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The three months of hibernation truly screwed him over since he had skipped many classes about potions that would be in the final exams.

If it wasn\'t for his photographic memory, saving him from the mountain of book texts, he would be left without tears.

\'I should call Naima and the girls to help me find ways to increase my staggered elimination rate.\'

Felix made a decision to rely on his girlfriends since he knew that would save him a lot of time than doing it all alone.

Without further ado, he called Naima while continuing to write down an actual contract for his Organization.

He realized that it might come in handy to scam...Cough, to invite others into joining it.

The conversation started unfavorably for Felix due to the multiple calls and messages he missed from the girls.

But, he came in with the clutch and saved the day with some sweet words.

That got him in the final exams study group.

However, since the girls were so far ahead in their preparation, Naima and Karry decided to add an hour to teach Felix some of the things he missed.

Thank you ladies, I will buy you drinks after exams.

You better!

Felix hung up the phone after saying his goodbyes and continued working on the contract draft in silence.

In thirty minutes, he finished it and emailed it to his subordinates plus the capitals to run the errands he gave them.

Not a second later, the Queen informed him, \'Erik Boggous have signed \'The Phantom Organization\' contract.\'

God damn it! When will he learns to read contracts Felix facepalmed the moment he heard so.

He always knew that Erik was too naive for his own good due to his background, but he thought that by spending time with the mature Malak, he might learn to keep his guard up or at least to read a god damn contract once.

Whatever, Malak would be leading the expeditions. Felix sighed in weariness and dropped the matter at once, knowing that he had no time to spend on anyone but himself.

\'Let\'s buy some goodies from the prize pool before the training begin.\'

Felix swiftly opened up the prize pool list and scrolled down to the most expensive items.

Naturally, they were quality real artifacts from the dwarf race.

Unlike in the SG human branch, there were tens of artifacts for everyone in the game to grab.

Felix spent all of his points on buying them in bulks.

Then, he closed the prize pool window and went to check when will the next gathering be held in the Ivy League City.

\'In 26 days Good, I will pay it a visit after the exams and sell those artifacts.\' Felix decided with a pleased smile.

He ought to feel pleased since the artifacts that he bought were definitely going to be profitable!

After all, there was a severe shortage of artifacts in the galaxy.

Elder, I am ready.

When he was done, Felix closed his eyes, preparing to log in.

Jörmungandr quickly knocked his king while the game was still on and said hastily, Let\'s start with your atrocious external manipulation and move back to some internal technique.

Asna who realized late that she got screwed over, yelled after Jörmungandr, Come back here and lose!

Alas, Jörmungandr had already teleported to his bedroom and logged in to the UVR.

Then, he sent Felix a new link to his UVR\'s room and waited for him.

The room was gigantic as it had a far-reaching ceiling that was almost invisible and walls stretching tens of kilometers.

There were many environmental areas, spanning from mountain chains, forests, deserts, swamps, snowy heights, and naturally, also a pure area for training machines and measurements.

God knows how many coins he spent to turn his room into a world of its own...Honestly, when you have someone as rich as Lady Sphinx caring for you, this is nothing.

A moment later, Felix\'s body got constructed right beside Jörmungandr who was standing in the machinery area.

Come here.

Jörmungandr gestured at Felix while wearing a long-sleeved black robe that matched well with his purplish hair and green-scaled skin.

When Felix stood next to him, he got hit in the head with a knuckle unexpectedly, making him wince with wronged expression.

Don\'t make another imitation of me in the games again or anyone\'s imitation if you can\'t yet control your poison externally. Jörmungandr scolded, You have been overexerting your mental energy to control so many things at once.

That\'s a massive mistake since you leave your mind defenseless from mental attacks.

I know. Felix rubbed his scalp and said, That was the first and last time I am doing such a thing.

I only went for it since I have enough energy and knows that Blood Merchant didn\'t have mental affecting abilities.

\'No creation for me\' Upon hearing so, Lady Sphinx got disgruntled at once but she didn\'t interrupt their conversation.

Good, now continue from where you left the last time. Jörmungandr said.

Felix nodded his head and snapped his finger, getting himself teleported to one of the many swamps in the room.

Unlike most earthling swamps, this one had a purplish miasma in the air, thick enough it resembled a fog.

The shallow water was dark green and continues to spew nasty bubbles in the air that would make anyone faint from the smell only.

However, Felix didn\'t show a single ounce of distaste by being in this horrendous environment.

Instead, he felt like he was at his home as the odor of the water smelt heavenly while the purplish miasma tasted as sweet as sugar.

Felix entered the swamp and sat in a meditation position on the shallow water, leaving only his head exposed.

Bubbles exploded near him, hitting his face with acidic drops but they merely slid on his cheeks and returned to the swamp.

He closed his eyes and felt like he was on top of the world as the water and the atmosphere were warm and mellow.

\'Feel the poison around you, understand what is poison and why poison is poison and not something else, be poison and nothing but poison.

Only then, can you increase your affinity with poison beyond the limits.

Jörmungandr\'s voice kept echoing in the swamp, making Felix drown in his soothing voice and atmosphere.

They had done this sort of exercise for two weeks the moment Felix had finished the minimum requirement to start learning about external manipulation.

Based on Jörmungandr\'s lessons, external manipulation would allow Felix to control any sort of poisons around him by mere feeling.

Not mental energy or elemental energy.

Just pure feeling and connection with the element would make it possible!

This was harder than it seems since that connection couldn\'t be given or taught.

Even the Jörmungandr had no way to fasten Felix\'s progress by feeding him something.

He could only give Felix some tips that helped him in his younger days to master external manipulation.

This current practice was his own method to enhance the connection or the affinity he had with the element.

After all, he might have been given perfect elemental manipulation but he had to learn everything on his own from the beginning.

Your so-called 100% affinity rating might appear amazing in your race standards, but in the primogenitors\' standards, that was the minimum requirement to have any type of manipulation.

Jörmungandr continued speaking with his southing voice, That\'s why it could be enhanced externally.

However, the real affinity is the one that can be enhanced only with personal efforts to make a connection with your element.

Felix neither replied nor showed a reaction.

He simply absorbed his knowledge while continuing to create a bridge with poison element around him.

In those weeks where he tried this exercise, he had yet to find much success.

The only reason he could somewhat use external manipulation in the game before was due to his 100% affinity.

As long as he didn\'t create a connection, he would never move forward in his manipulation.

If you managed to reach a high level of connection, it wouldn\'t be difficult to be the element itself. Jörmungandr tempted, Don\'t you want to morph yourself into a mist of poison Don\'t you want to morph yourself into you a lighting bolt and travel through the clouds All of this could be done if you simply worked hard enough.

Damn it, old snake! Asna chided in irritation, How can he focus on feeling poison with your constant blabbering in his ears Jeez.

What do you know Jörmungandr criticized, I am speaking with the voice of poison, I am making it easier for him.

Huh! That\'s why he has improved amazingly! Your voice is sure \'poisonous\' alright. Asna said sarcastically.

You little! Jörmungandr\'s soothing voice was no more as he yelled sternly, You have been lacking manners lately.

Manners Heh, I am not the one who left through mid-chess game after realizing that it\'s doomed. Asna fired shots without care, making Lady Sphinx chuckle while flipping a page from a new book.

Just as the Jörmungandr wanted to retort, he took a deep breath and calmed himself up, not wanting to enter one of Asna\'s famous bickering traps amidst Felix\'s training.

\'I will deal with you later.\' Jörmungandr said sternly and focused on Felix who seemed like he had entered his own world as he didn\'t even flinch from their bickering.

\'Hmm Did he enter the zone\' Jörmungandr raised an eyebrow in surprise, \'He might see the poison particles around him now!\'


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