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\'Heh, to actually give me a 5% permanent discount on my first purchase, he truly hates his ex-wife.\'

Amused and somewhat curious, Felix walked through the alleys with his hand rested on his chin.

He had no idea what she did to make him turn into that state each time he heard her name.

To the best of his knowledge, they had a massive enmity between them.

Massive to the point a customer in his previous life had used the same strategy and worked just like a charm.

Yet, the retard didn\'t keep it to himself but spread it to others, making it public knowledge.

After that, everyone tried to take advantage of Looby\'s hatred by taunting him that his ex-wife had better products and prices than his, to get the same results as Felix\'s.

Unfortunately for them, Looby easily figured out that his secret was in the open after tens of costumers mentioned his wife over and over again, thus he blacklisted all of them and anyone who said the name of that bitch in his shop.

\'Now that I have the bloodline, as well as the potions.

I can without a doubt awaken smoothly.\'

He folded his hands and prayed for his bloodline to have 80% or 90% Essence, so after he integrates all of it.

Only a few percentages would be left to cover.

At that point, he could go buy the bloodline again but this time cheaper from the public market to finish the 99%.

After a while, He exited from the same alley he came from before and submerged himself within the crowd with hands in his oversized dark hoodie.

His direction was clear.

The Resources Market.


\'Ring Ring\'

The doorbell echoed in a small shop two times, as Felix pushed the door wide open.

The shop owner, who was snoring thunderously in his slumber, woke up disoriented by the doorbell ringing.

Felix trod forth and stood before the owner, he clapped his hand twice and said, Mr.

Piggy I am here to pay for the items I prepurchased yesterday.

And also to buy other things.

Still muddled, Mr.

Piggy rubbed his small eyes and snorted with his pig-like nose out of habit at Felix.

Oh it\'s you again. He scratched his messy bearded chin and read from a hologram, The full amount that we agreed upon was 1.1 million for 7 products.

Here is your shopping cart. He enlarged the hologram and made it visible for Felix.


1)Minor Longevity Potion: Allows a commoner user to obtain 300 extra years to live.

Also, remarkable at cleaning his body from all diseases and injuries.

The price: 850,000 SC

Quantity: 1

2) Rejuvenation potion: it can heal a commoner/ bloodliner back into a healthy state, without any hidden injuries.

(Works only for bloodliners under stage 2 of replacement.)

The Price: 10,000 SC

Quantity: 3

3) Double Percentage potion: Allows the user to double the number of bloodline\'s percentages to integrate with.

(Pain waves remain the same as before the use of this potion)

The Price: 200,000 SC.

Quantity: 1

4) Fuchsia\'s Eagle wings substance: Provides the user with the beast\'s wings for a limited duration of 15 minutes.

The Price: 20,000 SC

Quantity: 1

6) Double-Headed Viper Poison Gland: Can be used to upgrade the user poison resistance, works only if the user has the passive.

The Price: 20.000 SC.

Quantity: 1 //

Those are all items that you prepurchased yesterday.

I hope we can finalize the deal now. Mr.

Piggy brought all of Felix\'s products and spread them apart on the table.

Satisfied, Felix nodded his head and extended his wrist forward.


Piggy did the same and touched Felix\'s bracelet to complete the payment transfer and also send all the serial numbers of the products.

The contract was already signed yesterday.

Alright Mr.

Felix it was a great pleasure dealing business with you, now you can roam freely within my shop and wake me up if you liked anything.

Exhausted from speaking this much, Mr.

Piggy returned to his seat and laid on it in a relaxed manner with his eyes dead closed.

A few seconds later, his snores were resounding in the shop again.

No wonder it was empty.

Such a lazy pig would rather kick customers out than to waste time answering their questions.

Unbothered by the snores, Felix browsed the items on the shelves with a finger pressed on his lips.

His eyes drifted from a potion to a substance.

Yet, nothing grabbed his interest.


Piggy informed him yesterday that new stock was going to be displayed today.

That\'s why he even bothered to browse again.

\'Oh Everlasting Youth substance.

This is the perfect gift for aunty and Leila.\'

Delighted, he smiled pleasantly, as he held a small bottle filled with pink dust.

He knew that nothing would bring more joy to a woman than to keep her youthful looks until death.

His aunt and Leila deserved more than just this, based on their unconditional assistance during the island remodel.

This was the least Felix could do to repay them.

He then took two bottles with him and searched the shelves for more useful products.

After reading the details of over 30 products, he only picked 4 of them and decided to call it a quit.

Oiii, Mr.

Piggy please wake up.

I want to add those items to my cart, Felix kept poking Mr.

Piggy cheeks, as he called near his ears.

With half-closed eyes, drool dripping down his chin, Mr.

Piggy pointed his bracelet at the items and scanned them.

Two Youth substance, one skin hardening potion, one invisibility potion.

The total is 60,000 SC.

Felix paid him the amount and obtained their serial codes.

He then bade farewell and left the shop satisfied by his shopping spree.

\'Alright, there is still one more shop I need to visit.

Then I can call it a day for now.\' he thought while heading towards the lady boss shop.


1 hour later...

Felix sat on the park bench while holding vanilla icecream in one hand, while the other displayed a holographic list of his item\'s serial numbers.

\'Should I use a human delivery company, or go for the Wormhole Company Express\'

Although this question was repeating in Felix\'s mind constantly, he already knew his choice.

The only reason he was brooding over this matter was due to his reluctance to pay the maddening shipment price of the Wormhole Express.

But honestly, they justify it by their solid reputation of 100% Delivery successful rate.

Meanwhile, humans\' delivery ships could get robbed by pirates.

Felix wasn\'t worried about losing his items, as he had an insurance policy installed on them, that guaranteed that his products would be given back free of charge.

However, just like earthling\'s insurance companies, the procedures and \'paperwork\' would take an extremely long period before they get it done.

A typical action by those companies to delay paying their bill as much as possible.

Felix wasn\'t planning to entertain their bull** at this critical period.

He understood that his awakening must be done before the end of the 1st stage of the training camp.

Otherwise, the elders would force him to use their trashy bloodline.

Helpless and vexed, he took a large bite from the ice cream cone and closed the hologram.

His decision was made.

Even though he must pay at least 500,000 SC for the shipment, his items would reach his doorstep in 7 days tops, undamaged.

This gave him some peace of mind.

After getting that over with, He lifted his head and observed the beautiful scene of multiple sub-humans families, playing with their children in the park.

A gentle smile couldn\'t help but sneak upon his mouth.

\'I should probably buy a house and VR Pod after I leave the training camp.\'

He knew that for one to be able to stay permanently within the UVR, a VR Pod and a house was a necessity.

Felix didn\'t want to stay inside forever, like some weirdos.

But, staying for a couple of weeks to months was no issue to him.

Especially, when he joins the Supremacy Games.

After all, some games might reach tens of hours in duration.

Felix definitely didn\'t want his fate to be the same as the peeing guy.

Amused, he guffawed out loud, unbothered by the strange looks he was receiving.

How could he not after the memory of a viral game resurfaced in his mind, showcasing a player begging for the MC to pause the game for 2 minutes to take a piss in real life.

Sadly, The SG was not a video game where one could click pause.

So the poor player had to piss himself in bed and in-game under the humiliating jeers of the audience.

However, this was not the reason it went viral but, due to the player managing to clutch the championship at the end!

One could only imagine, how his face was like during the process of receiving his trophy.

From that moment on, not a single player decided to enter a game without a VR Pod, and Felix had no thoughts of doing the opposite.


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