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Meanwhile, Felix had already gotten outside of the teleportation circle on the other side and was currently in the elevator specified for VIP customers.

After he reached the ground floor, he walked through a path that wasn\'t leading to the main gate where hundreds of people were gathering.

In short while, he emerged outside of the building and into a side street that was semi-packed with pedestrians from hundreds of different races, making anyone feel overwhelmed by the sheer differences in shapes, figures, sizes, colors...etc!

Still, the witches were the majority of them and since Felix wasn\'t in the Academy, those witches were all wearing their own fancy clothes, making them appear like models on a runway.

Meanwhile, the buildings\' architecture was somewhat the same as Vamdarohm in real life; Castles representing companies, establishments...etc while other victorian-like houses were for shops and residency.

Felix stopped at the sidewalk and ordered a cab with his bracelet.

A couple of minutes later, his cab arrived and he straightway told the driver his destination after getting inside.

The driver was a dog species half-ling as Felix could see that he had furry ears above his head and a dog-like nose.

He appeared quite gloomy as kept driving silently without bothering to chat with Felix to pass time as most taxi drivers do.

Felix didn\'t give a crap about the hardships of this driver as he kept looking from the window, taking in the beautiful view of pink trees spreading in every street, making the city appear lively and refreshing.

In 15 minutes, Felix got out of the cab after paying him his fare.

He was placed right in front of Dreamy Field Night Club.

Right of the bat, he could see a long ass queue stretching to the end of the street, ranging from different handsome males and females of different races.

In front of the Queue, there was a giant brownish Orc standing stiffly with his hands folded in front of his nether region and wearing black glasses.

He appeared quite intimidating.

Felix! You made it just in time!

Felix turned around after hearing Naima\'s crisp voice.

The moment he did so, his eyebrows were raised slightly in surprise after seeing that all of the study group witches were appearing as glamourous as the other.

They were wearing somewhat revealing dresses that reached up to their thighs and also exposed a little bit of their cleavage.

Meanwhile, Felix wasn\'t too shabby either as he was wearing a black shirt rolled up to his sleeves and black pants with casual unbranded white shoes.

If his brand was up and running, he would have been wearing only them to advertise it but sadly Emma was having trouble launching it due to the paperwork taking forever.

Felix was always to date with his venture businesses since they were his golden goose that would keep lying eggs constantly if pulled off right.

While Mr.

Igris was on the right track, Emma was a bit in a tough spot due to Felix\'s identity exposure.

After all, just a bribe here and there and his paperwork could take up to half a year to proceed.

That\'s because Emma made the brand as a company.

Felix left the situation for Emma to handle, completely washing his hands off it.

Beauties, lead the way please. Felix smiled while gesturing with his hand for them to walk in front.

Aren\'t you a gentleman Naima laughed softly, From what I heard in your galaxy\'s network, they are calling you a selfish prick and a merciless devil.

You know us humans, we just love to exaggerate. Felix said with his eyelids twitching.

I do wanna hear more about your situation in your galaxy. Karry said with an intrigued expression, It seems like everyone is aiming for your head because they said you hold into the secret to the humans uprising or something like that.

Let\'s get a table inside and some drinks first. Felix said while nearing the bodyguard.

Instead of staying in front, he left Naima and the ladies to take care of it.

As expected, they got access with a single glance.

But when he tried to follow them, the bodyguard stopped him with his thick forearm, resembling an apple-tree stem.

Gorbag, he is with us. Naima said while waving her hand.

\'Uhmm Why is Miss Naima hanging out with a human\' Gorbag thought while removing his arm, giving Felix access.

Although he was curious, he didn\'t plan on sticking his nose in those matters.

He was merely a gatekeeper.

Shortly after, Felix regrouped with the girls and they had all went past a couple of doors that were named as such; Club N1 Rock Music, Club N2 Calm Music, Club N3 Classic Music...etc.

Those doors were opening up from time to time, showing different styled club floors and atmosphere.

Let\'s go with soothing music in the background at first. A cute witch with a braided orange hairstyle and an oval face suggested while pointing at the 2nd gate.

All of them nodded their heads and entered at once.

The moment their foot stepped inside, space got enlarged immensely while the atmosphere had changed completely as they had just stepped into a different dimension.

Felix fixed his sleeves and gestured with his head to go sit at an empty table that was near them.

The table was arch-shaped while affixed to the wall, making it easier for everyone to be near each other while also enjoying the dance floor that was more like a ballroom where couples dance while holding each other.

Unsurprisingly, witches weren\'t hanging in this club room as they wanted to release stress not add it after seeing two couples acting lovey-dovey while they can\'t even comprehend that feeling.

But soon, Felix was startled after spotting Lilly and three witches that took part in the protest, sitting on the other side of the ballroom.

If it wasn\'t for his enhanced vision, he wouldn\'t even spot them since the distance was quite far.

\'To meet with her twice, what an unlucky ass day.\' Felix cursed while switching his vision to Naima and the rest.

Ladies, mind telling me what\'s the problem with the racist mushroom Felix inquired while gesturing with his head at Lilly and her friends.


Naima and the girls were forced to pull out their tail\'s eye to spot Lilly and her friends since they were at the other side of the ballroom.

That snobbish b*tch is here Naima curled her lips in disgust, What a way to ruin my night.

Should we change the club\'s floor Karry said, I doubt we would enjoy our time with them being here.

Naima thought about it for a second and shook her head, No, the restriction order placed on her by the Queen applies even in the UVR.

So, she can\'t approach Felix at all even if she noticed us.

Ladies, I am just asking about her deal. Felix said speechlessly, I also have no plans of changing club floors.

Naima zoomed in on Lilly\'s dark face as she drunk a glass of alcohol after another, appearing like she was drowning her resentment at the public humiliation she faced in the morning.

Well, as much as I want to tell you that there is a backstory and drama revolving around her extensive sense of superiority against other lower class races, there is simply none! Naima proclaimed with a revolted tone, She is simply born like this, feeling like she is a goddess figure in front of lower class races.

Everyone must bow their heads and show absolute subservience.

That\'s why she is disliked by the majority of the witches. Karry added, Videos of her abusing her the hard-working races in our campus are always spreading on a daily basis until they became the norm.

Sadly, that caused everyone to start fearing the witches entirely, thinking that we will deal with them like that if we ever flipped or something. The cute witch smiled bitterly and narrated, Three days ago, my lunch deliveryman refused to look at me in the eyes like I will bite his head or something.

I see. Felix rubbed his chin with a thoughtful expression.

Why aren\'t you doing anything about it Felix added another question, Even better, why is the Academy staff not taking care of it I believe her actions had earned her ten times of expulsion.

If it was against another student then sure.

But against those races who were being considered as servants by senior witches Naima shook her head, No witch will ever get expelled for that unless she got someone killed or beat him to a cripple stage.

As for bullying The staff and security guards just bat one eye and allow it since if those servants couldn\'t handle it, they could just quit and get replaced in a heartbeat.

There are hundreds of trillions of people desiring to work in the witch empire for a reason. Karry dropped a bombshell, The minimum wage could reach up to 10k SC per hour unlike the known rates in other empires, not reaching even 2k SC.

No wonder. Felix said with a head nod, fully having the big picture now about the treatment of other races.

He knew that the only reason Naima and the girls were this cool with being beside him was due to his student and SG status.

If he was a commoner as well, they wouldn\'t bully him but they sure wouldn\'t give him a second glance.

\'Sigh, strength brings both money and reputation.

The stronger I get, the less crap I will be getting from others.\' Felix thought while glancing one last time at the racist mushroom.

You shouldn\'t drop your guards against her though. Naima warned, I doubt she would give up aiming at your head just because she can\'t get closer to you.

I know. Felix nodded his head.

For a mega racist like her, there was absolutely no way she could handle seeing Felix walking with the academy outfit on daily basis.

If she can\'t make a move for her society, then she could easily hire servants or witches to antagonize him.

However, he wasn\'t too worried as he knew that her playing cards were limited.

The moment she f*cked up something, he would be there to make her regret it.

While the servants couldn\'t fight back and make her pay for the bullying, Felix could totally do so since he was a student!

Alright, stop giving that snobbish b*tch this much attention, we are here to party after all. Naima said while opening up the menu and ordering a couple of alcoholic bottles from different variations.

I have ordered some pretty hardcore stuff, can you handle your drinks Naima asked with a playful smile.

More than you know... Felix sighed without elaborating about his poison immunity.


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