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Well, Felix knew that he wasn\'t that different as he could be a hypocrite sometimes...But, it could never be this bad.

\'Whatever, there are bad apples in everything.\' Felix raised his head from the comment section and focused on the main event.

It was held in a magnificent and poised throne chamber.

It was wide enough to hold hundreds of people on the sides, leaving the center for the guest of honor a clear path to the throne.

The throne didn\'t appear flamboyant with blinding golden light but just a casual black armchair with a cup holder and a stretcher for Queen Allura\'s feet.

The moment Felix saw it, he couldn\'t help but imagine Allura sitting on it in her pajamas and drinking a cup of coffee while her advisers update her about the empire\'s situation.

\'Heh, she is truly a free spirit who doesn\'t like formalities.\' Felix chuckled while switching his vision to the guests who were sitting on orderly chairs while wearing formal outfits.

He recognized some of them while the rest he had absolutely no clue about their identity.

\'The Maganda Chief, The Galactical Army\'s 2nd commander, and even the Bardot Family 8th princess is here.\' Felix arched his eyebrows after seeing them all here.

He knew that they were going to request a chat with him after the event about the bloodlines.

After all, the meeting about the two remaining bottles was scheduled to be held straight after the evening.

He preferred conversing with them with his Organization\'s persona.

\'With all those heavy-weight personals from other races, I doubt they would have a chance to approach me fir...\'


Before Felix could finish his thought, a loud stern feminine voice resounded in the throne chamber after light particles started to get constructed in front of the throne!

Everyone stood up in a hasty manner, not daring to disrespect the Queen in the public stream.

They knew that many eyes were on them and a tiny mistake could potentially ruin their careers.


With a small light explosion, The breathtaking Allura had been fully manifested before all, showing to the entire universe her unmatched beauty that ranks her at the very top compared to the rest!

This time, she was wearing an actual red gown and a crown, adding to her prestigious aura.

Bless the Queen!

Bless the Queen!

Bless the Queen!

Everyone in the chamber yelled three times in a row almost harmoniously due to them being on many occasions like those.

This made them adapt to the formalities of multiple races.

Please get comfortable. Alluna waved her hand downward, suggesting for them to take a seat.

Upon seeing that all of them were seated, she placed her leg above the other, making her advisors sigh in dejection.

All of them were old traditional witches who abhorred her casual antics...Dalilia included.

Too bad, she was called the Queen for a reason.

Friends from all parts of the universe, I am incredibly honored and pleased to have you as the empire\'s guests on this wonderful day that would mark the birth of the first triple-A dual citizenship human! The Queen announced with a warm smile while eyeing them.

Clap Clap Clap!

Heartful applause engulfed the chamber after Allura had finished speaking.

Even the stream chat was loaded with hands clapping emojis.

When it died down, Allura extended her hand at the throne chamber\'s entrance and said, Without further ado, please welcome Felix Maxwell, the witch race newest member to the family!

\'Wait what\' Felix, who was watching the stream, was dumbfounded when he heard so and found himself breaking into light particles against his will.

\'This was not part of the script!!\' Felix cursed in his mind one last time before opening his eyes to find himself at the receiving end of thunderous applause while facing hundreds of people!

Who could blame him

He was told by Madam Dalilia in the email about the entire procedures of the bestowal occasion.

In it, she clearly stated that Queen Allura was going to give off a ten minutes speech.

Unbeknownst to him, Dalilia and the advisers were currently on the verge of pulling their hair out at Allura who ditched the speech that was prepared with their blood and sweat!

Meanwhile, Felix had gotten his ** together swiftly and followed the procedures given to him down to the last detail.

He was bowing his head left and right with a polite smile while walking forward with slow steps as a rain of applause kept raining on him.

Felix didn\'t feel appreciative at all by their applause as he had done nothing to warrant it.

Plus, they were doing so merely as formalities.

As he reached four meters away from Queen Allura, Felix bowed his head slightly and proclaimed in respect, Felix Maxwell greets the Queen.

Raise. Queen Allura commanded, sounding more like a request with her warm voice.

Felix lifted his head and came eye to eye with Queen Allura while his face remained composed.

The camera zoomed in on him, allowing Robert, Olivia, and the rest of the earthling viewers to all clap at once with excited expressions.

Soon, his cousins started to recall the time he was practicing in the gym with them, a mere commoner that could be stepped on quite easily in this new Era.

While they moved only an inch further, Felix had already traveled hundreds of kilometers, reaching heights no other human had ever reached.

At least, no human was conferred personally by the Witch Queen herself at the age of 20!

This made them somewhat bitter and envious but at the same time happy to share the same last name as him and blood!

They knew that the Maxwells were going to ride on his coattails whether he wanted to help them personally or not.

As long as he kept going at this monstrous pace, people would try to help them out on their own for a chance to gain some goodwill.

Sigh, this makes me feel like tens of years had passed by but in reality, only three had gone by. Abraham let out a long exhale with a pensive expression.

We only see the results and fruits of his labor and think that he had it easy and quickly. Charlotte drunk a sip of her tea and said in admiration, However, none of us could have done the same if we were given the same opportunity by that phantom Organization.

I disagree! Robert slammed the table and boasted with a smug grin, No one is capable of achieving what my grandson did! Not just us! He is built differently!

Alright, alright, easy now. Albert waved at Robert and gestured with his head at the stream that was showing Queen Allura presenting a floating white glittering paper.

\'Triple-A citizenship, my protective cocoon.\' Felix smiled charmingly and thought unbeknownst to anyone but the tenants in his mind, \'With it, this will be a fruitful three years.\'

Felix Maxwell, do you accept being a citizen of the Forsythia Witch Empire, an upright and valuable member of the society, and promise to always uphold the empire\'s standards

Without a hint of hesitation, Felix proclaimed loud and clear, I do!

Immediately after his voice resounded in the chamber, the contract exploded into colorful light particles, leaving behind one sentence that would be etched in the history of the Witch Empire.

]Citizen Felix Maxwell, Welcome to the Forsythia Witch Empire![

Phew Phew...Boom Boom!

Splendid Fireworks were released above the Royal\'s Palace, showing their memorizing beauty to the stream viewers and also those within the chambers from the windows.

The Maganda Chief looked at the fireworks then at Felix and thought, \'Is it too late to matchmake him with my daughter\'

However, upon seeing how Felix was perceived by other guests in the chamber, he removed that thought from his mind as he knew that Felix was currently a trouble magnet.

He had no intentions of making his daughter associate with him lest she ends up getting targeted to lure out Felix from the campus or something.

For those two eyes, everything was possible!


After 15 minutes...Everyone was sent to the back garden to socialize and dine.

Felix was currently sitting at a table with random guests he never saw before.

They were all lowkey grilling him with casual questions and jokes about his eyes and personal life.

From time to time, they seep in his grandfather and his family in the conversation as non-direct threatening attempts.

Alas, Felix was fending off everything left and right with an expressionless face, making it impossible to see if their words had taken effect on him or he was bull**ting everything.

\'Sigh, there is still another hour of this half-assed interrogation.\' Felix sighed in his mind while nodding his head to their replies expressionlessly.


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