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Hence, no one bothered to concentrate on the rest of the students\' introductions by the commentator.

Now to the star of this stream! The one and only, Landlord...Cough, I meant Felix Maxwell.

The commentator corrected herself quickly as it wasn\'t proper to use Felix\'s SG name for events like those.

Vice versa as the MCs were required to use only the nicknames in the games.

Sir Felix is currently a rising star in the Universal SG Platform after his latest performance in the promotion game. The commentator displayed one of the highlights at the side and said, Yet, who would have thought that we would see an SG player able join a concoction contest against witches

Most of the viewers nodded their heads in intrigue.

They tuned in to the stream simply because seeing someone from another race concocting a potion was a fresh experience.

If it wasn\'t for Felix, no one would have bothered to spectate the contest since no matter how much they tried to hype it up, it was still going to be boring as hell.

Ding Ding Ding!

The contest is about to begin! The commentator quieted down after saying so.

Just like everyone else, she focused on the students who had placed their heads on the tables and closed their eyes shut.

The moment she saw this, she switched the stream to the UVR\'s version of the lecture hall.

Well, it shouldn\'t be really referred to it as such since the seatings had been removed, leaving a wide spacious area.

There were at least a hundred potion-making stations that appeared exactly the same as others.

Neither the preparation table nor the glassware table had a single thing on them.

Only the circular table had a common bronze cauldron on it.

Felix and the witches were standing before each station with a concentrated look.

No one seemed weirded out by the empty tables as they knew that it was done like this to let the students pick their own pieces of equipment.

This was a test on its own that targeted the students\' knowledge of equipment.

If it was lacking, it might cost them the entire exam since they couldn\'t create a catalyst while missing a piece of important equipment.

They couldn\'t even cheat by peeking into another student\'s station to copy the pieces of equipment since there was an invisible barrier hiding each student.

Only the viewers and teacher Sonna were able to see everyone.

In 30 seconds, all of you will be informed of the six potions that you must concoct to pass the exam. Teacher Sonna looked at them and informed, It can\'t be 6 potions of the same recipe.

You need one potion for each recipe.

After you secure the passing mark, you can earn extra points for each potion that you concoct in those two hours.

Do know that each potion had its own value.

For example, Rejuvenation potion gives measly 5 points for each potion, so don\'t bother concocting it for points if you are aiming to get a higher mark.

As for the others, the Queen will let you know the details. Teacher Sonna glanced at her bracelet and said, Five seconds left!

The moment the students heard so, they all opened their eyes with a firm expression.

They focused on the holographic screen that was showing the countdown.

Soon, it turned zero and the screen changed to display a list full of details appearing as such:

//1) Rejuvenation Potion: 5 points

2) Brew of Courage: 35 points

3) Flask of Corruption: 60 points.

4) Potion of Madness: 70 points.

5) Phial of Vigor: 70 points

6) Tonic of Idle Minds: 90 points.


Immediately after Felix and the witches read the names of the potions, their gears started moving just like they were practicing for the last month.

\'My prediction was off the mark on the other four potions but at least the potion of madness has been chosen.

I can carry out my plan now.\'

Although Felix had trained for only 20 days, he was actually faster than any witch due to his enhanced senses from integration.

The first thing he did was name every material and equipment needed to prepare them.

The Queen kept filling up his table with everything that he mentioned obediently.

It took merely ten seconds for the preparation table to be half-packed with everything that he asked.

Felix ignored them for now and went to the empty glassware table.

However, he didn\'t name all of the glassware equipment at once like before.

Instead, he named only the equipment to concoct the potion of madness.

Then, he lifted them and placed them in an orderly manner at the corner of the table.

The viewers were somewhat weirded out by his move since they felt like he jammed them tightly in one tiny space while there was enough space on the table for at least 20 more pieces of equipment.

What is Felix doing The commentator mentioned while focusing on the witches, Some of his classmates are already starting to prepare materials.

Sure enough, at least 70% of the witches were in the process of preparing materials for the rejuvenation potion since it was the easiest to make.

When they succeed, it would give them the confidence to carry on with the harder potions.

Kamil and Lara have chosen to place four sets of glassware pieces of equipment on their tables to start creating the catalysts of four potions at the same time!

The commentator exclaimed while spotting light on those two beauties who began preparing four sets of catalysts at the same time!

Their speed while doing so was extraordinary, making even the layman viewers know that they were a league apart from the rest.

When the camera switched to Felix, the viewers were left at loss for words at the sight of him still setting up the glassware table!

Yet, what baffled them the most was the fact that he actually managed to pack 6 sets of equipment on that table!

Sure it appeared crammed as hell and confusing with all the tubes connecting from a flask to another, but it was still perfect six sets for one potion!

They knew so because the stream colored each perfect set with a different color to facilitate their watch.

Is he planning on creating six portions of catalysts for one potion at the same time Olivia tilted her head in confusion and asked, Since other witches didn\'t do it before him, doesn\'t that mean he also shouldn\'t do it

How would we know George shrugged his shoulders, This is way out of our comfort zone.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement but Sylvia.

She eyed Felix who started washing a bunch of materials at the same time and clarified Olivia\'s doubts, I believe that the witches could not go for more than 4 catalysts because their senses aren\'t able to handle such a level of multitasking, unlike Felix.

Everyone\'s eyes brightened up at the sound of that, feeling like it was indeed plausible reason since the witches weren\'t really any different than commoners.

Since it was almost impossible for normal citizens to juggle too many things at once, the witches also suffered from the same issue.

If they didn\'t drink enhancing potions, they wouldn\'t even be able to make two or three catalysts at the same time perfectly.

There were bound to be tiny mistakes that would ruin the entire process and witches would rather play it safe.

However! In Felix\'s case, that wasn\'t considered as an issue since his enhanced senses were at least five times better than the witches!

While it seemed a mess to make 6 catalysts at the same time, Felix could be seen pulling it off with an astounding speed!

All of the pieces of equipment were put to work by him, making the viewers enter a trance while watching him work.

Although he was fast and everything seemed hectic, the image he was painting wasn\'t messy or chaotic.

It had a sense of order and balance like a dancer going on with the flow.

This was due to his prolonged practice on this potion plus muscle memory doing its magic.

But most importantly, the catalyst of the potion of madness didn\'t require him to destroy the microorganisms from its materials!

there were only three potions that were taught to them with the same advantage! Felix had learned all of them heart to heart.

Thankfully, one of them was chosen in the exams.

If it wasn\'t, he would be able to secure high rank but he doubts that he could fight for the top three ranks!

Felix Maxwell is showing everyone his true colors! The commentator yelled passionately, His concoction skills were always being doubted since he wasn\'t a witch...But right at this moment!

The commentator zoomed on Felix\'s serious focused face and yelled, He is showing the entire universe that he might not be a witch...But, he could at least create 6 catalysts at the same time unlike them!


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