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Alas, Felix didn\'t give him enough time to think things through as he controlled the inner greenish poison of the serpent to be released from its wide-opened jaw at him!

It truly resembled a dragon breathing greenish fire!


Upon seeing so, Blood Merchant regained his wits at once and leaned to the left, dodging the poisonous breath quite easily.

\'This bastard is Landlord, it got to be.

There is no one in this game with poison abilities or manipulation!\'

Blood Merchant thought with a cold expression while turning around sharply after reaching the wall.

However, instead of continuing his escape, he turned around and hovered in his place while eyeing Felix and the serpent closely this time.

Felix didn\'t feel like entering a chit-chat or a staring contest with him when he was expanding his mental energy to the limit to control the serpent and contain the absorbed lightning at the same time.

Thus, the poisonous breaths continued coming at Blood Merchant, forcing him to start moving again!

He better stop wasting his energy like that. Luna commentated, Blood Merchant\'s speed in his full transformation is unfathomable.

Currently, he isn\'t even going at his fastest speed!

The viewers agreed with her notions but Felix still continued on his useless attacks.

Unsurprisingly, he hadn\'t touched Blood Merchant\'s clothes yet.

The only difference that emerged from his chase was the size of his serpent\'s imitation getting smaller and smaller.

\'What a foolish human!\' Blood Merchant scoffed in his mind while evading another poisonous salvo, \'Does he thinks he has an infinite amount of energy I was expecting something from him after going through all of this effort to fool me, but what the hell is this\'

Blood Merchant really was on his toes the entire time since he still couldn\'t comprehend how did Felix make it this far without leaving his apartment.

It was too uncanny in his eyes.

The only theories he came up within this duration were either Felix managed to survive purely by not getting found out or he massacred every hunter who aimed at him!

He was more inclined to believe in the latter after seeing that gigantic serpent.

Hence, the reason he started to take Felix very seriously instead of looking down on him like before.

But, how the f*ck could he continue taking him seriously when Felix was literally wasting energy like there was no tomorrow

\'Even if I decided to be generous and assume that he has wasted only 50% during his previous fights, he should be now at 20% or even 15% after creating that 40 meters long serpent.\'

Blood Merchant reasoned without an ounce of pressure from Felix\'s attacks, \'If I am right, he should be somewhat exhausted right now but is trying to hide it with his nonchalance.\'

When he came up with this conclusion, Blood Merchant narrowed his eyes at Felix\'s face, focusing really closely on his forehead area.


Surprisingly, there was really a drop of sweat on Felix\'s temple!

Luna and the viewers had spotted it before Blood Merchant, making them reach the same conclusion as him.

Landlord is almost at the red zone of his tank!

While Luna was commentating, the Darken faction members were talking about this particular drop of sweat like it was the decider of the game.

Do you think it\'s real this time or he is trying to fool everyone again

Maybe the previous time he was simply sweating from physical or mental exhaustion Wendigo said, This time should be real It\'s impossible for a human to have this much energy even if Lady Sphinx doubled it...Unless she did more than that...

Just as Saurous and Manananggal opened their mouths, wanting to retort, they closed them shut after remembering the upgrades that Felix received.

Let\'s hope that\'s not the case, otherwise...Your champion is really going to be played until his death. Saurous said, sighing.


Another failed poisonous breath! The serpent\'s size has been brought down to merely 5 meters due to those attacks! Luna commentated, If he used another one, I doubt he would have something to stand o...


Before Luna could finish her commentary, she was left speechless after seeing that Felix ended up sending the entire god damn serpent at Blood Merchant while he was dropping into the floor!

Thud! POOF!

The moment he landed on the ground safely, the serpent had collided with the wall and exploded into a cloud of sand and poison particles!

Meanwhile, Blood Merchant was looking at this useless attack from tens of meters with a deadpan expression.

He crossed this distance in merely half a second.

Hell, he could have gone back and forth twice and dodge the attack successfully!

\'Is this everything that he got He does look tired.\' Blood Merchant arched his eyebrows while eying Felix who was wiping his sweaty forehead in a sneaky manner.

\'Time to go on offense.\' Blood Merchant stopped thinking and decided to start doing.

Although he preferred fighting up close, he wasn\'t stupid to rush at Felix right at the start.

Instead, he snapped his finger and created ten crystalized red spears above his head.

Then, he flew towards Felix to close the gap between them and swung his hand downward, projecting those spears at him!

Whoosh Whoosh...Booom!

Felix didn\'t utilize any ability in his evades, as he simply relied on his physical fitness to jump back and forth until the last spear ended up passing right beside his cheeks.


It exploded on contact, resulting in the creation of crystalized fragments that had fallen into the ground, joining their peers.

Upon noticing that he was in the middle of those fragments that had yet to turn into light particles, Felix immediately jumped in the air, knowing that his position wasn\'t optimal!

Phew Phew Phew!...

As he anticipated, all of those fragments had propelled themselves like bullets at him from every direction!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Blood Merchant didn\'t stop at that as he created other red spears and sent them at Felix who was still in mid-air!


With nowhere to go, Landlord was forced to his lightning pull to hoist himself away from danger!

Luna proclaimed in excitement while watching how those fragments and spears ended colliding with each other after Felix had been taken to a safer area with ability!

\'So he has a lightning mobility ability.\' Blood Merchant noted from afar, \'The best play here is to keep pressuring him to use it multiple times until he is completely sapped.

Then go for the kill!\'

Upon deciding so, Blood Merchant restarted his pressuring tactic by projecting crystalized sharp weapons from all sizes and shapes at Felix.

Look at him dance!

Haha! That\'s what you get for wasting your energy!

The vampire viewers kept throwing taunts and curses at Felix who was truly dancing quite elegantly to evade this never-ending barrage of weapons.

Most of the time he gets forced to utilize his lightning pull, making Blood Merchant happier each time.

His plan was simple, whoever run out of energy first would be the one to die!

Since he knew that Felix had wasted ton of energy earlier, he was confident in his chances to clutch it!

As he expected, Felix soon started to sweat like crazy while his face turned bright red, appearing like someone who had run a 30 km marathon in one go.

His movements were clumsy and heavy like he was barely able to move.

All of this was a clean characteristic of either, physical or elemental exhaustion.

For those monster players, they would always reach elemental exhaustion before physical one since their bodies were in optimal shape.

Meanwhile, Blood Merchant looked like he could still go at this for another ten minutes!

\'He must be out now.\' Blood Merchant narrowed his eyes coldly, \'It\'s time for the real show.\'

Immediately after, Blood Merchant flew towards Felix, getting a bit closer but not close enough that Felix could jump and reach him.

Then, he started to manifest a cannon with a base to hold it in place!

When Felix saw this, he bolted away while huffing in exhaustion.

Blood Merchant merely snickered in his mind at the sight.

He didn\'t even bother to chase him down as he fully focused on crystallizing his cannon!

Only when it was done did he flew rapidly towards Felix, reaching him in less than two seconds.

Then, he created two red cannonballs inside the cannon!

When Blood Merchant felt that the cannonballs were touching each other at the back of the cannon, he made a pistol sign with his finger and aimed at Felix who was still sprinting away from him.

Blood Merchant smirked faintly while pacing his fingertip exactly on Felix\'s tiny head...Then FIRE!

Boooom!!! WHOOOSH!!

A mini explosion occurred within the cannon followed by the projection of a single speeding red cannonball at Felix!

The speed it was going at was faster by three times than the previous spears!

When Felix felt a sudden danger behind him, he jumped to the left side and rolled three times due to the momentum!


Before he finished rolling, the cannonball smashed the previous area he was at, projecting hundreds of tiny crystallized fragments in every direction!

Thud thud thud!

Since Felix was out of balance, those fragments had ended up hitting him!!

The first clean strike on Landlord since the moment this game had begun! Luna proclaimed loudly in excitement.


Disclaimer: The Schedule will return to normal tomorrow! Thank you for your understanding


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