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Felix clapped his hands twice to quietened them down, as well as attract their attention to him.

I want all of you to find a place and lay down properly. He explained, You are going to spend about 4 hours inside the UVR.

So, chose a comfortable position, lest your muscles ache when you return.

Obedient, they listened to his advice and lay down either on the ground or the couch.

Not one of them chose the bed, as it was only proper to act like a guest and not as a snobbish girl, wanting only the best.

Shortly after, all the girls were in a good comfortable position.

Those on the ground had pillows and bedsheets underneath them, so it wasn\'t actually that bad.

Satisfied by their behavior, Felix nodded his head, as his eyes were drifting from one cousin to another.

Suddenly, his eyes landed on two exposed little feet under his bed, if it wasn\'t for the toes flinching from time to time, anyone would have assumed that a dead body was lying there.

Without a second thought, he knew whose feet were those.

But he ignored that hamster and began explaining how the bracelet party feature works.

I will visit each of you and touch your forehead with my Bracelet.

He tapped a few times on his bracelet and continued after bringing out a hologram in front of them.

You just say this sentence.

He pointed at the hologram that displayed a short sentence that said, >I willingly chose to enter the UVR, using Felix\'s AP bracelet, and I accept all the terms and conditions of being a party member.


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