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Unbeknownst to all of this happening in his mind, Felix had entered a discussion with Malak about the slaves and expedition situation over a video call.

Sir Felix, I have gathered the entire crew. Malak reported calmly, We have now 15 men and 5 women in the expedition squad.

All of them had signed a strict recruitment contract.

Even the spaceship operators signed it.

As for the Elders\' bodyguards, I made sure to hire two peak 4th stage bloodliners.

Good work. Felix nodded his head in praise and informed, I have already bought you an Exploration-focused Spaceship.

I believe it will reach you in a month or two.

As for the license, I will be vouching for you.

Felix knew that it was going to take at least half a year for Malak to get her license for owning a spaceship even if he decided to spend a lot of money on bribes.

He couldn\'t wait that long since the tier 4 ancient ruin he was planning to send them into was going to be discovered in 4 months by a pirate crew if the timeline remained the same.

He wanted them to be on the move in two months minimum to avoid encountering those pirates and also to give them time to unlock at least the first two passives in their primogenitors\' bloodlines.

As for vouching, it simply meant he would be using his license to give them access to planets and space worms expressway.

Since his criminal record was sparkling clean, they would be given a permission right away.

However, if they broke the laws on a planet or such, his license would be revoked and he would be considered as an accomplice to any criminal activity they carried out.

It was done like this to stop anyone from vouching for pirates.

We will make sure to get set for the journey as fast as possible. Malak promised.

Good. Felix requested, send me the details of your squad members and the hired bodyguards.

Without a second delayed, the information was sent to him per email.

Felix said his goodbyes and hung up.

Then, he opened the emails and began checking on each member of his squad.

As he requested her, she made sure to get other races as well since they had useful and unique abilities in expeditions.

For example, she had bought a silver slime slave with 1 billion SC.

This slime could be used to scout the situation in the ruins ahead of everyone since he didn\'t feel pain, getting affected by illusions, and his form wasn\'t solid!

He could fit himself in places where no man could enter.

Also, he could split parts of himself and send them inside tiny holes or simply scout for traps without endangering himself.

Although slimes didn\'t feel pain and were almost immortals as long as a small part of their body remained, they could get destroyed quite easily.

Their trash defense and offense made them part of the bottom feeders in the social status in the universe...Even lower than intelligent beasts.

She also hired a hound half-ling for his exquisite smell senses and a Bat half-ling for their hearing senses and sonar-related abilities.

Bat Half-lings was the degraded version of vampires since they inherit only abilities from their bloodline inheritance.

It didn\'t have a full transformation of blood manipulation.

Hound Half-lings had the same situation with werewolves and winterwolves.

The rest of the squad were humans.

The strongest of them were two epic peak 4th stage bloodliners.

The others were peak 3rd stage bloodliners since there wasn\'t enough capital for Malak to get only peak 4th stage bloodliners.

\'I should probably supervise the expedition by using the ghosting feature if I was free.\' Felix thought while closing the hologram.

In this Era, Felix could easily participate in the expedition from his bed by simply using the ghosting syncronization feature.

With the synchronization, he would be feeling everything that happened in the ruins.

He could even lead the expedition from his bed but it didn\'t feel right.

It was impossible to make smart decisions when his life wasn\'t on the line unlike the rest of his squad.

Hence, he would utmost be a spectator and also give them Intel about the ruins.

\'Let\'s think about those matters when the time comes.\' Felix stretched his arms behind his back and yawned, \'For now, let\'s take a quick nap.\'

He had a break from training and he should take advantage of it to recharge.


Tomorrow evening...In front of the Dreamy Field Night Club gate...Felix was standing near the entrance while wearing a casual outfit for hanging out.

He arrived just a minute ago and was waiting for Naima and Karry\'s arrival.

He spoke with them in the morning and it was truly a long conversation that lasted for at least half an hour.

That\'s due to Naima and Karry not wanting to honor their bet unless Felix explained his ways of concoction.

Unlike other witches, they at least didn\'t accuse him of cheating in the exams but they did accuse him of cheating them in the bet!

Alas, Naima was the one who proposed it and it was also without good intentions since if Felix lost, he would have been forced to take care of their upcoming concoction mandatory homework.

It consists of 25 rank 1 potions a month for each student in the 2nd semester.

This meant Felix would have been required to concoct 75 rank 1 potions each month for half a year!

Naima was brutal alright but it was time for her to get taught a lesson.

After waiting a couple of minutes, Felix noticed Naima and Karry exit from a classy sliver hovercar, wearing long tight dresses, accessories, and lastly a light make-up.

Such combination with their well-made hairstyles and breathtaking beauty made them appear as two elegant and noblewomen from a royal family.

Luckily, all witches had the same beauty and air, making Naima and Karry attract only a bit of attention to their entry.

You sure dressed well for the evening ladies. Felix complemented with a smile after he grouped up with them.

Can\'t say the same to you. Naima said while sizing up Felix\'s casual outfit of a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals.

It\'s comfy. Felix said, shrugging his shoulders.

Let\'s talk inside, it\'s getting chilly. Karry rubbed her naked shoulders and walked with quick steps towards the entrance.

Felix and Naima followed after her and entered through without any issues with the gatekeeper.

Just like before they picked the door that was leading to the floor with calm music.

None of them wanted to hear the rowdiness and see people dance and sweat all over the place.

Let\'s get a private room. Felix proposed with an innocent tone.

Karry and Naima didn\'t reject his suggestion even though they felt that it was going to be a good decision.

Wait here. Felix said and went to the receptionist.

In a few moments, he returned and told them to follow him upstairs.

When they reached the upper floor, Felix took them to the back of the corridor and unlocked a room that was to his left with his bracelet.

Go first. Felix extended his hand slightly, gesturing for them to step in first.

I hope you keep this gentleman\'s behavior throughout the night. Naima said while giving him a side-glance.

What do you mean Felix scratched his nose and said, I am always on my best behavior.

Karry blushed lightly and followed after her without saying anything.


Felix closed the door after him and went to sit alone on an armchair while the ladies took the couch.

I believe I still owe you drinks, so go ahead and order as you please. Felix said while tapping his finger on the glass table, calling for a holographic menu.

I won\'t be shy. Naima laughed a little while pressing on the most luxurious drinks in the club.

She asked for five bottles at once, clearly preparing to get wasted.

She might not show it but she was frustrated immensely at getting surpassed by Felix with such a massive gap.

Since they were in a private room, the setting of the delivery was different.

The waiter didn\'t bring them the drinks but they got manifested on the table instantly.

Felix grabbed a bottle and popped its lid, allowing the foam to be released at once.

Then, he poured each of them a big glass and said with a faint smile, Let\'s make a toast over our successful passing in the exams plus entering the elite class.

Karry and Naima lifted both of their glasses and said together, To us!

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

After gulping down all of their glasses, Felix immediately refilled them.

This time, they took smaller sips as they conversed about many interesting things.

They started with potion-making and by the time they reached their fourth glass, they were already on the subject of sexual desires and love.

Naturally, it was the bastard\'s own doing by leading the conversation to such a path.


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