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Am I tripping or did our lord had just utilized a lighting ability. Leader Emma said with a dazed expression.

Alas, neither Markus nor the rest of the fans answered her as they were just as stunned as her.

All of them wanted to believe that he had utilized lightning-based abilities but it was too much for their brains to process!

Having two elements at such a high affinity had already placed Felix as a gifted prodigy in their eyes.

But having three elements and all of them high enough to make him integrate faster and efficiently

That\'s a bit insane in their eyes.

We need to double-check if he truly used lightning or some other unique ability from his 3rd bloodline! Maganda Chief scrambled to click the replay of the scene in his customized stream since he was watching the game live in a VIP lounge.

Princess Bird and the rest of the Anti-Royalty Alliance had all broke off from their daze and paid attention to the screen that was displaying Felix\'s transformation in slow motion.

The stream had brightened up from the lighting sparks that were covering Felix\'s entire body.

Since the stream was in slow motion, their doubts were fully removed as the lighting charges were too obvious, even a kindergarten child would recognize them!

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Lighting element...Why do I feel like I know nothing about Landlord Zosia said.

No one replied to her as they were still watching the replay, wanting to know exactly how did he disappear.

A split second later, Princess Bird covered her mouth in shock at the sight of Felix\'s body brightening up like a star for a millisecond before he disappeared out of sight again!

This meant that he was still faster to be captured by slow motion!


Just as they wanted to discuss this matter, the original stream had switched to Felix as he was creating chaos in the Apartment complex by running through the corridors with unfathomable speed!

Even the camera was having difficulty focusing on him as he appeared like a bolt of lightning, passing by the dumbfounded players!

Crack Crack!!

All of them were forced to close their ears as the sound of the thunder resulting from his speed was loud enough it left a buzzing noise in their ears!

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This bastard is harming us! This is against the rules! A fishwoman with blue skin and gills on her naked stomach shouted with a disgruntled tone.

She had every right to feel this way since her ears were left bleeding from the last thunder explosion that happened right next to her!

Alas, the Queen denied her accusation monotonously, \'He is using his abilities without intentions to harm or kill anyone.\'

That\'s the only thing she said before going silent again, leaving behind only the sound of Felix\'s explosions resounding in the area and the curses of other players who could only shield themselves with their abilities against it.

Based on the game rules, battles were forbidden but not using abilities.

If someone threw a bomb or smacked another player in the face, that would count as initiating a battle.

So as mental abilities or spreading poisonous mist and affecting those around you.

Felix was merely sprinting around with genuine intentions to scout out the players and the doors they were standing in front of.

He knew that by taking advantage of his speed and lightning-quick reflexes, he would end up meeting with most players next to their apartment\'s door, planning to head out to scout!

By spotting them before their doors and memorizing them with his photographic memory, he would have a massive advantage over them in this cycle since he would know his targets before declaring the right of the hunt!

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With this advantage, he could plan ahead based on his target\'s strengths and weaknesses.

\'I need to head to an empty place, the lightning contained in my body is about to be exhausted.\' Felix thought while sprinting on the empty stairs, climbing upward.

Everything in his sight appeared in slow motion, making it easier for him to manoeuver with his supersonic speed.

If it wasn\'t for that passive, he would have collided with many players on his path, causing him to get disqualified.

WHoosh! Crack!!

In a few moments, Felix reached the topmost floor in the complex.

Instead of entering it, he stopped on its empty staircase by closing off the lightning absorbers on his skin.

The moment he did so, the electrical charges had disappeared, allowing his stiffened brightened hair to return to normal.

\'Damn, even though I absorbed millions of volts in real life and contained them before joining the game, I still spent 70% of it in merely 40 seconds.\' Felix smiled wryly while climbing the stairs.

The lightning contained inside Felix\'s body was the one providing him this speed boost instead of the active or passive ability.

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Felix had already managed to close off the lightning absorbers by utilizing his advanced mental energy control.

Well, it wasn\'t the perfect solution like controlling them consciously but it was enough to hold on to the lighting stored for as long as he manages to keep his mental energy suppressing it from releasing.

It was the same as creating an invisible pressuring field on his pores that block the lightning from escaping.

Since he couldn\'t keep having his focus split up to contain the lightning, he came up with this plan of taking advantage of it to scout the entire complex in under 40 seconds without being recognized!

While the viewers didn\'t notice the tiny holes in his skin due to the camera being zoomed out, the primogenitors had spotted them way before but didn\'t bother to address them.

However, upon seeing what they were capable of, they got reminded of one of Thor\'s annoying techniques.

For this lad to use his bloodline, this meant that there is a high chance that Thor is also still alive like Jörmungandr. Wendigo said to his faction members.

For that alcoholic rowdy man to not show up before Jörmungandr is quite hard to believe. Saurous mentioned with a puzzled look, What is their game or goal

Naturally, it\'s always going to be us. Manananggal narrowed his eyes at Felix, We just need to find out what their plan is.

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Meanwhile, Felix had started recalling what he saw during his rapid scouting, \'So, Blood Merchant is 3rd floor and his apartment is 54.

On the other hand, Vanlord is on the 7th floor and his apartment is numbered 95...I must try my random key on their apartments first.\'

Felix was climbing to the 7th floor for this reason.

While the rest could only use their key randomly on doors until they luck out on someone, Felix had already eliminated more than 60% of the empty apartments in the complex by his strategy!

Before he stepped into the 7th floor, he activated his infrared vision and did a quick scan on the entire floor.

Upon noticing that there were 7 players in the corridors, he thought, \'It seems like two players either returned to their room or they went to another floor.\'

Felix didn\'t think any further and joined those seven players.

The moment his foot landed on the silent corridor, everyone did a sharp turn, staring right at him.

\'It\'s the human!\' A Halfling Tiger exclaimed in his mind with a brightened eyes, \'Hopefully, his key manages to open my apartment.\'

When he thought so, he glanced at his apartment door that was the nearest one to the staircase.

\'Please let it be me.\'

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\'I should probably leave my door unguarded for him.\'

Meanwhile, the rest of the players wished for the opposite, wanting to be prey on Felix.

In their eyes, Felix was the weakest of the bunch and they had higher chances of ending up killing him if he declared the right of the hunt for them.

\'Sir Blood Merchant, the human is currently on my floor.\' Vanlord sent a telepathic message while eying Felix behind a veil made of blood.

The veil was covering his entire body, making it impossible to know if he was Vanlord or Blood Merchant.

This was a common strategy used by most players to avoid getting recognized when trying to open the apartments.

After all, there was a huge difference between knowing who would be targeting you and having absolutely no clue.

\'How did you know it\'s him\' Blood Merchant arched his eyebrows as he asked while within a similar blood veil, \'Didn\'t he hide\'

\'No, he is striding casually from a door to a door without caring about others seeing his movements.\' Vanlord informed while eying Felix\'s hand closely, wanting to spot if his key might open the door or not.

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If he wasn\'t too far, he might be able to listen to the slight clicking noise of the lock when it gets opened.

\'That\'s a bit odd.\' Blood Merchant thought to himself, \'Either he doesn\'t have a method to conceal himself or he is a moron.\'

Although Blood Merchant knew that Felix was representing two primogenitors at once, he still believed that he was an idiot if he had a method to hide but refused to use it.

\'From the info I gathered, he should be quite clever.\' Blood Merchant rubbed his chin while trying to unlock a door, \'So, he truly doesn\'t have a method to hide...\'

\'Sigh, I hope he doesn\'t die before we meet up.

Although the Ancestor will win the bet by default, it still wouldn\'t be as rewarding as ripping that human apart with my own hands.\' Blood Merchant smiled bitterly and requested telepathically, \'Mr.

Vanlord, please keep an eye on him.

We can\'t lose that bounty.\'


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