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Immediately after Felix began sharing some of his experiences, the atmosphere got a bit heated.

The smell of booze and the girls\' drunken laughs made it even more passionate.

I and Karry always kiss each other to see if we might feel something happening within our bodies like we read in the network. Naima confessed while leaning against Felix\'s shoulder with her cheeks reddened and a half-emptied glass on her hand.

And Felix asked.

Nothing, burp...Nothing at all.

It\'s like kissing a wall. Naima complained.

Heeeyy, don\'t call me a wall. Karry murmured while lying on the couch.

Her eyes appeared half-closed like she would doze off at any moment.

\'They are both wasted.\' Asna snorted, \'Aren\'t you going to make a move on them\'

\'I am not a creep, you know\'

Felix saying so didn\'t seem too convincing with his hand inside Naima\'s dress, feeling her soft and plump breast.

This was totally on Naima since she was the one who asked him to do it so she could see if she would feel anything.

Alas, only Felix ended up enjoying the experience.

\'I guess it ain\'t happening today with them.

They must be really frustrated with their ranking to drink this heavily.\'

Felix pulled his hand out after seeing that both of them were on the verge of sleeping.

He gently removed Naima\'s head from his shoulder and laid her on the couch next to Karry.

What are you doing... Naima murmured while hugging Karry reflexively.

She didn\'t just put her arm around her shoulders but also her leg like he was hugging a giant teddy bear.

That ended up showing her white panties to Felix, causing his blood to course straight to his junior.

Since he wasn\'t fully sober due to the removal of his poison immunity, Felix knew that he would end up doing something that he regrets if he stayed with them.

\'Queen, please log out the girls.\' He requested.

The Queen complied with his request since she had seen that the girls were nowhere in shape to log out by themselves.

After sensing that their bodies were getting chilly, Naima and Karry opened up their hazy eyes slightly and looked at Felix.

Noo, I still want to have fun...We didn\'t even do that... Naima said softly one last time before she disappeared with Karry.


That\'s a bummer. Felix smiled wryly and glanced downward at his junior who seemed ready for battle.

Hehe, some things aren\'t always meant to happen. Asna said with a delighted tone, appearing quite happy that nothing happened tonight.

Seeing her reaction, Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr chuckled to themselves and didn\'t comment.

\'She might not recognize it but she is already attracted to Felix.\' Lady Sphinx sent a telepathic message to Jörmungandr.

\'Indeed, if Felix kept behaving properly, they might end up as an item eventually.

Probably, in tens of years or something...heh, Asna\'s stubbornness and pride need at least that many ye...\'

Lil bro, Don\'t worry.

We are hitting something tonight no matter what.

Jörmungandr\'s words were caught in his throat after hearing Felix\'s promise and seeing him suddenly opening up a holographic catalog full of beautiful women.

The catalog belonged to the club and it was for guests who wanted to have some fun with escorts.

Upon seeing him pick up two girls and Asna gritting her teeth in anger, Jörmungandr could only shake his head and keep his thoughts to himself.

Pervert, you really going to stoop this low\' Asna cursed.

\'Yep.\' Felix agreed without an ounce of shame on his face.

Half a year of abstaining from sex was definitely going to mess up with his mind sooner or later since he couldn\'t control his body fully yet.

He was in his early twenties for god sake.

He wasn\'t a monk nor wanting to be one.

Since Naima and Karry left him with blue balls, he definitely not going to back out today from releasing his stress.

\'Humph! I hope you catch a virtual STD then!\' Asna cursed one last time before disconnecting the connection between them.

Felix could only speechlessly try to digest her stupid curse.

Soon, he stopped thinking about Asna or anything else after hearing a knock on his door.

He fixed his attire and went to open up the door.

Upon seeing two gorgeous goddesses standing before him, Felix pulled them swiftly inside and closed the door shut.

Thankfully, the rooms were soundproof, containing the wild noises from the inside.

Meanwhile, Asna had grouped up with the elders to play some games to pass time until that bastard finishes.

She had no idea why she was feeling so damn irritated but she was going to give Felix an earful for making her feel like this.

Little Asna, you okey

Shut up and deal me. Asna snapped at the Jörmungandr with a glare while sitting next to him on a table.

\'Sheesh, she is sure feisty.\' Jörmungandr glanced at Lady Sphinx and they both agreed telepathically to just stay out of this matter entirely.

After the deck was dealt, they started playing in silence while Felix was still going at it wildly...


A month later...

Felix could be seen chilling under a tree on the campus besides Naima and Karry.

The holiday was over yesterday and the students were required to attend their classes based on their newest schedule from today.

While the students were on a holiday, the campus had welcomed hundreds of new cute faces.

Naturally, the enrollment exams were held right after the final exams were over so there wouldn\'t be a clash between semesters.

Oh, you are being glared at again. Naima giggled while gesturing with her head at a witch passing by.

She was giving Felix a nasty glare like he had killed her parents or something.

Meh, they can glare all they want, nothing will change. Felix replied calmly, not bothering to even glance at that witch.

In the past month, a lot of things had transpired and changed on the campus.

First, Felix wasn\'t being seen with favorable light anymore by the witches after the humiliating ranking incident.

Since the media love fanning flames, they kept praising Felix to the sun, claiming that if other races had the same spiritual vision as the witches, they would also easily do better than them.

Every media in every galaxy wrote almost the same version but simply changing the human race to their own race.

This dumped some of the witches\' reputations in the network, making them stop being perceived as superior to other lower races.

When Felix\'s enemies saw this situation, they became overjoyed, thinking that the witch government was going to cast Felix away since he was making things worse for them.

Alas, neither the Queen Allura nor the Sages around the empire felt irritated by the situation.

Instead, they welcomed it since they knew that the latest younger generation of witches was getting a bit sloppy.

Since Lady Sphinx noticed it, the other sages had also spotted the current trending issue of the witches stopping at Master rank to seek momentary profit instead of the peak of potion-making.

They didn\'t want to see it continue happening lest the witches would end up without a newer sage in the next thousands of years.

Thus, instead of making it difficult for Felix, they actually took advantage of it and announced that any witch to emerge in rank 1 in the upcoming semesters would be given a chance to choose any Sage Witch as their teacher.

Also, any witch that scores higher than Felix\'s 1st-semester results!

With that announcement, the 1s/2nd-semester witches went absolutely frantic in their studies and practice, so they would have higher chances of toppling over others and specifically Felix!

The announcement, Felix\'s presence, and everyone\'s doubts sure made the witches work harder than before.

But the stress of such hard work was naturally targetted at Felix, who was the progenitor of the whole thing.

Ding Ding Ding!!

Abruptly, the bell had gone off throughout the main faculty and its surroundings, letting everyone knows that the first-morning class was about to begin.

Felix stretched his arms behind his back and stood up.

He gave Naima and Karry a hand, then they walked together to the class, uncaring about the looks they were getting.

Felix liked Naima and Karry even more when they stuck in those moments when he was clearly starting to be an outcast in the academy.

He knew that the situation would only get worse after each semester since he required to always be in the top three.

Imagine a human toppling over the witches for 6 semesters straight Just thought of it sent chills down Felix\'s spine.

In a short moment, they entered one of the lecture halls on the first floor.

This lecture hall wasn\'t like any other since only elite class students were allowed to enter it.

Hence, the moment Felix was noticed in front of the door, the chatter quieted down while the witches\' eyes had landed on him.

Twenty-seven witch was staring at him dead in the eye, making even Naima and Karry feel pressured.

They were ought to feel that way since all of those witches were in the top 30 in the entire semester.

All of them had either a Sage teacher or a Grandmaster teacher behind them! Lara and Kamil were also here and they were giving him mixed looks.

However, Felix could see that both of them had a fire burning in their eyes, clearly not planning to give up on the 1st rank in this semester again!

Morning Ladies. Felix smiled charmingly as he greeted.


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