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Soon, Felix moved to the other rules about the loot boxes and parachutes.

After analyzing them, he understood that most battles would occur for them.

To survive this game, securing a parachute was a must.

It didn\'t matter if the player was last or first in his descent, parachutes were going to be a priority for every player.

The fact that the spatial cards were banned hinted that everyone who secured a parachute would be targetted by others!

All of this would be happening during the free fall that was going to last at least 1 hour if everyone relaxed their bodies.

It would be such a long fall due to the 250 kilometers distance.

If I nosedived to increase my descent while others did the opposite, I will be straight under them, which means I will have higher chances of securing a parachute and others things. Felix shook his head, However, that draws a red target on my back for everyone to practice their abilities on it.

The worse part, this might last until I touch the ground.

Felix thought about it for a second and left this issue for later planning.

Upon scrolling down, Felix paused on the eleventh rule.

Thunderstorms A faint grin started creeping up on Felix\'s face after spotting this obstacle.

Before he didn\'t really read the details extensively as the moment he realized that the game\'s design was too disadvantageous, he planned on respinning the wheel.

So, he skipped seeing this small detail that made him change his entire opinion on the game!

Are we going to enter a live thunderstorm during our free fall or it will just be above us Felix rubbed his hands in elation, Hehe, no matter which one is it, my chances to win the game have just tripled!

With his lightning abilities, this obstacle was more of a boon than a disadvantage!

Felix was definitely going to plan to take full advantage of it in those upcoming days of preparation.

Just like the promotion game, it was going to be a long ten days of preparation since those players were elites and it wouldn\'t do them justice to give them measly 5 days.

Let\'s start right now.

Felix immediately closed his eyes and logged in to the UVR.

For him, ten days was nothing with how busy his schedule.

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr were conversing about their bets in the upcoming game.

If the little thief lost us this game, we are going to lose four treasures at once. Lady Sphinx said while taking a sip from her teacup.

Well, you know I don\'t care about such things. Jörmungandr waved his hand and said, If you don\'t feel confident in his chances to win, don\'t bet big for the Kumiho\'s monolith.

That\'s the only way to tempt that annoying fox to accept betting with her monolith. Lady Sphinx cursed softly, She is probably going to jack up the bet even higher since she knew I am desperate to collect them.

Jörmungandr rubbed his purplish goati and advised, I suggest simply giving up on her monolith for now if she asked for too much.

You can easily convince her later on when you collect the missing monoliths.

That\'s where the real difficulty lays.

Let\'s see first her response. Lady Sphinx said while closing her eyes.

A split second later, she opened them up with an irritated expression.

Uhm What\'s the matter

Sigh, that vixen wants me to bring the little thief with me. Lady Sphinx replied while massaging her forehead.

Jörmungandr frowned his eyebrows and said, She will most definitely try something on him in the meeting.

That\'s a no-brainer. Lady Sphinx sighed, But, he has to go.

Otherwise, she wouldn\'t even consider placing her monolith as a bet.

Uhmm, let\'s contact Erebus then and meet all together. Jörmungandr smirked faintly, He is the least tolerant of her shenanigans and will make her switch her focus from Felix to him.

Haha, let me handle it. Lady Sphinx laughed softly and said, We have a good history between us.

After seeing that Lady Sphinx had closed her eyes, he switched his vision to Felix, who was floating hundreds of kilometers in the air.

Make sure to find ways to utilize your poison mid-air. Jörmungandr advised, Since it\'s in a mist form and you have yet to learn fully to use its liquid form, the raging wind is going to destroy any ability you try to make.

I will see what I can do! Felix shouted loudly while wearing eye goggles and a skydiving suit that was cold resistant.

Thankfully, it was allowed in the rules.

Otherwise, he would be feeling like his skin was being cut by sharp daggers after he jumps from such a horrific height.

Without further ado, Felix requested in his mind, \'Drop me!\'


Immediately after gravity started doing its magic, Felix lost balance of his body, as the wind started flapping him in every direction, making him get dizzy and fuzzy.

However, he got his ** together a moment later and began trying to establish balance by fixing his posture.

It was a bit tough but he got it done eventually, making himself free fall in a star-like posture.

\'This is quite nice...\' Felix smiled with his eyes closed in enjoyment, making Asna flip him a finger subconsciously.

She didn\'t like it one bit when he enjoys his time...


Three hours later...

Felix had been forced to stop his training early by Lady Sphinx since they were going to meet with Kumiho and Erebus in a few minutes.

Felix had already been informed of the meeting and he honestly was cool-headed about it since he was dealing with primogenitors for a long while now to feel nervous or scared.

At most, he was quite curious about the shadow and Charm primogenitors\' personalities.

You ready Jörmungandr asked Felix.

Felix nodded his head while fixing his tie in front of a mirror in his UVR\'s house.

He wasn\'t that disrespectful to meet up with those two primogenitors wearing casual clothes like they were his buddies.

In a few moments, his body began disintegrating, marking his teleportation.


Inside a small rectangular living room that had glass furniture and plush seatings, Felix\'s body began reconstructing above a carpeted floor, besides an open window that was facing the cloudy sky.

Immediately after he opened his eyes, he spotted Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, Kumiho, Erebus, and lastly their champions.

He recognized them instantly since he had done a thorough research on them.

Sensation, Kumiho\'s champion, was standing behind her master while wearing a long-sleeved pink kimono with daisy flowers designed on it.

She had her silver hair made into a bun, matching extremely well with her cold expression and four fluffy white tails behind her back.

If it wasn\'t for Kumiho\'s otherworldly beauty shadowing over everyone in the room, she would have appeared like a goddess.

Meanwhile, Salz Master appeared just like any shadowborn.

Short dark hair, grey skin, pitch-black clothes, black eyes without pupils, and tiny holes in place of their ears.

Felix wasn\'t surprised in the slightest by the fact that he didn\'t have a shadow behind him in this well-lighted room.

They weren\'t called shadowborn for no reason as they were the shadows themselves!

Good evening. Felix greeted with a head nod to both primogenitors and their champions.

Kumiho smiled charmingly with her pink glossy lips and gestured with her finger at Felix to come closer.

Let me take a good look at you boy.

Felix flinched at the sound of that.

He felt like he was going to get molested against his will if he got too closer to her.

Knowing that it was going to be disrespectful to let her waiting, Felix smiled politely and replied, Right away elder.

Kumiho\'s lips trembled after hearing him call her an elder as she abhorred being called any term that was associated with old and ugly.

Why are you feeling upset Erebus grinned, At least he didn\'t call you a granny.

\'Upset\' Felix\'s palms sweated slightly after noticing that she indeed appeared disgruntled with him.

\'Haha, only you can make a trash impression with primogenitors right off the bat every time!\' Asna chortled in amusement.

Ignoring Asna\'s mockery, Felix kept his head low as he looked at Kumiho who was giving a death stare to Erebus.

Soon, she focused back on him and said with a soothing tone, Call me Madam Kumiho like the rest.

Felix was slightly taken back as he felt that was a bit too disrespectful.

However, seeing that she was dead serious about it, Felix nodded his head silently.

Kumiho smiled in approval and patted the side of her seat.

Sit here, I don\'t like it when men are above me. She said casually, seeing nothing wrong with what she said.

Felix acted like he heard nothing and sat beside her on a couch that was meant for two people.

That made him come in touch with her exquisite body.

Upon seeing so, Lady Sphinx narrowed her eyes at Kumiho, clearly warning her to not try anything funny.

Kumiho merely shrugged her warning and placed her jade-like hand on Felix\'s cheek, caressing it softly.

Upon sensing that his heartbeats were accelerating, Kumiho licked her lips and whispered in Felix\'s ears, Wanna go somewhere private, boy


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