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Though, it didn\'t do much to him. Luna pouted.

As she mentioned, Felix had stood back up and continued his sprint without letting out a single wince.

If tiny fragments could harm him then he really should reconsider working on his defenses!

Regardless, Blood Merchant was pleased to see that he had managed to touch him.

If he hit him once, he would hit him twice and trice!

Alas, when he loaded the next cannonballs and exploded one of them to propel the other at Felix, he was left irked by the sight of him managing to dodge them narrowly.

He always missed him by few inches.

However, the fragments were hitting Felix alright after each dodge...Still, they were useless.

\'I need to either double down my range attacks or fight him melee.\' Blood Merchant frowned his eyebrows, \'My fighting style is focused on melee battles but my guts are telling me that it\'s better to just stay away from him for now.\'

\'Though I need to conclude this battle before 30 minutes.

Otherwise, in the next battle, I will be severely weakened unlike him.\'

Upon thinking so, Blood Merchant snapped both of his fingers and manifested four more cannons! Then, he loaded all of them with two cannonballs and fired them all together at Felix!


Knowing that it was going to be impossible to dodge them all at once with his fitness, Felix didn\'t hesitate to use his lighting arc and pull himself away from the strike zone!

\'Damn it, this bastard still has some leftovers.\'

Blood Merchant cursed in his mind at the realization that Felix only needs one lightning arc to save him while he was wasting quite a hefty sum in each attack.

He understood that if he lowered the number of his cannonballs, Felix would most definitely evade them without using elemental energy!

He had no plans to lower the number and try his luck since he knew that players\' stamina could last them for hours and hours...Felix\'s movement might look clumsy but it didn\'t mean that he would get hit by a single cannonball coming at him.

\'I can only protect myself against his poison and go all out in a melee fight! From his videos, he was still not that adequate in pure close combat with weapons!\'

Blood Merchant waved his hand, destroying all of those cannons...Manananggal, Wendigo, and Saurous had a bad feeling when they saw him doing that.

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr\'s grinned faintly at the sight.


When they saw that Blood Merchant had brandished his two long swords together and flew towards Felix rapidly, their faint grins almost reached their ears.

The moment Felix felt that he was being chased, he turned around and showed a subtle terrified expression while increasing his speed even further.

\'You ain\'t going anywhere!\' Blood Merchant snickered in his mind and increased his speed as well.

Since he was in his full transformation, he ended up reaching Felix in less than a second!

\'Die!\' He shouted in his mind while swinging his sword at Felix\'s wide open back!

Just as the sword was about to connect, Felix had released all of the contained lightning inside his body, causing him to brighten up while his hair to stand up straight!

Immediately after, his lighting quick reflexes passive began doing its magic by allowing Felix\'s brain to see and process everything at snail slow speed!

The reason it needed lightning to be active was that the electricity was stimulating the neurons extensively to transmit information ten times faster than average.

So, it\'s not that Felix was seeing everything in slow motion, it was his brain that was operating so fast, everything seemed slow!

This kind of state allowed Felix to activate his electrical field instantaneously, resulting in Blood Merchant and his sword getting engulfed at a ** storm of lightning at once!

Slice!! Splash!

Blood spilled from Felix\'s back as he still got wounded by the sword due to the momentum of Blood Merchant\'s flight!

Due to his enhanced body defenses, Felix merely winced slightly and turned around instantly to clutch Blood Merchant\'s twitching head.

He could see his horrified and shocked expression while he was still getting zapped.

Unlike Vanlord, he didn\'t pass out instantly.

However, the sight of Felix\'s body growing bigger and bigger while clutching his head tightly, was enough to make him pass out!

Blood Merchant realized that he had been fooled all this time since Felix had never utilized electrical ability or showed that his reflexes were this abnormal.

He was always using only electrical pull!

Blood Merchant knew if he had seen just electrical field ability, he wouldn\'t dare approach Felix without a counterplan.

Alas, knowing that didn\'t change the reality that the electrical field was growing bigger and more painful with Felix\'s body growth!

When Felix reached eight meters tall, the electrical field had reached up to 10 meters in radius while the lightning tongues were as big as Baguga\'s thighs!

Crack!! Crack!...


Blood Merchant managed to let out an ear-piercing shriek in his mind as the pain had reached the limit that his nervous system could handle!

Any more and it would be fried!

Too bad, that was the last thing to be concerned about as the moment Felix reached ten meters, Blood Merchant\'s skin began melting off like it was made out of goo!

Fortunately, he wasn\'t feeling pain anymore but only numbness and emptiness.

Meanwhile, his mind didn\'t have a single thought as his brain was in the full instinctual mode to help him survive.

Sadly, the instant he got caught by Felix, no one could save him anymore.


In the end, only a puddle of gooey black blood was left behind in his position, representing everything that he had left behind in this life.

Gooey black blood...

Naima, Karry, Naomi, and the rest of Felix\'s classmates could only stare with a spooked expression at the gooey black blood.

They couldn\'t help but recall Felix\'s polite and handsome image that he had in the academy and compare it with everything that they had seen in this game.

The contrast was as clear as daylight.

They were studying and hanging out with a monster who could easily kill them if it wasn\'t for the weakening potions in their eyes.

Alas, if only they knew that it was utterly useless...

Phew, that took a while. Felix winced slightly while murmuring, He really was a hard fish to bait.

Although it was just a murmur, it resounding akin to thunder in this dreadfully silent stadium.

This caused the viewers to wake up from their daze.

So the 40 meters poison serpent, the needless waste, showing exhaustion through sweating and panic..So, all of this was just to bait Blood Merchant to get closer Luna said with an absent-minded expression, How could he even afford such a heavy-priced bait..

It\'s just doesn\'t make sense.

Unfortunately for Luna, even the primogenitors were left astounded after their prediction ended up false.

Right now, they could only look at Lady Sphinx\'s cheerful smile and think to themselves, \'Did she go offline for thousands of years to give birth to this abomination that defies logic\'

Is there a problem Lady Sphinx asked in confusion after seeing their weird looks.

Cough, it\'s nothing, we are simply amazed by your little champion\'s patience. Aspidochelone said while switching his vision to Felix who was in the process of teleportation.

The game was concluded the moment he slew Blood Merchant and obtained his keys, turning him into The Last Key Keeper!

True, the kid was smart enough to play around his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. Erebus said, He must have known that it was absolutely impossible for him to go on offense against Manananggal\'s champion due to his speed.

Hence, he played every card he knows to bait him into approaching him.

The rest of the primogenitors nodded their heads in agreement.

They knew if Felix didn\'t do that, he would have been left with two options.

Either he plays it extremely slow by focusing only dodges until Blood Merchant loses it and switch his battle style...Or force the fight to last 30 minutes.

This would result in the game getting prolonged to another cycle.

At that time, Blood Merchant would have 30% debuff while Felix would have his debuffs gone since he survived the hunt.

Both options might work for Felix to secure the win but who knows if that would take hours to happen due to Blood Merchant having the capability to fly, unlike Felix

He did alright. Jörmungandr said calmly.

He truly felt that Felix still missing a lot and was actually wasting poison manipulation\'s potion due to his lack of understanding.

So many issues that he had in the games could have been resolved easily with his poison manipulation if his level in it was high enough.

\'I should double down on his training.\' Jörmungandr decided solemnly.

\'Little Asna\'s emergency energy played a huge role in his fights.

But, he can\'t rely on it forever...I need to prepare him before little Asna connects to the UVR.

Otherwise, he will get steamrolled against the veteran champions.\'

Landlord!....Abnormal Freak!!...Landlord!!...

While Jörmungandr was thinking of ways to improve the training, Felix was receiving a standing ovation from his fans and few other fan clubs from different races!

Although their idols either got killed or disqualified, they still felt like it was only appropriate to give the underdog some respect over the wits and strength he displayed throughout the entire game.

A human winning a promotion game was already a rare thing but actually dominating it That never happened before!

No one was more excited by this fact than the humans themselves who felt an innate pride get pumped each time they hear Felix\'s name getting chanted by other races!

A win in the planetary games always gave the citizen an amazing feeling but a win against other races

That was the ultimate glory!


Disclaimer: I will be taking tomorrow a day off to deal with some private matters.

Instead of not releasing anything and failing the win-win event, I will be releasing 1 chapter tomorrow and another chapter after it.

After those two days, the schedule will return to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience and good day [3


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