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Meanwhile, Manananggal, Saurous, and Wendigo were finally showing some signs of getting pissed at Felix\'s antics.

They didn\'t care much that he was playing with Blood Merchant to embarrass Manananggal.

That\'s because they believed that his lack of energy would cause only Jörmungandr to feel ashamed when he ends up dying.

However, noticing that he had created almost a 40 meters long serpent with intricate details without dropping a single sweat, made them realize that his tank wasn\'t even close to being consumed as they assumed!

He must know that we are watching him, hence the reason why he faked his exhaustion before and now created Jörmungandr\'s version. Manananggal narrowed his eyes dangerously, This kid must be toying with us either on his own or that snake told him to do this.

Alright, forget about it for now. Wendigo pointed his finger at Blood Merchant who was walking towards Felix\'s apartment and said, The battle is going to start soon.

Manananggal glanced at the Jörmungandr\'s imitation and said calmly, If my champion fully transformed before entering the apartment, that poison serpent is as useless as a fart.

The other primogenitors nodded their heads in agreement.


Back in the apartment complex...

Blood Merchant was currently sprinting through the corridors, wanting to scout the entire complex to see his target face to face.

Due to the lowered number of apartments, there were only 6 floors, making it easier for him to scout through them all in merely five minutes.

When he didn\'t find anyone, he was honestly confused and a bit shocked.

\'What\'s going on Why is that player not leaving his apartment even in such a crucial moment\' Blood Merchant kept looking around with his blood vision.

He already did so the moment he left his apartment and didn\'t notice anyone in the corridors.

But, he still wanted to sprint and check with his own eyes since he knew that abilities could be used to block his vision\'s surveillance.

\'Is he giving up due to injury or something If he was giving up why not try to disqualify himself in the daylight cycle, which is the safest option Or he thinks that it\'s best to ambush me when I try to hunt him down But, that\'s just foolish...He already has 10% debuff and now with another 10%, his elemental manipulation or physical strength would be affected pretty badly...It\'s just impossible for him to win in those conditions even against a normal player, don\'t even mention me!\'

\'Argh, what the hell is going on with that moron!\'

Many questions coursed at once in Blood Merchant\'s mind, making him a bit irritated that he didn\'t have the answer to them.

He hated that dearly.

Alas, he could only place a key in the keyhole beside him and began the true scouting while trying to solve some of those questions.

7 minutes later...His questions weren\'t answered, but his key had managed to unlock a door.

A door that was going to answer all of his inquires but at the same time could cause his death!

Blood Merchant has successfully found Landlord\'s apartment. Luna commentated with an elated voice, Now it\'s up to him when to start the hunt.

Just like the Queen announced, the moment one of those two had located the other, the night cycle would automatically begin.

Since only two of them remained, Blood Merchant didn\'t get teleported to his apartment.

Instead, he was left to continue swimming in his own thoughts in front of the door, planning for the last battle.

\'Although I am confident in my chances to victory, I should probably enter a full transformation and also prepare my weapons and armor.\' Blood Merchant thought with a solemn expression, \'I have 35% energy, which is more than enough to win if I went all out from the start and concluded the fight early.\'

Upon making up his decision, Blood Merchant immediately entered the transformation sequence that was also an inherited ability from the ancestor for those with higher bloodline purity.

The transformation was somewhat the same as the Semi-Morphing ability that Felix possessed.

Hence, any descendent who had it meant that he would have his strength doubled during the transformation!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Just like Vanlord\'s previous half-assed transformation, Large bat-like dark wings were the first to pop off from Blood Merchant\'s back.

Followed by his prolonged fangs, nails, and hair that had gotten longer until it reached his shoulders.

His skin got extra paler while his cheeks had sunken to the bones, making him resemble a sickly kid who never saw the sun in his life.

Just as some viewers thought that his creepy appearance couldn\'t get any scarier, they yelped in horrification after they saw that his body got split ripped apart in half, spewing a fountain of blood everywhere!


His bottom half had fallen to the ground while he started flying in the same place nonchalant to the idea of losing both of his legs!

There it is! The vampire\'s creepy full transformation! Luna exclaimed in excitement and followed it up with a quick explanation, This transformation is claimed to be the optimal form of vampires as it allows them to get rid of their lower body that does nothing but slows them down during their flight!

Those who never heard of this fact, couldn\'t help but nod their heads at the logic behind it.

After all, having wings without a feather tail to support the body balance was already tough.

Yet, having two extra useless legs in mid-air would simply be a fat burden.

That\'s why, even though anyone could have wings, they would never outspeed someone with the whole wings tail package.

Only the vampires possess the ability to cut off their own body in half and not worry about bleeding to death since they were the overlords of Blood!

Because of his blood manipulation, Blood Merchant had sealed the wound and controlled his own blood that had been spewed outside!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

He utilized it to create his own crystalized armor and two long thin red swords!

Terrific, Blood Merchant made sure to save up his elemental energy by taking advantage of his own blood! Luna asked in wonder, Let\'s see what Landlord is planning now.

When the camera had got placed on Felix, everyone was left speechless by the sight of him spewing large amounts of greenish sand on his giant serpent!

The sand began coating the serpent by following its curves throughout its long body!

Since Felix didn\'t possess sand manipulation, he was utilizing his mental energy to make it happen!

Why is he coating it with sand Olivia asked while tilting her head in confusion.

Who knows George rubbed his eyebrows, I don\'t even know why he created the damn thing in the first place.

When he was done speaking, Felix had finished coating the entire serpent from head to bottom, leaving only its dreadful purplish eyes and wide jaw exposed!

So, nothing much changed but giving the serpent a more solid feel to it!


Abruptly, the rowdy stadium went quiet after seeing that the door had been opened up slowly.

With a snap of a finger, Luna switched the camera to Blood Merchant, showing his point of view.

As expected, the entire apartment appeared as empty as a graveyard.

Felix and the giant serpent were placed exactly above the door, making it impossible to notice them unless he entered!

Everyone held their breaths while leaning closer, too excited for the outcome of this battle.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Suddenly, Blood Merchant\'s wings began flapping faster and faster while he was still affixed three meters above the ground!

With narrowed focused eyes and a bloodthirsty aura, Blood Merchant created a red shell around his body and zoomed inside the apartment like an arrow!


The only thing left behind him was the door closing automatically, sealing those two together for the last time!

The moment Felix noticed him, putting as much distance as possible from the door, he detached himself from the ceiling and used the lightning arcs to pull himself towards the Jörmungandr\'s imitation!


The lighting arcs connected easily due to the sand grains being solid objects! His ability was capable of connecting with any solid object!

Smart! No wonder he coated the serpent with sand!!

Luna exclaimed in enlightenment while watching Felix standing above the serpent\'s giant head without his legs actually touching the surface!!


By using his mental energy, Felix controlled the serpent to slitter in the air towards Blood Merchant who seemed like he was slowing down his speed due to his closeness to the other wall.

When Blood Merchant heard the raging sound of wind behind him, he couldn\'t help but take a quick glance.

Immediately after spotting Felix standing with crossed arms above and stiffened brightened hair above that dreadful serpent\'s head, he felt like his world had been flipped upside down!

The only thought that managed to course in his frozen mind was, \'Am I under an illusion\'


Disclaimer: I will be taking tomorrow a day off to deal with some private matters.

Instead of not releasing anything and failing the win-win event, I will be releasing 1 chapter tomorrow and another chapter after it.

After those two days, the schedule will return to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience and good day [3


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