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Unbeknownst to the chaos he created in the network, Felix took the first mixture to the cauldron that was releasing bursts of steam from a tiny hole on its lid.

Felix glanced at his bracelet and noticed that he needed to wait 30 more seconds to threw in the mixture with the catalyst.

Although there was still plenty of time for the exam, Felix didn\'t plan on wasting those 30 seconds doing nothing.

He quickly went to the glassware table and removed all of the pieces of equipment with a wave of a hand.

Then, he began naming new pieces of equipment while pointing his finger at the area he wanted the Queen to place them on.

By the time the 30 seconds went by, the viewers were left speechless by the sight of tens of jammed pieces of equipment on one table just like the previous time.

The only noticeable difference would the pieces of equipment themselves not being the same!

I believe that those are the five required sets to create the catalyst for the remaining 5 potions! The commentator exclaimed, If he actually managed to perfectly concoct those 24 potions without wasting too much time then he might be able to concoct the remaining 5 and pass the exam with the biggest amount of points in the semester!!

Sage Dalilia turned to Queen Allura and asked, Do you agree with her

Queen Allura nodded her head, I believe that little junior is smart enough to deal with this matter if he had prepared this far ahead.

Sure enough, Felix had indeed thought about those matters before and found a solution for them during his practice.

First, he understood that each concoction would require 2 minutes and 40 seconds to finish.

This period included the 2 minutes of the catalyst getting heated first.

This meant those 24 potions would require a minimum of 64 minutes to deal with them all.

This would leave him with 12 minutes or so to deal with the other potions.

He understood that some of their catalysts take at least 15 minutes to be prepared unlike the potion of madness.

So, he wasn\'t planning on creating the catalyst after he was done with the concoction but during it!

After seeing that the mixture had fully melted with the catalyst, Felix closed the lid and increased the fire to the limit.

Then, he placed his hand on the lid and kept it affixed in its place as the cauldron started shaking and making rumbling noises like a madman was hitting the inner walls of the cauldron from within!

While doing so, he was counting backward from forty seconds to zero! The moment he reached it, Felix opened the lid wide open while taking a step away!


A red fog had been released abruptly, emitting with it a foul smell in the area.

Felix didn\'t bother to close his nose as he had gotten used to it after all the practice he had done with this potion.

Without further ado, Felix dove through the red smoke and held the cauldron from its handles.

Then, he went to the potion vessels and poured the content into one.

After making sure that the bottle was filled to the brim, Felix placed the cauldron back on the fire and poured another catalyst within it.

Then, he closed the lid and lowered the fire intensity back to normal.

Since it would take 2 minutes before the catalyst to get fully heated, Felix went back to the preparation table and began working on the rejuvenation potion\'s catalyst.

The first thing he did was activate his quantum vision and begin eliminating the microorganisms without utilizing his lightning-quick reflexes.

That led the viewers to see his average speed of eliminating 95% in 40 seconds.

But it didn\'t matter since he wasn\'t killing them during the concoction.

After he finished, he took it to the glassware table and followed the steps of extracting its essence that would be used as a catalyst.

He didn\'t supervise the process but went back to his cauldron since two minutes was about to pass.

When it did, Felix lifted the lid and threw in the bloodish mixture, then closed the lid after it.

Then, he repeated the following steps meticulously.

In the art of potion-making, if you followed the recipe down to the letter, there was no way in hell you will fail.

Thus, the 2nd potion was born under a cloud of red miasma!

Lara and Kamil currently have concocted all the 6 unique potions to pass the exam and have started to concoct for a potion of madness as well for points since it takes the least time!

The Commentator switched to Lara and Kamil, showing that those girls weren\'t messing around.

Due to the blockage, they didn\'t know that he was a threat to be aware of.

In their eyes, they only considered each other as true opponents!

Too bad, their chances to catch up to Felix seemed pretty grim since he was concocting a potion while preparing for the 6 unique potions at the same time.

Because he had already dealt with all of their preparation, he entered some sort of a repetitive routine.

First, he pours the catalyst then takes advantage of those two minutes to deal with the catalyst of the other 5 potions.

When the two minutes finish, he returns to the cauldron and empties the content in a vessel.

This routine made him appear to the viewers like an industrial machine that does the same thing over and over again!

When they compared him to Lara and Kamil, they came to a horrifying truth that his method made him two times faster than them!

Seconds went by then minutes...Only 15 minutes remained in the exam and the viewers could see that all of the witches had successfully connected the 6 unique potions and were now fighting for more points to rank higher.

Most of them managed to concoct only 12 extra potions.

Meanwhile, Lara and Kamil were currently on their 18 extra potions.

Based on their average speed, the viewers guessed that they could add utmost additional 4 potions due to the catalyst taking a minimum of 10 minutes to be ready.

When they glanced at Felix\'s preparation table and saw 24 potions gleaming with red light, they could only give Lara and Kamil a piteous look.

Felix is still going strong! 24 potions of madness are already out and the catalysts of the remaining 5 potions had been dealt with! The commentator commentated in excitement, 15 minutes is more than enough to concoct them unless he made a fatal mistake!

Mistake Looking at Felix\'s serious expression as he kept mixing the ingredients together made the bidders smile bitterly.

They knew that all of their money placed on Kamil and Lara was gone.

The difference in potions was too high to cover in this short period of time.

[Sigh, If I placed a bet on Landlord, I would have gotten 7 times worth my money!]

[I envy the bastard who bid billions of coins on Landlord to win! I was laughing foolishly before but now I can only bow to his godly foresight!]

[Anyone else thinks that he might be Landlord betting on himself No one can be that confident to bet this much money while the rumors on the network made it pretty clear that he had no chance to rank higher]

[Ahhh, don\'t remind me of those dammed rumors!]

The stream chat was loaded with comments from bidders since they had the most interest in the exams\' results, unlike other viewers.

All of them felt like they had been cheated out of their money since the rumors were too damn real.

Yet, no matter how pained they feel about their loss it could never amount to the house\'s executives who had the urge to strangle Felix!

Who could blame them Every time they see Felix finishing a potion and placing it on a table, they got closer to losing a whopping 35 billion SC!

Truthfully speaking, they were being quite greedy since they were going to earn at least ten times that amount thanks to Felix.

After all, the bids were concentrated mostly on Lara, Kamil, and other witches at the top!

So both parties were winning from this.

Although Felix was about to earn 35 Billion SC, his mind never drifted to that thought.

\'Five minutes remaining and only Tonic of Idle Minds is left.\'

Felix wiped his sweaty forehead with his sleeve and washed his hands again before touching the last remaining mixture.

After spending 40 seconds eliminating most microorganisms, Felix brought the mixture next to the cauldron and poured the liquid catalyst inside.

\'It takes three minutes for this exact catalyst to heat up and another minute after it for the mixture to melt inside of it.\' Felix smiled with a relieved expression, \'This will leave me one minute to pour it in the empty vessel and conclude the exam...\'

\'Now, we wait for the final results...Hopefully, this is enough to put me in the top three.\' Felix wished.

Since he wasn\'t able to see Kamil or Lara\'s progress, he was quite on edge about them pulling something extraordinary and surpassing him.

Unbeknownst to him, all of his friends and family members were cheering in excitement, knowing that Felix was just about to pull off the unthinkable!

Felix Maxwell, a human, an SG player, a prick, but now...Under the eyes of the universe, He was number one in the entire semester, toppling over hundreds of witches in the one thing they were best at!

Unfortunately for the witches, there was no sudden drama or upset to save their faces occurring in the last seconds.

The moment the countdown reached zero, the Queen had forcefully logged out everyone!

Nooo!! I was in the middle of pouring the concoction in the vessel!!

Damn it, so am I!

When Felix opened his eyes, he heard disgruntled chatter around him as the witches clearly were displeased by having their last touches get ruined.

I hope that all of you are satisfied with your performances during both the written and the practical exams. Teacher Sonna looked at Felix and said with an elated smile, Especially you student Felix.

\'Hmm Was his performance that good\' Lara tilted her head in confusion after hearing so.

\'The human...Huh.\' Kamil gave a side-glance at Felix and focused back on teacher Sonna, not giving a crap about his performance.

The only thing in her mind now was to see her name as 1st ranker, scoring above all.

She was extremely confident in her performance since she had overdone herself.

Upon seeing her confident expression, the viewers could only give her a sympathetic look as they knew that her world was about to flip upside down...So as the rest of the poor witches.


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