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Everyone agreed with her take as it was only common sense to retreat when the situation wasn\'t favorable.

Hence, when the daylight cycle began again, those three players went out of their rooms with high hopes that everyone was just as injured and low on energy as they were.

Alas, when they spotted Blood Merchant walking without a single scratch on his face, their hopes were dashed.

\'F*cking bats and their abnormal rejuvenation speed.\' The werewolf Blood Slayer cursed in his mind while walking towards Blood Merchant with a limb.

He had a bit of chilly air around him.

Oh, what do we have here Blood Merchant smiled faintly after spotting the werewolf and his condition.

Out of energy to heal yourself properly Blood Merchant asked, sounding polite but the mockery hidden in his tone wasn\'t foreign at all to the werewolf.

Blood Slayer merely growled at him with acidic saliva dripping on the floor, appearing like he was trying his best to suppress his fury.

He already decided to disqualify himself but he did want to take full advantage of the opportunity to harm Blood Merchant.

Hence, the reason he continued walking towards him.

\'Heh, I have dealt with those piss-drinking dogs all my life to not notice the menace in his eyes.\' Blood Merchant instantly recognized that he would most likely get attacked after they cross paths.

Hence, he crystalized the blood veil on him, turning it into a protective armor instantly.

Upon seeing so, Blood Slayer glared at him but didn\'t carry on with his plan.

He simply walked right beside him and said with a suppressed tone, \'You better watch your back in those 30 minutes.

Then, he continued on his way.

\'Huh, trying to stress me out\' Blood Merchant sneered in his mind.

He recognized that Blood Slayer was definitely going to strike him in those 30 minutes.

Just not when.

Though, he wasn\'t worried at all since he could easily spot him beforehand due to his inherited vision.

As long as Blood Slayer was in the same corridor as him, it was impossible to ambush him.

\'Still no sight of Landlord or Vanlord.\' Blood Merchant sighed, \'I guess they both officially eliminated...Whatever I only need to deal with the last few players if there was any and secure my spot in the UISG.\'

While thinking of the glory he would be receiving after joining the real champion\'s games, Blood Merchant couldn\'t help but break his composure and show a genuinely delighted smile.

He was trained since young for those games...His entire existence and life revolve around them.

Hence, it was incomprehensible to others what it means to him to join those games.

If only he knew that his place in Manananggal\'s heart was less than dirt itself as he could be disposed of immediately after losing a single champion\'s game.

Or maybe he already knew about it but he didn\'t care much since he wasn\'t taught anything else than being loyal to the Ancestor and bringing him the most profit.

Whatever it was, Felix was currently sitting right in front of the door with gleaming eyes, waiting patiently for the perfect time to make a move and dash all of Blood Merchant\'s dreams and hopes!

Time went by and only 5 minutes of the cycle was remaining.

Only Blood Merchant could be seen strolling down the corridors in a carefree manner like he was the Landlord.

As expected, Blood Slayer had failed his attempt to cause harm to Blood Merchant with a strike that carried every ounce of his last remaining energy.

When an ambush was anticipated, it was quite easy to nullify it.

Meanwhile, the other two players had already disqualified themselves by making a deal to strike each other.

Since it wasn\'t possible to know who was eliminated or still playing, Blood Merchant had no clue if there still one, two, or three remaining players.

Hence, why he was still trying to find out his target\'s apartment.

Is Landlord not going to make a move again Luna asked in bewilderment, Seriously, what\'s up with him Why is he refusing to be in an advantageous position

Everyone was confused by Felix\'s unorthodox plan of remaining in his apartment in every cycle...except for the primogenitors!

Haha, the balls on this kid to actually try and humiliate Manananggal\'s champion like this. The Erebus laughed, appearing like a spooky shadow laughing deviously behind his owner\'s back.

He must be fuming, I do want to see his face right now. Kumiho said, giggling.

What are you talking about Cherufe scoffed, He must be over the moon since this kid is clearly playing with his food when he is literally almost out of energy...I am not complaining at all.

Free bet for me.

Exactly as Cherufe said, The Darken faction members were all in a good mood at the sight of Felix still chilling in his room while Blood Merchant was doing his best to find his target.

He is clearly trying too hard to please the Jörmungandr to the point he is willing to give up on a well-needed advantage. Wendigo smiled creepily, For a straightforward individual, the Jörmungandr must be pissed seeing his champion\'s behavior.

Haha, he will be more pissed when his champion ends up dying before all due to such a silly plan. Saurous laughed.

Unbeknownst to them, Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx were chill about the whole matter since they knew that Blood Merchant had no chance against Felix any more.

If they met at the start, then maybe he could put up a fight but now They knew that the energy difference was going to hurt Blood Merchant greatly.

In a short while...The daylight cycle had concluded with Blood Merchant not locating his target.

That\'s because he was one of the latest disqualified players.

It seems that the night cycle will be skipped. Luna said.

Naturally, the Queen will not let the viewers spend 30 minutes of their lives watching two dudes chilling in their apartments.

Hence, the moment the night cycle began, the Queen had informed both Felix and Blood Merchant, \'This night cycle will be skipped over...Since only two players are remaining...The next daylight cycle will have only 15 minutes and the apartments\' numbers will be only 50...The player to find his target\'s apartment the fastest will automatically activate the night cycle.\'

While Luna was repeating the same message to the viewers, Blood Merchant and Felix had different reactions to the announcement.

\'Only one player left\' Blood Merchant snickered, \'Since I didn\'t see him in the corridors, he must have remained in the apartment...This is good for me, he is currently debuffed and probably even injured since he decided to hide in such an important cycle.\'

\'I guess it\'s a free win after all.\' Blood Merchant said, smiling.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s thought process was completely different.

\'Is he Blood Merchant or another player There is a high chance that Blood Merchant was the last surviving player.\' Felix mused, \'Whatever if it was him I will carry on with my plan.\'

\'If not\' Asna asked.

\'Cough, I will still use it.\' Felix smirked faintly, \'Because why not It will give some face to the elder.\'

\'Hehe, true.\' Asna laughed while covering her mouth.


The moment the alarm went off, Felix hoisted himself with a lightning arc on the wall above the door.

This time, he climbed to the ceiling and remained absolutely still and quiet while zooming in on the doorknob.

Yet again! Landlord has picked to play defensively, just why He is going to have 20% debuff to his strongest suit if he didn\'t leave his apartment.\'

\'Meanwhile, Blood Merchant will have an additional 10% buff to his strength for finding him! Luna\'s bafflement was shared by everyone.

Only his loyal fans didn\'t express any other emotions than excitement and support as they knew that Felix never does things without a reason!

It happened so many times, they would fool to doubt his decisions!

As they expected, the viewers were all shocked to find out that Felix had begun to spew greenish poison from his palms, manifesting a realistic giant serpent-like head!

It had violet eyes, a wide-open jaw with creamy white teeth, a red tongue, greenish scales lined perfectly and symmetrically!

Everything was made out of poisonous mist!

Is that who I think it is

Weirded out and a bit amused, Aspidochelone murmured while glancing at Jörmungandr who appeared like he was just as stunned as the viewers.

Even some primogenitors were stunned by it as they could glance at each other in amazement while watching Felix.

He was continuing pumping out different colored inducements from his palms to shape up an exact version of the Jörmungandr in his Serpent Form!

The head was just the beginning and also the hardest part to create!

After he was done with it, he shaped the dark greenish scaled long body and tail in under 30 seconds of constant poison pumping!

Although his external poison manipulation was **ty, he was still able to modify the creation after it had already emerged on the outside.

The final result was an almost identical 40 meters version of the Jörmungandr without the purplish inscriptions all over his body!

Since it was made from the mist, it kept moving slightly with the wind, making it appear alive and intimidating at the same time!

Is that supposed to be his hidden card or strongest attack

I don\'t care if it\'s for attacking or just shows, it looks so cool!

I wonder which serpent is that

The viewers marveled at its creation but also confused about its existence.

Only the primogenitors understood the underlying message behind it.

You have a good kid who is willing to honor your return, old friend. Aspidochelonepi said, smiling faintly.

He sure has a good artistic style to capture your ugliness, I give you that. Brutal as always, Erebus commented.

Damn it, I have 279 alive champions and 95244 dead ones, yet not one of them made a creation of me in the games! Kumiho complained about it with an envious tone, I will definitely make them do it in the future.

The other primogenitors shared their own opinions on the matter, embarrassing Jörmungandr who honestly didn\'t expect this at all.

Unlike Asna and Lady Sphinx who could read Felix\'s mind right now, Jörmungandr wasn\'t able to do so because his consciousness was in the UVR.

He knew that Felix was planning to give him some face but he expected that he would do it by trashing Blood Merchant, not by this!

\'Little rascal, daring to embarrass me in front of those fogies.\' Jörmungandr thought while showing a vexed expression.

Though, a gratified faint smile soon took over his vexation, making Lady Sphinx chuckle lightly after spotting it.

\'He better make me my own creation in the games as well after everything I did to him.\' Lady Sphinx thought to herself with a dangerous gleam, making Felix flinch in coldness during his final touches.

\'So scary, did I get glared at by one of the elder\'s enemies\' Felix gulped a mouthful at the thought.

He knew that his action was probably going to offend the Darken faction\'s members.

But, he honestly didn\'t give a crap how they feel about it.

He was Jörmungandr\'s student and his side had already been chosen.

He might not kill the primogenitors but he would make sure to do his part as Jörmungandr\'s student and irritate them!

What better method to do that than show them the Jörmungandr\'s perfect imitation flying in the sky like in the old times!

More than anything, he created the imitation to make the statement that Jörmungandr had told him to make in the games...The Ragnarök Bringer is Back!


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Instead of not releasing anything and failing the win-win event, I will be releasing 1 chapter tomorrow and another chapter after it.

After those two days, the schedule will return to normal.

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