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Naturally, Vanlord had no clue about the primogenitors bet on Felix and Blood Merchant.

But thankfully, there was the 70 billion bounty on Felix, making it appear quite normal that he was focusing on him.

\'I will see what I can do.\' Vanlord said while moving away from his door, allowing the approaching Felix to try and open it.

He didn\'t move far away but just a couple of meters.

He wanted to remain nearby so he could hear the clicking noise of the key if Felix managed to open it.

When Felix reached Vanlord\'s door, the first thing he did was activate his x-ray vision and inspect the bone structure of Vanlord.

\'He is slightly taller than Blood Merchant.\' Felix concluded, \'Since they are the only blood manipulators in the game, he must be Vanlord.\'

During the game hall, Felix made sure to memorize each player\'s bone structure and unique characteristics in the game by relying on his vision abilities.

Because of his perfect memory, he was able to take advantage of such tiny details that would be ignored most of the time.

To not get caught, Felix deactivated his x-ray vision the moment he got what he wanted.

Then, he placed the key in the keyhole of Vanlord\'s door and turned it.

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Felix didn\'t know that Vanlord had his eyes closed shut to enhance his hearing senses so he could hear the click.

Alas, the only thing that resounded in his ears were Felix\'s footsteps as he bypassed him and went to the next door.

When Vanlord saw this, he wasn\'t sure if Felix\'s key managed to open it or they were simply not destined to fight together.

Whatever it was, he made a swift decision of following him while at the same time trying his key on the doors he passes by.

\'Should we follow them, Blood Slayer\' The winter wolf asked telepathically while eying a grey furry werewolf whose nose was long like bloodhound dogs.

It seemed like they got allied together.

It was to be expected since both of them were a fellowship of the same species.

\'Leave them be, Pretzel.\' Blood Slayer sneered, \'Those piss-drinking bats will have difficulty getting the bounty in this format even if they got lucky and managed to hunt down that human.\'

Pretzel thought about for a second and nodded his head in understanding, \'You are right, the rules enforce us to kill our targets after we declare the right of the hunt.

If one of them only had beaten him to force him to sign a contract, his strength would get reduced by 30%.\'

\'I hope that one of them is greedy enough to go for it just to end up getting hunted in the next cycle.\'

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\'Let\'s carry on our scouting.\' Pretzel informed, \'There are only 25 minutes left and we have just covered half a floor.\'

While those two had returned to their apartments hunting, Felix had ignored all of the other apartments and went downstairs to the 6th floor.

He already went through the 8 populated apartments on the floor and his key didn\'t work on any of them.

\'Is he done with this floor or is he going back to his apartment\' Vanlord wondered in confusion while continuing following Felix upclose.

He didn\'t care if Felix knew about his stalking since he could do nothing about it.

Felix also didn\'t give a ** if one or even all players chased after him since he would always end up fighting against one player in his apartment.

That\'s also the reason he gave up on defending his apartment like some players were doing.

It wasn\'t really that good of a plan since if he was too close to the door, he would expose that the apartment belongs to him.

If he supervised it from afar, the players wouldn\'t hold back at all from testing their keys on his doorknob.

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In Felix\'s eyes, the best play in this situation was focus on finding one\'s own target so they would always have the upper hand on other players.

After all, if someone declared the right of the hunt on him while he was declaring it on his target, he would survive the night cycle while having an advantage in his upcoming fight.

Even if he didn\'t find his target, he would simply get returned to his apartment without losing anything.

So being on the offense is the best strategy and since Felix had already memorized most of the players\' apartments, he kept going straight for them, shocking the viewers and weirding out the players at his uncanny accuracy.

Some players welcomed him to try on their own door, wishing that they would strike rich by taking care of his bounties.

Meanwhile, some were taking even Felix seriously.

This slowed down his speed as he needed to wait sometimes for those players to give up on their idiotic plan and fully aggressive just like everyone else.

So far Landlord has tried exactly 26 apartments in 14 minutes and 20 of them belonged to players! He only needs 10 more and he might find his target! Luna exclaimed while switching the camera to him after noticing this peculiarity.

Immediately after his face got displayed in the stream, his fans went wild, breaking into hysterical cheers and drumming.

Alas, Luna didn\'t leave him on the screen for even 10 seconds before she placed the camera on Blood Merchant who was currently standing before a closed shut door.

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For the players on the floor with him, the sight was nothing abnormal.

But for the omnipotent viewers

They could easily see that the door had been unlocked since it was written on it just like the name of the owner!

Blood Merchant is the 6th player to luckily find his target after opening only 8 apartments that belonged to players! Luna commentated in excitement, It belongs to the winter wolf Pretzel!! I believe that we have found our main battle!


The moment the news reached the viewers, they exploded into a cheering frenzy as they knew that battles between vampires, werewolves, and lastly, winter wolf players always were intense and bloody!

If the battle didn\'t end up with one of the players getting ripped to pieces it wouldn\'t be concluded!

Since there would be multiple battles happening at the same time during the night cycle, it was only natural that Luna would need to focus on one until it was over and jump to the others if they weren\'t concluded yet.

If they were concluded, she was planning on showing the highlights of those battles.

What a bummer, I wanted to watch my lord use lightning abilities.

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Same, he is q...

Before those two fans could carry on their conversation, their eyes brightened up in elation after noticing the unlocked sign had shown up on the door that Felix was currently trying to open!

\'At last.\'

Without a subtle delighted grin, Felix pulled the key from the keyhole and routinely went to the next door.

\'Uhmm Did he just grin\' Vanlord arched his eyebrows and tried to recall what he saw.

\'He really did grin faintly!\' Vanlord immediately sent a message telepathically, \'I believe that Landlord has found his target.\'

\'You positive\'

\'Not quite sure.\' Vanlord informed, \'He showed a subtle reaction before hiding it.

Currently, he is still trying to open doors with the same key.\'

\'I see.\' Blood Merchant rubbed his chin and said, \'Ignore it for now, we will know in the next cycle if he truly found his target or not.\'

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\'Agreed.\' Vanlord smirked faintly while glancing at Felix\'s back.

Meanwhile, Luna had switched the camera to him after getting notified that he had unlocked a door.

The first thing she did was check on the name of the player that was going to be Felix\'s pray.

Landlord\'s unlucky streak continues as his target turned out to be the Great Giant Baguga! Luna proclaimed loudly.

The viewers couldn\'t help but agree with her as some of them even started clamoring out loud for her to focus the camera on the battle first since it was going to end in mere seconds.

All of them believed that the fight was too unbalanced since Giants were known for their monstrous physical strength and tough skin that was resistant against all destructive elements!

Brother Felix also has the ability to transfer himself into a giant. Olivia said with an uncertain tone, Maybe that\'s enough to bridge the gap

Upon hearing so, George shook his head and said, If we used our system of measurement, then Baguga should possess no less than 16k BF.

This information is simply based on what he had shown in his previous games.

There is no way that Felix could bridge that gap since he would need to be at least a peak 6th stage bloodliner. Sylvia sighed, I don\'t know why did he choose to participate in this vicious game against those vicious players but I do hope that he at least come out of it safely.

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Is that even possible Leo wondered.

Sylvia nodded her head and clarified, If I was in his situation, I will try to kill Giant Baguga.

When I fail to deal any damage to him, I will escape the apartment.

Then, I will hit someone in the corridors to disqualify myself from the game.

That\'s a good strategy. George glanced at her and said calmly, But who said that the doors wouldn\'t shut on the players until only one of them remain alive or the next daylight cycle begin


Silence descended in the dome at the sound of that.

Only frightful gulps were resounding in the area.

All of them didn\'t comment after that but just paid close attention to Felix who had yet to stop fake opening other doors.

Felix, please be safe... Olivia murmured with a worried expression, appearing her utmost belief in Felix was beginning to waver at the information thrown about those monstrous players.

If only she could hear Felix\'s thoughts, she wouldn\'t have bothered to worry about this prick.

\'Should I use an electrical field or corruption mist...

Maybe both will do the trick What about going full ham with my physical strength I believe that I should be either equal to him or slightly below.\'

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