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Tomorrow at 7:40 AM...

Felix was currently already seated in his chair that was in the middle row.

Hence, he was surrounded by beauties from every direction.

Most of them were not his classmates, making him steal a glance here and there to memorize their faces and see if he knew any of them.

\'Oh, Kamil is here\' Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after spotting an elegant girl with a sophisticated breath to her sitting in the front row.

She was from the B-1 class and known for having the biggest chance to get the highest mark just like Lara.

Speaking about Lara, she was sitting in the cornerback row with her usual indifferent expression.

As for Naima and the rest of Felix\'s close witches, they were not in the same exam lecture.

After waiting for ten minutes doing nothing but sitting in dreadful silence, the lecture hall\'s door had finally been pushed open by teacher Sonna.

Good morning everyone. Teacher Sonna greeted while pushing her glasses upwards in a clumsy manner.

If this was before the UVR\'s era, everyone would have been happy to have teacher Sonna as their supervisor since she wasn\'t strict and doesn\'t know how to be strict.

So, it was easier to cheat under supervision.

Alas, those were the old good days...Now, cheating in exams was impossible.

How could anyone cheat when the unbiased Queen was the one supervising the exams

The fact that she had the right to read everyone\'s thoughts during the exams made it a nightmare for cheaters as she could snitch on them and ruin their lives in a blink of an eye!

As you have all know, the current written exam is going to be about Materials and Glassware course. Teacher Sonna said softly near the mic, So, you can take advantage of those last 10 minutes to patch up any holes in your preparation.

Thank you teacher Sonna, you are an angel!

Immediately after she said so, everyone showed their appreciation with head bows.

Then, they opened their holographic notepads and began memorizing more materials/Glasswere\'s equipment and their details.

If the supervisor didn\'t give them permission, the Queen would rat on them the moment they utilized their bracelets.

All of the witches could be seen working hard besides Lara, Kamil, and Felix.

The three of them had their arms crossed above their chests as they waited patiently for the exam to begin.

Since Lara was behind Felix, she spotted his inactiveness instantly.

\'Uhmm Is he that confident in his preparation\' Lara wondered in intrigue.

Lara recognized that this exam was actually one of the easier to pass but also one of the hardest to score perfect marks in it.

That\'s because it didn\'t just give pictures of materials and glassware equipment and ask the students to name them.

That was barely 30% of the exam.

The real thing was the proposed problems that require immense understanding in materials and glassware equipment to find the solution.

To actually solve those kinds of problems, the students truly needed to know almost everything that had been taught to them.

Since there were other exams as well, that\'s quite difficult to pull off.

Only those with photographic memory or lucky enough to have prepared for those exact problems would pass this exam with flying colors.

Upon being reminded of photographic memory, Lara placed a finger on her lips and guessed, \'Maybe he bought a potion With the money gained from the games, I doubt that he wouldn\'t have enough to purchase one from teacher Dalilia or her friend.\'

If it wasn\'t for Felix\'s relation to Sage Dalilia, Lara wouldn\'t even consider him getting that potion since it wasn\'t accessible to anyone with enough coins.

Those potions might be temporary but their effects were too useful for witches.

Hence, they always had the first dibs on them.

The only way for others to get them was by waiting for a potion or two to get smuggled outside.

Ding-Ding Ding!...

Lara\'s thought process was broken by the Academy\'s bell resounding in every area.

When the witches heard it, they closed their eyes shut while taking deep breaths through their noses.

The holographic notepads had been removed by the Queen without their approval.

What emerged after were two invisible holograms.

One was packed with questions and the other empty like a white page.

It had only numbers written at the side of the hologram, probably representing the area to answer each question.

You have two hours to finish. Teacher Sonna sat on her desk and shouted softly with a fist in the air, Fighting!

No one responded to her as they were all engrossed in reading the first questions, appearing like nothing could shake away their focus.

Meanwhile, Felix didn\'t read questions yet as he kept scrolling rapidly down, wanting to see how many questions were in the exam.

The known number was 60 but one could never be too careful.

After getting to the bottom of the list, he realized that there were 61 questions and the last one was a theoretical problem that requires a 600 words essay.

Felix ignored it for now and went back up.

\'Let\'s begin.\' He cracked his fingers and narrowed his eyes at the first question.

\'Name the three necessary glassware equipment needed to create Brew of Haste\'s catalyst...Simple liquid filter, Graduated cylinders, and separating funnel.\'

Felix read the question in his mind and typed the answer instantly on the other hologram, not taking even a split second to think about it.

Then, he moved to the next question, which was even easier than the first one as it showed him five pictures of glassware equipment and required him to type out their names.

With his memory, he got them right easily.

Then came the 3rd question.

This one needed a bit of thinking since it asked him to write down the exact steps of creating the potion of intellect\'s catalyst.

Felix still remembered teacher Sonna covering this on the 2nd day of his attendance.

After writing down more than 200 words explaining the process from the start to the end, Felix doubled checked on his spelling and moved to the 4th question.

So far, teacher Sonna had noticed that no one was finding difficulty with the first questions as everyone could be seen typing down silently.

This kept going for about 30 minutes before signs of struggle began resurfacing on some witches\' faces.

Some were frowning their eyebrows in confusion while some were outright showing panicked expressions.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s expression was as cool as cucumber, making teacher Sonna smiled widely in delight, \'It seems like he came fully prepared for the exam...Good for him.\'

Unbeknownst to her, Felix had already reached the last 10% of the exam as he had answered everything correctly in the last 30 minutes!

He knew that he was right because his memory could never fail him!

\'Last five questions.\' Felix scratched his chin while reading the first one in his mind, \'Name all of the preparation methods that are used for raw materials.

Give two examples for each method.\'

Upon giving it a few seconds of thinking, Felix\'s fingers never stopped typing the moment he started.

By the time he finished, there were exactly 7 methods, each with two examples.

He knew that he could have gone ahead and written down more examples, but it would be useless since the Queen was the one grading those answers.

There was absolutely no such a thing as extra points for going beyond what the question required.

Without further ado, Felix read another question and answered it in less than a few seconds...Then, another and another until he reached the last essay.

Although Felix wasn\'t really a literature guy, he managed to style with good grammar and vocabulary due to him reading tens of books and actually remembering them.

Even his punctuations were better than some novelist authors (Cough).

As for the content By now, it was evident that the written exams didn\'t really pose a challenge to Felix.

\'Phew, time for revision.\'

Not wanting to get cocky and be the first to leave the class, Felix went back to the top of the hologram and began rereading everything that he wrote and checking if there was the tinies misspelling.

Since his aim was the top three, he couldn\'t miss even a quarter of a point!

\'Teacher Sonna, I am done, may I leave\'

\'I am done, teacher.\'

While Felix was having his head in his hologram, Kamil and Lara were already up and ready to head out.

\'Please head to the public spaces and don\'t make any noise in the corridors.\' Teacher Sonna gave them permission telepathically while checking their papers.

They were graded instantly by the Queen and sent to her for revision.

However, the grades weren\'t given to the students because it would add more pressure in their upcoming exams if they saw a bad mark.

It was better to keep them hidden until the final exams were over.

\'Both scored A , a perfect mark, as expected of witches with a photographic memory.\' Teacher Sonna nodded her head while checking their answers one by one.

She was merely doing so out of curiosity since the Queen\'s correction could never be wrong.

Just as she reached half of Lara\'s exam paper, she received another telepathic message.

\'Sir Felix has requested to exit the lecture room.\' Queen reported.

\'What\' Teacher Sonna broke out of her engrossment at the message.

With a baffled expression, she saw Felix standing up while showing her a polite smile.

\'Did he finish already or did he give up midway\' Teacher Sonna didn\'t excuse him right away as she wanted to figure out first his reason for handing out his exam paper.

\'Queen, what\'s his mark\' She asked.

\'Perfect Mark, A .\' Queen replied monotonously.

\'Come again\'


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