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Yes. Lady Sphinx confirmed her thought, The Devourers are known for going absolutely nuts on natural treasures if they don\'t have some occasionally.

Deadly fights even start within family members if there is only one natural treasure and multiple of them on it.

It seems like they are not that united after all. Asna said, snickering.

By the time she finished speaking, Felix also had finished chewing on all of those natural treasures and gulping them down with a blissful expression like he finally managed to scratch that impossible to get itching part in the back.

However, he still wasn\'t full! He felt like he merely got rid of his illusionary hunger but he could still go for more!

Interesting, I have fed you four grade \'A\' natural treasures that cost each 10 Billion SC yet you haven\'t entered hibernation to digest them yet. Lady Sphinx inspected him with her Quantum vision and said, It seems like your Mark is even higher than I anticipated.

Felix sat on the table while touching the right side of his chest, feeling the devourer\'s heart beating rhythmically and regularly.

Even the consumed natural treasures appeared like they had disappeared in his stomach without leaving a trace behind.

However, at this point, he didn\'t care about any of that as he was merely content by passing through this ordeal without losing his mind.

\'I\'m never going anywhere without stocking tens of natural treasures and food!\' Felix made a firm decision to stock up as he absolutely never wanna feel that hunger again...It was inhumane!

Little thief, you own me now 40 billion SC. Lady Sphinx beamed additional three more natural treasures from different elements and said, If you consume these, you will own me 70 Billion SC in total.


Felix drew a deep cold breath at the sound of such a steep debt that he was about to collect in merely five seconds!

This was truly the first-ever multi-billion price that he would spend without a chance to get it back!

He always sells his filter bottles, giving him almost his capital back.

But with those natural treasures There was no such a thing!

\'Don\'t think too much about it.\' Felix let out a long breath and said, \'The only reason I am getting money was to increase my strength not to save it in my bank account.

If it will cost hundreds of quintillions to get strong enough to have absolute freedom, then I am all in for it!\'

Immediately after making such a firm decision, Felix picked another dry brownish bacon-like stick and placed it in his mouth.

The moment it made contact with his mouth, his gag reflexes activated, letting him know that consuming this ** was a big nono.

Damn it, previously my hunger took over my mind and I could have eaten even stones but now that I am not starving, I can\'t bring it in me to eat this stick. Felix brought it outside of his mouth and asked Lady Sphinx, What it is by the way

That\'s the dried penis of a Sollun Desert Camel. Lady Sphinx answered casually, It\'s a twenty thousand years old natural treasure which is filled with sand elemental energy.

Alas, Felix didn\'t hear the other part as his brain had short-circuited the moment he heard the term \'penis\'.

Did I just consume two of those and put one in my mouth Felix murmured with a dazed expression, having difficulty believing what had just transpired.

Boahahahahaha!! Alas, Asna\'s explosive sadistic mocking laughter made it impossible to reject the notion of it not happening.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix placed the dried Camel\'s penis on the table and started spitting in the other direction with an aggrieved expression, feeling like he was being punished by Lady Sphinx.

He didn\'t know if she still low key holding a grudge at him stealing her truth eyes but he did know that she must have thousands and thousands of natural treasures to give him.

Yet, she chose to give him three penises!

Lady Sphinx merely shrugged her shoulders at his negative thoughts about her and said, Don\'t you know that most grade A natural treasures are based on body parts of strong creatures who died years and years ago

I do know that...It still doesn\'t feel right to eat such a thing. Felix brushed his teeth with toothpaste while responding with foams in his mouth.

He knew that Lady Sphinx didn\'t give a crap about what he consumes as long as the result is the same.

But, it\'s different for him.

Since his palates were still human-based, this meant that he needed to choose natural treasures that he could consume properly lest he ends up vomiting them out and wasting such precious resources.

Only when he was out of choices would he drop his preferences and eat whatever came in his line of sight.

Elder, can I change that camel penis with plant-based natural treasure Cough, or anything that isn\'t a penis Felix asked with a hopeful tone.

I don\'t care as long as you pay for it. Lady Sphinx shrugged her shoulders and beamed a different material that resembled a dried brown pickle.

This time, Felix was smart enough to ask first what it was.

This is Webster\'s dried finger.

A lobster species beast that lives in desert\'s oasis. Lady Sphinx ordered, Now eat it fast.

I don\'t have all day long.

Upon hearing her stern tone, Felix closed his eyes shut and swallowed the finger in one gulp, avoiding tasting it at all cost.

That caused it to slide right through his throat, almost choking him.

Worth it. Felix said while coughing.

Hmmm, still not feeling fatigued Lady Sphinx asked Felix.

No, only some discomfort in my stomach. Felix said, That\'s probably because I didn\'t chew on it.

Continue eating until you start feeling tired. Lady Sphinx ordered while beaming in tens of natural treasures and placing them neatly in one line.

So many...If I ate them all, I wonder if my capital would be in the negative Felix murmured while picking up the first one.

Upon inspecting it thoroughly, he ate it and moved to the next one.

Meanwhile, the Jörmungandr and Asna held their breaths in anticipation as they looked at him devouring one after the other without showing a single sign of tiredness.

When he reached the 5th one, even Lady Sphinx started to get agitated as she realized that she had been scammed out of an extraordinary newborn devourer\'s heart!

\'Shit! I knew that it was going to have a good mark from the positives test I run on it, but I didn\'t think it will be this good!\'

Lady Sphinx counted back all the natural treasures that Felix had consumed and realized that he had already reached 10 now!

All of them were worth 10 billion SC !

For an ungifted newborn Devourer, only one of them would have been enough to hit the Mark and enter hibernation.

She decided to be generous with Felix since she knew that his body would be benefiting from only 50% of each natural treasure, but still...Ten consumed still no limit

This was unheard of!

This coming from the Guardian of the Truth and Knowledge was a big deal!

However, the party couldn\'t last forever as the moment Felix consumed the 12th natural treasure, he started to get drowsy while his eyelids began to feel as heavy as a mountain.

He wanted to do nothing but just lie here and sleep for days.

Phew, you finally reached your mark.

Any more and I will start doubting my own researching skills. Lady Sphinx sighed in relief while beaming the rest of the materials.

How long am I going to stay asleep Felix murmured his question while yawning.

Based on the amount you ate, I would say a month or two. Lady Sphinx replied while snapping her finger, turning the metal-like table into a comfy bed.

That\'s a long a period... He wanted to stay awake but his eyes refused to stay open and words kept getting softer and softer.

Without further questions asked, Felix entered a deep slumber the moment his eyes were closed shut, losing contact with the world.

Upon seeing so, Lady Sphinx peered into his body with her Quantum Vision, wanting to see the changes that were occurring in his body.

Soon, she found out that Felix\'s original heart had its heartbeats lowered while the devourer\'s heartbeats were accelerating.

This should have created some problems in the pathing of the bloodstream but Lady Sphinx had already predicted this issue and solved it in Felix\'s perfect copy.

But she didn\'t focus too much on the heart but the mass of elemental energy that was revolving akin to a wormhole inside his stomach.

It was mixed with three colors, white, green, and yellow.

Those were the elemental energies correspondent to the sand, poison, lighting natural treasures that Felix consumed.

After their emergence, they spread further inside Felix\'s body, reaching every corner and cranny.

Then, they disappear inside the muscles, appearing like they were being absorbed.

Even Felix\'s brain wasn\'t spared from getting touched by those energies.

So how much strength would he get from all of this Asna asked.

It\'s too soon to know. Lady Sphinx said calmly, The digestion period would last for over two months.

Only after it ends could we test out the total he obtained and concluded from it his Mark.

I see. Asna looked at Felix for a couple of seconds and then said, Well, I am bored and I have no plans to stare at his ugly face sleeping for two months.

Who wanna play poker

Little Asna, for someone who never won a single poker game, you sure are too eager. The Jörmungandr said, chuckling.

Look who\'s speaking. Lady Sphinx smirked faintly, Wasn\'t defeating you 70 times in chess enough to lower your ego

The Jörmungandr\'s expression darkened immediately after being reminded of such a disgrace.

But he didn\'t let his feeling control him and challenge her in chess.

He had higher chances of winning poker than in chess with her monstrous intelligence!


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