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\'A .\'

\'It can\'t be...\' Still doubtful, teacher Sonna made a sweeping look at Felix\'s answers sheet and her pupils could only enlarge every time she saw an answer colored in green.

The way the Queen correct the answers was by coloring the wrong ones in red and the correct ones in green for easier understanding.

\'He really aced it!!\' She exclaimed while raising her head, staring with widened eyes at Felix, who was still waiting patiently to get pardoned.

Upon noticing that she had left him waiting for long, she sent an apology and gave him permission to leave without asking him about his paper.

She knew that it was rude and would come out as offensive to Felix.

She didn\'t think for a second that he cheated to get such results.

Instead, she was torn between believing that he had drunk photographic memory potion or actually was good enough to ace the exam simply by his own efforts.

Whatever it was, she was beyond ecstatic as she was always worried that Felix might fail like the rumors.

\'If he aced the rest of the written exams, it only means that he had drunk the potion.\' Teacher Sonna sighed in relief, \'That\'s good, with its help, he will definitely pass the practical exams as well and advance.\'

Meanwhile, the other witches merely spared a glance at Felix\'s empty seat and focused back on their exam.

Not a single one of them believed that he had finished answering all questions correctly.

In their eyes, if they were struggling this hard to answer those latest questions, it only meant that Felix had skipped them or answered them wrong since he didn\'t attend classes for three months straight.

Alas...They weren\'t going to like the end results.


When Felix exited the lecture hall, he went straight to the closest pink garden that was outside of the main faculty.

He chose a beautiful calming tree and sat underneath it.

It hid him under its shadow, making him enjoy the cool breeze caressing his face.

He looked around him and spotted Kamil and Lara sitting on public chairs while focusing on mid-air, probably having an invisible hologram in front of them.

Besides them, there were a few more witches roaming around.

Since the exams of all semesters had started at the same time, it meant that those witches were the elites of the elites, who finished the exams with flying colors.

After a few more minutes, Felix spotted Lobna and her best friend Ishtar exiting the main faculty.

Since he wasn\'t sitting far from the stairs, he got noticed pretty easily by them.

\'Felix, what are you doing here\' Lobna asked telepathically while waving her hand at him to attract his attention.

\'Clearly, I finished early.\' Felix replied while patting the grass next to him, \'Come chill with me, we still two hours to kill before our next exam.\'

Lobna glanced at her friend and walked with rushed steps towards him.

After they reached him, she sat down to his right and gave him her known friendly hug in greeting.

Meanwhile, Ishtar had just extended her hand as she sat on the grass to his left.

Felix shook her hand and asked them in intrigue, Did you ace it


It wasn\'t that hard. Ishtar spoke with her eyes dropped, appearing as she had just gotten from a nap.

How about you Lobna inquired with a curious look.

I didn\'t do too shabby. Felix said, smiling.

That\'s great. Lobna advised, Make sure to get the highest rank so you will have a shot at being placed in the elite class.

Oh You talking about the split

Felix already heard from Naima that the first thirty students in the 1st semester would be gathered in one class.

The rest would remain in their classes and continue their studies in the 2nd semester.

Although both would be studying the same materials, every student desired to make the cut and join the elites.

That\'s because they get the best teachers assigned to them, the best recipes to learn, given access to better missions, and not to forget, school trips into restricted herbal areas, where the rarest materials and natural treasures were kept.

Most importantly, they could have a chance to get picked in the Academy team and participate in competitions against other Academies throughout the empire.

So, it was a great boon for a witch to join this class.

However, Felix could care less about it since most of the benefits weren\'t really his cup of tea.

First, he couldn\'t leave the campus and go on field trips like a normal student since he would definitely get attacked and ruin the experience for everyone.

He might be an asshole, but he wouldn\'t stoop that low to endanger others for a bit of fun.

Secondly, he didn\'t give a ** about concoction competitions when he was already on the greatest platform for competitions.

Though, he wouldn\'t say no to better teachers, rare recipes, and good missions.

He was quite tight on contribution points after all.

I will do my best. Felix replied, smiling.

Soon, they entered a mindless conversation for a couple of minutes before all three of them went quiet and started to prepare for the next exam.

For Felix, the next exam was actually the easiest one of them all due to it requiring purely a good memory.

That\'s because it was about the autobiography of the three greatest potioneer sages to appear in the empire.

Felix had already memorized their books down to the last syllable!


Ding-Ding Ding!...

After a short period of time, the academy\'s bell had rung yet again to inform the student about the start of their next exam.

Felix was already in the lecture hall with everyone else.

During his stay in the garden, he met with Naima and his friends, all of them seemed like they did great in their first exam.

Since the Queen doesn\'t inform the students about their results or marks, everyone could only assume their grade by their confidence in their answers.

You may begin. Teacher Sonna gave them a head nod and sat on her desk.

Just like the first exam, everything was too easy for Felix as he never stopped typing once he started.

He took 20 minutes to finish the exam and another 10 minutes to revise for mistakes.

Upon seeing that everything was clean, he asked for permission to leave early.

This time teacher Sonna excused him first before starting to read his paper.

While she was digging for mistakes, Felix was hovering on his platform towards the dorms.

The last exam of the day would be held in the evening to give the students a break.

When he entered his room, the first thing he did was stretch his limbs and sit on the floor.

He removed his shirt and beamed bottles and materials needed for integration!

That\'s right, Felix had no plans to take a break when the exams didn\'t burn even two of his brain\'s cells.

As for Thor\'s essence He had extracted it 4 days ago the moment the deliveryworm brought him his stuff.

They were 10 lightning bottles, 15 wind bottles, 15 fire bottles, energy stones for Asna to purify, and more.

For Thor\'s essence, he extracted a solid 31% that would help him reach 82% at once.

As for Malak and Erik Their 75% bottles were already on their way.

It was easier to gather it since Felix had still some leftover from the previous extractions plus they required only 75% instead of 99%.

Naturally, Felix had given them strict instructions on integration with a primogenitor\'s bloodline so they wouldn\'t end up getting killed during it.

Now, it was time to focus on his own integration and push for 60% to get another two active abilities!

He was already at 56% after integrating 5% two days ago.


Upon seeing that Felix had brought the needle to his chest, Jörmungandr, Lady Sphinx, and Asna had all dropped whatever they were doing and teleported together to a mist-made couch.

Then, they hugged a popcorn basket in their arms and started a new betting game.

What\'s the reward Asna asked with a solemn tone.

Three days shoulder massage. Jörmungandr answered with narrowed eyes.

All of them nodded their heads in agreement and said, Who goes first

I bet that he will awaken Consecutive Zaps and Lightning Call. Lady Sphinx said her bet immediately after seeing that both of them had shrugged their shoulders.

I would say that he will unlock Swift Lightning Burst and Thunder Explosions. Jörmungandr said with a confident tone.

Asna thought about all of the lightning abilities that she had been given by those two primogenitors and guessed smugly, He will definitely unlock Thunder Shockwave and Lightning Beam.


While they were betting, Felix\'s eyes were releasing tears instinctively from the hellish agony he was experiencing.

Are those your final bets Jörmungandr warned, Once you lock them, you can\'t go back.

Both Asna and Lady Sphinx nodded their heads in confirmation.

As we discussed, the one who guessed the most abilities wins. Jörmungandr said while switching his vision to Felix who was clawing the wooden floor, leaving bad marks on their smooth surface.

The three of them said nothing else as they kept watching Felix wriggle in pain for the remaining duration until he dropped on his stomach, breathing ruggedly with his tongue out like a dog.

He remained like that for a few seconds until he mustered his energy and gulped down five rejuvenation potions at once.

A couple of minutes later...Felix could be seen wiping his sweaty forehead with a nasty expression, F*cking hell, I can never get accustomed to the pain...It\'s just getting worse and harder every time.

\'Stop whining and tell us your abilities quickly! Asna rushed him.

Why the sudden interest Felix murmured in confusion but he still stood up and went to the bathroom.

After feeling the cold water hitting his face, Felix closed his eyes and dove deeper into his memories.

Immediately, he found the newly added information and read them all in his mind.

Upon hearing him say the names of the abilities, Lady Sphinx smiled widely and asked, So who\'s gonna give me a backrub while I finish my book


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