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Immediately after, a side hologram emerged, showing its details.

// Game Platform: Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Game Format: Racing

Game Name: One Way Down!

Participants Number: 25 (Still increasing)

Strength Allowed (Human Race System): From Awakening Realm to Origin Realm.

Prizes Pool: High-grade stones, Peak grade stones, Vial of Hatred, Flask of Dream Vision, Anti-Cursed Talisman...Vial of Giant Growth, Shadow Dagger.

Rules of the game:

1) All of the players will be teleported 250km above the surface of a dried-up desert.

2) They will be gathered in a 50 meters radius to remain near each other.

3) All of the players will be left to free fall towards the ground without any parachute or a resource capable of helping them fly, float, hover...etc.

4) The use of flight abilities, elemental manipulation, and body parts, to fly, float, and hover are banned.

5) The players are allowed to use whatever in their possession as long as it didn\'t slow down their descent by more than 30%.

6) There will be loot boxes, parachutes, two-ways teleportation rings, speed-boosting rings, and speed slowing rings in the original 50 meters radius throughout the 250Km descent.

7) Loot Boxes will have only goodies inside without risks.

(Game points bundles, potions, artifacts, natural treasures...etc).

8) Speed Boosting Rings will increase the players\' descent by 20% if they went through them...Speed Slowing Rings will reduce it by 20%.

9) The Parachutes will be modified based on each player\'s race.

(They are immune to the user\'s abilities but not to the enemies)

10) The fall damage caused to the body would be enhanced by 500%.

(It is highly advisable to secure a parachute at all costs)

11) The use of Spatial Cards is banned.

12) There will be obstacles on the way down, ranging from bird attacks, thunderstorms, sudden gusts of wind...etc.

13) Players are allowed to wear standard anti-chill suit goggles.

(The map has been modified to allow you easy breathing at such heights.)

14) The first alive player to touch the ground will be declared the champion!

For more information please open your SG profile Interface.

Good luck to all participants.//

Hahahaha! Your luck never fails to amuse me!

Under Asna\'s jeering laughs, Felix\'s eyelids kept twitching while reading the rules of the game.

The only reason he chose the racing format was to utilize his supersonic speed.

But how the f*ck could he do that while freefalling It wasn\'t like his falling speed would increase after letting go of his stored lightning.

He needs surfaces so his enhanced limbs could actually utilize the electricity that was coursing through them.

That\'s what gives him his speed in the first place.

Out of all games, it just had to be this one. Felix let out a long exhale and said, I guess it\'s best to just use the respin coupon.

No need to be hasty. Jörmungandr requested, See the participation list first and check for any primogenitor\'s champions.

If there were any, you won\'t be able to dodge the game based on the contract\'s terms.

Right, I totally forgot about it. Felix frowned his eyebrows and clicked on the participation list.

//Participants List:

] Sensation_4510 (Spirit Fox): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 14 / Losses 2.

(For more details click on the name)

] Saltz Master_1224(ShadowBorn): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 11 / Losses 2.

(For more details click on the name)

] Wild\'s Breath_4754(Dark-Druid): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 10 / Losses 3.


] Krialder_2199(Talism): Platnium Rank, Low-Tier, Wins 15 / Losses 6 (For...)


] Unpaid Landlord_6996(Human): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 7 / Losses 0.



] Heavy Punch_4496(Orc): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 11 / Losses 5.


Without needing to even scroll down, Felix was left speechless by the sight of the first two names shining brightly in gold.

He didn\'t think that he would actually get two champions at once!

It\'s Kumiho and Erebus\'s champions. Jörmungandr frowned his eyebrows, They are going to be tough to deal with in this game since Kumiho\'s champions are best at mental attacks while Erebus\'s champions are extremely difficult to kill.

Well, I guess today\'s is not my lucky day. Felix said with a wry smile.

He truly felt that it would be much better to respin and try again for another game that actually requires him to be near surfaces...But, it is what it is.

The moment there were two champions in one list, they must fight unless both opposite primogenitors decided to dodge it together.

Alas, the primogenitors almost never do that since the entire reason why they were participating in those games was for entertainment purposes...The bets come second.

Felix soon focused back on the list and clicked on those two names.

This resulted in having two side-holograms emerging at once, displaying their profile interface.

Then, he made a search on them in the network, wanting to fully understand who he would be dealing with.

After spending an hour or two reading and watching their videos, the only conclusion he reached was that...He was going to be royally f*cked if he dared to get close to either of them...Especially Kumiho\'s champion!

He literally found absolutely no method of fighting her in close range!

Her charm manipulation was too overpowered as it let her control the hormones and emotions of males, turning them into savages that would do anything to get a piece of meat!

Hell, he even saw a video of her sitting on the back of an Orc while guarded by a werewolf and a vampire together!

This happened in the UISG where only the strongest fighters of the galaxy gather!

F*cking hell, the only possible method to resist her charm abilities is to castrate myself before the game.

Felix\'s felt a chill coursing down his nether region just by saying it out loud.

This was actually a solid plan to resist charm players since it gave them absolute immunity to everything related to charm abilities.

Since there were potions able to restore their manhood after the game, there were quite a few players going for it if they ended up facing a monster Charm Elementalist like Kumiho\'s champion.

Hehehe, the universe finally decided to punish you, pervert. Asna giggled while covering her mouth, seeming like she was enjoying Felix\'s dilemma.

Heh, I might lack shame but not to the point of castrating myself from fear. Felix scoffed.

He didn\'t give a ** about others who do it but he wasn\'t planning on doing it before exploring all of his options first.

Based on the game\'s design and abilities, he had plenty of options to remain as far as possible from her.

First, we will be free falling with the least amount of mobility.

Hence, it\'s going to be tough to get closer to each other without having a good set of abilities. Felix pondered, She is thoroughly dangerous upclose but her charm element is mostly invisible or in mist form.

So, she is going to have difficulty utilizing it to get closer to me in mid-air...Unless she used a teleportation ring.

Since this is a race format, she will definitely not put her focus on me but on reaching the ground first and win the bet for her master.

Felix sighed in relief, In conclusion, as long as I keep my distance from the start, she won\'t be considered as a massive danger to me.

The game design might have f*cked up with his initial strategy but at least it gave a safer environment against those two champions.

As for Erebus\'s champion Most of his dangerous abilities were also countered by being in the air since there weren\'t surfaces for players\' shadows to cast on them!

Still, he was a scary opponent to face off due to him being a Shadowborn.

This race was one of the top 30 strongest races in the universe.

They were known for having the ability to travel between the Matter Universe and the Shadow Realm.

No one had seen how it looked like but them since the realm was completely separated from the Matter Universe with its own set of laws.

Hence, filming, taking pictures, or connecting to the Queen was impossible...Just like being in a separated dimension.

The only information about it came straight from the shadowborns themselves.

All of them proclaimed that it was filled with shadow element natural treasures that could make any shadow Elementalist salivate.

Probably due to having access to an entire realm filled with those treasures, the race had gained enough strength and status to place itself within the top 30 races in the universe.

Felix had a feeling that the shadow Primogenitor Erebus was the one who created the Shadow Realm and was currently residing in it.

Let\'s reread the rules, no matter what they have prepared for me, I can only prepare better than them.

Upon making a second sweep, he paused on 4th rule.

It seems like the only way to stop is by landing on the ground safely. Felix pondered while glancing at the players\' list, wanting to check if there was any player with wings or flight abilities.

After checking on all of them, he didn\'t find any player with wings but he did find that most players were able to fly or float just fine with their elemental manipulations.

I guess those players weren\'t picked due to the game\'s design. Felix said calmly.

He already knew that choosing a game wasn\'t 100% random for the players in the UISG platform.

The Queen make sure that players wouldn\'t be placed in games with extreme disadvantages or advantages for fair play.

That\'s because everyone in the UISG was a master on his own and it would damn shame to end up dead because of the game removing 50% of your strength.

Imagine a winged race player participating in this game just to have him banned from using his wings to fly.

But this manipulation in choosing was done only in UISG due to the variety of cultivation systems and elemental manipulation, making it difficult to balance things out in the games.

As for SG branches There wasn\'t such a thing.

You play what you pick!


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