holograms before them, each focusing on a different champion.

As for the rest of the primogenitors They had their own champions to spectate.

The only reason they gathered in the assembly to watch Felix's game was due to their curiosity about the peculiar situation.

If there were primogenitors who were still interested to give Felix's game a look, they would definitely be members of the Darken Faction.

Why is that cutie having a leather bag attached to his waist Kumiho asked in intrigue after spotting Felix's tiny bag.

Alas, neither Lady Sphinx nor Jörmungandr bothered to entertain her question.

Ignoring me now Kumiho pouted like a child, making Erebus want nothing but to slap the ** out of her.

There was nothing more that he hated than seeing Kumiko's fake childish antics while she was literally as old as the universe.

He believed that he never saw Felix having it in his previous games through the highlights that he watched.

Felix's fans were actually the first ones to notice it and start discussing its purpose.

Do you think it holds his weapon Leader Emma asked Markus who was seated next to her doc.u.menting everything new about Felix.

Possibly. Markus said calmly, But what kind of tiny weapon is going to harm those players

True, the games allow bringing only weapons from common materials. Leader Emma agreed.

It was common knowledge that Artifacts or weapons made from high-grade materials were banned in the games to keep the fairness of the games intact.

If artifacts were allowed, the players with rich backgrounds would steamroll the commoners who were climbing to change their lives.

Hence, the only rank where Artifacts were allowed was in the upper Elo of SG.

At those ranks, everyone had enough money to get them decent artifacts.

If they decided to be cheap and get trash, it would be on them when they get trashed by others' artifacts.

I guess it holds needles Markus suggested intelligently, Landlord's poison is in mist form and won't hold its shape at such a high altitude.

So, he must have brought hollow needles to fill them with poison and use them as a way to affect others.

That's quite a smart move actually. Leader Emma praised, I can totally see our lord doing it...But, I still think that it would hard for those needles to penetrate the players' skin.

Markus didn't reply this time as he was also confused about this matter.

'What are you hiding there exactly lord' Markus thought while staring deeply at Felix's small leather bag.

Alas, the interview segment ended and the mystery hadn't been solved even when Kayn had interviewed Felix.

The moment the segment ended, Kayn clapped his hand once and all of the players had been teleported to the designated jumping pads in space!

When Felix opened his eyes, he found himself in the middle of a long line of players, that stretched to a hundred meters.

He looked to his left and spotted Sensation at the end of the line, making him sign in relief.

However, immediately after looking at his right, his eyelids twitched at the sight of Saltz Master standing two meters next to him!

'Shit, I need to take advantage of that 30 seconds grace period to put up as much distance as possible from him.' 

Although he was planning his escape, Felix never showed a single ounce of worry on his face as he entered a staredown with Salz Master's pupilless dark eyes.

A moment later, Saltz Master blinked his eyes and focused on Sensation who was looking at them from the end of the line.

Seeing that he changed his focus, Felix looked over Saltz Master, wanting to see where his ally was placed.

Upon noticing that he was also near the end of the other line, Felix sent him a message, 'Let's meet in the middle when the game starts.' 

'Understood.' Wild's Breath gave a slight head nod to Felix and glanced down at the gigantic yellow planet.

He was also wearing a suit that covered his entire body and head to protect him against the chill.

If it wasn't for the players' names being visible on top of their heads, it would be difficult to recognize each other.

Start the countdown! Kayn commentated loudly while extending his hand at the thirty seconds countdown on the screen.

Olivia and the rest of Felix's teammates were staring at the timer deeply with held breaths in anticipation and a hint of worry.

They read what was written in the network and didn't know whether to believe it or not.

Felix overcame so many impossible challenges it would be idiotic to doubt him brainlessly again.

But, they still believed that this game was going to be his hardest challenge with the least chances to ace it.

Soon, they stopped thinking about this and began counting backward with the viewers after the time reached ten seconds.

Three, Two, One!! Everyone inhaled deeply and shouted with reddened cheeks in excitement, JUMMPP!!


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