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That\'s why some primogenitors absolutely refused to give away their element-related Monolith after finding them by chance or trading with another primogenitor who owned their Monoliths.

Some even firmly believed that those Monolith were the source of their creation!

Manananggal was one of them!

If it wasn\'t for him underestimating Felix and overestimating his champion, he wouldn\'t have dared to accept having his Monolith as the wager.

Alas, he got baited pretty hard by the wager placed from those two.

Lady Sphinx offered one separated dimension that was filled with chaotic energies and undiscovered entrance to the Void Realm, where the void creatures are born and sent to the Matter universe.

Jörmungandr didn\'t bet anything since he had already given most of the information he knows about some marvelous treasures to Lady Sphinx so she could bet in his stand.

Wanna check my collection Lady Sphinx invited with brightened eyes.

Would it make it any difference if I rejected


Sigh, take me to it.


While those two were on their way to Lady Sphinx\'s\' Monoliths\' collection, Felix had just finished showering in the real world and went to sit in his bedroom.

Queen, please open up my earnings list and my profile interface. Felix requested while drying his hair with a towel.

//]Winning Wish

]Total Streaming Revenue (1%): 30 Billion SC(With Taxes)

] Unique Title: The Big League Player

]Game Points collected solo: 12800 GP //

Hmm, game points are a bit short than expected. Felix scratched his cheek, It seems like Blood Merchant\'s keys didn\'t get turned into points.

Although he felt slightly cheated by this, he decided to not let it ruin his mood and focus on the streaming revenue.

At least, I earned a good revenue. Felix said with a satisfied tone.

30 billion SC from one game was beyond satisfactory as it could set anyone for life.

Felix knew that he only earned this much was because the viewership wasn\'t at its highest.

Just because he had played a universal game didn\'t mean that he would earn a trillion in his first game.

After all, going universal also meant that the number of games happening at once would explode, making the viewers get split up.

Though, he knew that as long as he continued winning and gaining support from the human race, the next games would be beyond profitable since the humans\' population was astronomical!

If only 1% decided to watch his upcoming games by paying the stream fees and chose to support him by picking him as their reason for watching the game, the amount gained would make any player die from envy!

Good thing my public image is not atrocious anymore. Felix chuckled and swiped his finger away at the hologram, leaving only his profile interface.

Name of the participant: Unpaid Landlord_6996



Integration Level:

SG Platform: Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Rank: Low-Tier Gold

Games Played: 007

Wins: 007

Loss: 000

Win streak: 007 (click to obtain rewards)

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 050 //

Felix ignored his rank that had been dropped to low tier and clicked on the shimmering win streak button.

He already knew that he would be placed in a low tier when he enters the Universal platform...Now, the real climb to supremacy would begin!

A split second later...

//1) One-tier Advancement Coupon: Allow the user to jump a tier in any rank.

You can\'t skip promotion games.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

2) World Announcement Coupon: Allow the user to send a message into the sky, visible throughout the entire game world.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

3) Second Spin Coupon: Allow the user to spin the wheel two times.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

4) Prize pool 30% discount Coupon: Allow the user to purchase three items from the prize pool at a 30% discount.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

5) Winning Streak Saver Coupon: Allow the user to avoid losing their win streak after losing a game.

(One use/365 days before expiring)//

Oh, that\'s a good catch. Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise after seeing the 5th coupon.

He knew that coupons were also split up into the common and rare ones.

Examples of common coupons would be the World Announcement coupon, audience discount coupon, one tier-advancement..etc.

As for rare coupons, they had a large impact on the player.

Just like the Rank Skip coupon that he used in his silver game.

Winning Streak Saver Coupon was a godly sent gift that wouldn\'t just save Felix\'s streak when he gets f*cked in a game but also allow him to continue getting 5 coupons after each win added to his streak.

Five coupons per win were the limit.

Good, good, Queen please open up my coupon inventory. Felix requested.

It was truly worthy to be called an inventory as it was packed with tens of unused coupons!

Any player who sees Felix\'s collection, would jump on Felix and beat him up for not taking advantage of them!

It wasn\'t that Felix didn\'t want to use them but the SG human branch was just...Well, too weak to bother using one.

But now that he was an actual big-league player, this was going to be changed!

To secure my next win and get the most of it, I should use format pick coupon double game points second spin wheel if the game wasn\'t friendly to my abilities.

Felix kept dragging a coupon after another to the side while continuing to speak, Lastly, I should use double triple tier skip at once since I will be fighting with either peak gold or platinum players.

it might seem foolish to skip tiers but Felix understood that as long as he continues winning, he would always be placed again players that were three or four tiers higher than him to break his winning streak and balance the matchmaking.

After all, if he was winning constantly, it only meant that his strength was high above his peers and he needed to be placed against those that could actually make it difficult to win more games.

By skipping those tiers, Felix would be earning wishes that had higher limit caps.

So, it\'s a win for him!

I have 4 wishes in my possession now and I think it\'s time to use two of them to gain access to two layers of data in the network. Felix considered.

He always wanted to use his wishes to gain the privilege of scrolling through some of the blocked information from the public.

If he had this access, he would have a much easier time finding knowledge about items, history, ruins, data about players...and more!

Only now did he think it was the right time to go for it since he would still have two more wishes for emergencies.

Wishes should never be used for items or coins unless it was necessary.

The true value those wishes had was for situations like those.

\'Queen, I am still in the 10th layer correct\' Felix wondered.

\'No, you have entered the 8th layer automatically when you joined the champion\'s games.\' Queen informed.

\'Why no one ever told me about this.\' Felix said speechlessly.

\'You didn\'t ask.\'

\'You didn\'t ask.\'

Both the Queen and the primogenitors said at the same time, making his eyelids twitch in vexation.

\'Cough, if I used two wishes, what access would I reach\'

\'None.\' Queen dashed his hopes, \'Your wishes aren\'t high enough to unlock an entire layer.

They could utmostly unlock knowledge branches in that layer.\'

\'I guess it\'s because I am already down two layers.\' Felix thought, \'Whatever, Queen please unlock information about natural treasures and USIG player database.\'

\'Are you certain\'



A holographic notification popped up in front of Felix, congratulating him for his successful access to that hidden information.

Without further ado, Felix went to the network and typed ]Auctions that are renewed for selling high-end natural treasures[

Instantly, a long list of names had unfolded itself before Felix, making him grin slightly in happiness.

When he searched this exact question months ago, he legit got either rubbish or auctions that were known for selling only grade B natural treasures in the Milky Way Galaxy.

But now! He could see that some of those establishments were situated in other galaxies and their display catalog was filled with nothing but grade A natural treasures that were sold at 40 Billion SC !

\'Damn, they sure are ripping off people.\' Felix\'s happiness was short-lived after double-checking on those numbers and comparing them with what Lady Sphinx had sold him the precious natural treasures.

\'Everything is triple the market price.

Tsk, I would be a fool to spend my money in their establishments.\' Felix waved his hand at the hologram, sending it away from his face.

Though he wasn\'t pleased by the prices, he did understand that when he seeks natural treasures, not all of them were going to be from the four elements that he had an affinity to.

Hence, he would need to get disposed of them.

The best way was naturally selling them in those auctions at those exorbitant prices or trade with another interested party.

\'Exploring, hehe.

Aren\'t you a cute one\' Asna snorted, \'If you don\'t want to get killed or kidnapped, you better keep your ass in the campus.\'

\'I know...\' Felix sighed in dejection after being reminded of his current **ty situation.

Although he was safe in here, he truly felt like he was imprisoned on the campus since there were literally billions of eyes at him, waiting patiently for him to make a single mistake...Then pounce!

It was already risky enough to leave the campus and head to Lady Sphinx\'s castle, don\'t even mention leaving the planet and going off on an adventure.

I guess I need to send Malak or Erik and also get other loyal subordinates to do my explorations for me. Felix laid on his bed and looked at the ceiling with a constipated expression, I will need to pay again billions to get worthy and loyal subordinates plus gear them up with spaceships, equipment, artifacts, exploration gadgets, and more stuff to facilitate their journey.

Ahaaa, I have 98 billion SC in my bank but I still feel poor. Felix rubbed his eyebrows in weariness and murmured, Let\'s check on those two first and see how far did they reach in their integration...Hopefully, it\'s close to peak 5th stage.


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