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Witches were always known for creating substances and potions.

While potions were always liquid, substances were gooey and sticky.

Naturally, witches never aim to concoct substances since potions had five times better the effect than a substance.

For example, when Felix used the eagle wings substance during the bus kidnapping attempt.

The substance applied directly on his shoulder blades, giving off grey wings.

When its effect was gone, he was left with an itchy feeling like his skin was being eaten by ants.

That was a side effect that most substances had since they were an imperfect version of the potion that was meant to be created!

That\'s why he didn\'t feel any side effects when he drunk the angel wings potion and obtained those wings.

This didn\'t mean that potions didn\'t have any side effects whatsoever, it simply meant that it was highly likely for substances to have them due to their imperfect status.

Before long, five minutes passed by and teacher Djamila placed her hand on the cauldron\'s lid.

You ready She asked calmly.

Upon seeing that everyone had their eyes focused on her, she lifted the lid at once and a fragrant aroma spread in the entire classroom, making the witches wrinkle their noses in enjoyment.

I guess we got lucky. Teacher Djamila smiled faintly for the first time and said, I hoped that it will fail so I can teach you a little about substances.

But let\'s leave that for later.

Teacher Djamila held the cauldron from its handles and poured it into an empty glass bottle.

As expected, the content was liquid and red like blood.

After the bottle was filled, she closed its lid and lifted it before them.

There you go, a perfect rank 2 Infernal Blood Potion. She disclosed some information about it, It costs currently 300 million SC.

It is high in demand for vampires since it allows the user to transfer his blood into a force equal to the amount transferred.

The witches neither react to the potion\'s effect or its price.

After all, their teachers were either sages or grandmasters.

They had seen even rank 4 potions get concocted...Potions that could be sold at tens of billions a bottle.

Meanwhile, Felix was simply too rich to feel a thing.

After the demonstration was concluded, Teacher Djamila asked them to bring out the theory of potion-making book and move to the 170th page.

This was a continuous course from the 1st semester since it was impossible to cover the theories of potion-making in a single semester.

The class went on for an additional hour and a half before teacher Djamila dismissed them without giving them homework.

They already had a mandatory concoction homework of concocting 30 potions this month.

Felix had yet to finish it due to his mental energy being consumed fully after 5 potions.

After all, the potions needed to be concocted in the real world.

Since it takes a lot of time for mental energy to recover, Felix had to be moderate in his use lest he end up tiring himself.

The moment teacher Djamila left the classroom, Felix fixed his attire and stood up with Naima and Karry.

Then, they exited through the door under some nasty glares.

How about we hit the club tonight Naima suggested while coiling a stalk around her finger, We haven\'t honored your bet yet and you keep rejecting to hang with us in the holiday..

Felix didn\'t even spend a second thinking about it before rejecting her offer.

I have the stuff to do tonight, let\'s leave it for another day.

As she said, Felix thoroughly rejected doing it with them since the moment he released everything in the club on escorts.

That was enough to sate his desires and he had enough self-control to focus on his training and gaining more strength...After all, he never forgot for even a second that he was being targeted by millions of people, wanting his head for bounties, secrets, eyes...etc.

What\'s even more important than doing it with us Don\'t you humans love those things the most and put them as a priority Naima pouted.

Uhmm, there are individual games to prepare for, planetary games, meeting with family, dealing with private matters, concoction practices, physical training, mental training, manipulation training, mandatory homework, business proje...

Argh! Enough you asshole. Not wanting to hear him say more, she glared at him in annoyance and walked away with Karry who was giving him an apologetic look.

Wait, I still have a couple more to mention!

You...Leave me alone!

Felix chuckled and chased after them, teasing Naima even more.

Although it came out as a joke, Felix truly wasn\'t in the mood to get down for tonight since it was the time to roll the wheel for the individual game again!

As for the planetary games Heh, with his strength, he was literally forcing the other teams to surrender in the first minutes before he got to do anything.

Even when he plans to just chill and be the backup, the other teams give up before the game gets heated.

Who could blame them The strongest player in the previous planetary game was a peak 3rd stage bloodliner.

How would they dare to look Felix in the eyes when they knew that he could literally squish them to death in a blink of an eye

Due to this, the earthling team had won all of their placement games, getting them placed in high silver right away.

However, their MMR was going to make them face off teams with 4th stage bloodliners players!

Although their improvement was amazing as most of them had reached the peak 2nd stage of replacement, it was still not enough to fight such battles.

Hence, Felix had already told them that he would be rolling for another game until they hit peak 5th stage of replacement.

If they kept with their improvement and using all the resources possible, this could happen in less than two years.

Naturally, the world leaders weren\'t pleased by such a decision since they wouldn\'t be earning a dime from the games for two years.

Alas, Felix simply didn\'t give a crap about their wants.


A couple of hours later, Felix was back in the dorm\'s room after attending two more classes.

The first thing he did was take a quick shower.

When he was done, he laid on his bed and placed a leg above the other.

Then, he brought out his profile interface and clicked start a new game.

Immediately after the wheel green button emerged before him, Felix requested from the Queen, \'Please utilize format choosing coupon.\'

\'Are you certain\'



]You have successfully used format choosing coupon, please choose wisely.[

The moment Felix received the notification, a side hologram had emerged showing him a long colorful list of all the formats currently in the games.

He spotted a few ones that he played in this life, such as sports format, puzzle format, lifestyle format.

There were also plenty of niche formats that he never played before like, kids games format or space format.

Felix ignored them all since they weren\'t to his cup of tea.

Should I go for the racing format, sports format, puzzle format, or battle format Felix wondered while scratching his chin.

He had great success in all of them.

If he was in the human SG branch, he would have chosen without a doubt battle format.

However, knowing that he would be placed with peak gold or platinum players made him hesitate.

He knew that it wasn\'t going to be an easy win especially when platinum rank had a couple of monsters that he couldn\'t face off with his strength.

Monsters with strength equivalent to Origin Realm Bloodliners...Although Felix was consuming natural treasures on daily basis, they were merely increasing his strength by 50 BF every time due to their low grade.

He had no intentions of spending 30 Billion on Grade A natural treasures when their market price was 10 Billion or less.

Now, He had almost 18,000 BF due to those natural treasures and also his increased integration that jumped to 81%.

Although he had unlocked a pretty good passive at 75%, he was still not fully confident that he could win by a landslide.

He knew that he could wait months until he increases his strength but he would lose out on Asna\'s emergency tank that was a massive help to him in every game.

He would rather play the upcoming games with that busted tank than wait four months or so and play with additional strength but trash energy to support it.

There was no way in hell he was going to request Asna to hold off joining in the UVR since he knew that it was impossible to hold it off forever just so he could have her cheat in the games.

Plus, it was truly a dickish move to make...Asna is waiting eagerly each day to enter UVR and he had no right to stop her.

\'Since straightforward battles are going to be extra risky with such massive bounties on my head, I can only eliminate battle format for now.\'

After making his decision, Felix focused on the other three formats and started pondering on which one was going to be the easiest and also the most profitable.

\'With my lightning element, extreme speed is one of my strengths and I need to play around it.\' Felix contemplated, \'With my strength increase, my body can handle storing an additional 50% of lightning.

This would give me a minute and a half of staying fully active on supersonic mode.\'

Although it didn\'t sound like a lot, sprinting at supersonic speed for a minute and a half was more than enough to put tens of miles as a headstart against other players if he chose racing format!

With such a headstart, even if Felix continued with his normal speed, they would never catch him.

Not mentioning, his immense mobility inside structural areas with his lightning pull ability.

All of those advantages point out that the racing format was currently the best for him.

Though, he didn\'t know much about game points.

The racing format makes it almost impossible to focus on game points when any tiny delay could cost one the championship.

Since he didn\'t pick Vehicle Racing Format, he had a high chance of landing on foot racing.

Uhmm, Let\'s see what game I land in first...Maybe I will get lucky and land in one that provides special ways to get points. Felix pressed on the racing format and was sent to the green button for the games.

He clicked it immediately and watched the wheel spin for a couple of seconds before stopping it.

Ting Ting...Ting!

]Congratulation on picking the Game, One Way Down![


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