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Half an hour later...Felix\'s bracelet started vibrating, breaking him out of his focused state.

When he glanced at it, he noticed that it was from Naima sending him an invitation link to her UVR\'s room.

Since it wasn\'t accompanied by a contract, it entailed that it was completely safe for Felix to enter and leave any time he wanted.

After all, the UVR\'s rooms were private spaces for the users and they could do whatever they wanted in it and to whomever they invited.

That\'s why a contract to warn the guests exists in those situations.

\'Hopefully, I will learn something from them.\' Felix wished while closing his eyes, logging in to the UVR.

Then, he accepted the invitation and got teleported straightaway.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a cozy lounge with four couches placed around a circular wooden table.

Naima and four of her friends were sitting around the table that had multiple books placed on it.

Some were wide open while some were closed and left in the corner.

Upon seeing Felix, their chatter stopped at once while their eyes brightened up.

You came just in time. Naima stood up and gave him a quick hug as a greeting before gesturing with her hand for him to take a seat next to them.

Felix nodded his head at his classmates and chose to sit on Naima\'s couch since it wasn\'t crowded.

Alright, you said that you have skipped a month of classes.

Since we have 8 mandatory classes per week, this meant you actually missed 32 classes.

This without mentioning the elective classes.

Surprisingly, Naima\'s playful expression had been swapped to a stern and serious one the moment she started speaking about the studies.

Felix could only nod his head in agreement.

We only have two hours before we hit the club, so let\'s start with the subject that you have the most difficulty in.

A graceful beauty with a mole next to her violet eyes proposed while showing Felix a hologram that had the names of the classes that he missed.

Felix glanced at the hologram and read the classes\' names one by one while trying to remember, which subject gave him the most trouble.

Soon, he spotted at least five of them.

When he chose one of them, the five witches all nodded their heads at once.

Naima picked one and suggested, Let\'s begin with how to figure out beforehand that your potion will fail.

I have no problem with that. Felix whipped out his holographic notebook and looked at her with a serious expression.

He knew that he didn\'t need the notebook but he preferred to avoid having them asking why he wasn\'t noting down their explanations.

Karry, you take care of this subject. Naima said, gesturing with her finger at the graceful witch.

Karry smiled charmingly to Felix and started summarizing the entire subject and mentioning only the key points that were a must-learn.

Her teaching method was indeed effective as Felix\'s doubts and confusion about the matter were getting cleared once at a time.

When she was done a half-hour later, Felix was left with only gratitude as he now completely understand the tips to avoid wasting more resources in a concoction when it was bound to fail.

You will rarely bother with those tips in rank 1 potions but they will come in handy at the later ranks. Kanny said one last time before leaning back on her couch.

Got it. Felix nodded his head in appreciation.

After they were done with this subject, they moved on to another and then to another until two hours had passed by.

Right now, Felix had understood 4 subjects.

The best part was the fact that he could totally remember everything that was taught!

Ladies, you have truly been of great help today. Felix said while closing the holographic notepad.

Our pleasure. Naima smiled, How about we do this tomorrow so we can cover the rest

I don\'t want to waste too much of your time. Felix shook his head, rejecting her proposal politely.

Don\'t worry, it will give us more time to know each other. Naima insisted followed by Karry and the rest who supported her claim.

Upon seeing that all of them were okay with revising with him, Felix agreed at once and said, I will be under your care.

No need for formalities. Naima giggled while standing up, Let\'s continue our conversation on the way to the club.

Which one are we going to. Felix asked since he had no idea about the establishments and their addresses in the UVR\'s version of Vamdarohm.

He wanted to know since he needed to teleport from Androxa to Vamdarohm and then meet up with them in the club.

This one. Naima showed him a hologram that was displaying a castle made out of greystones and said, Dreamy Field, it\'s a mixed club in Vamdarohm where all races are allowed to hang out if they had enough reputation or fame.

Since we are students in the Royal Academy, we are allowed to enter it straight away. Karry added.

Neat. Felix said casually.

He doubted that he would be stopped in front of the gate with his current popularity.

Let\'s meet at the front gate in 30 minutes Naima said with a questioning tone.

Works for me. Felix replied.

Upon finalizing the meeting, the witches waved their hands at Felix and broke off into light particles.

Felix snapped his finger and followed after, emptying the room.


When he unlocked his eyes in his Androxa house, he took the keys of his car and drove over to the teleportation company.

Then, he climbed up to the 10th stage and exited the elevator.

Good evening sir. The receptionist greeted and asked, May I know what is your destination

Vamdarohm. Felix replied while standing in front of her.

The ticket price is 2 million SC and you need to have an authorized ID to enter the city. The receptionist said politely.

Felix straightaway placed his wrist in the scanning device and the receptionist\'s eyes widened in shock after seeing his full name.

She looked up at Felix\'s face and exclaimed with a joyous expression, You are truly Landlord! I thought you were disguising him for fame like some of the people I met before.

\'Damn, they are copying my face shamelessly without paying me for copyrights!\' Felix thought in disgruntlement.

He totally forgot that the more famous he got the higher the chances of having his face getting copied and utilized as a means for fake fame, scam, and all kind of funny stuff.

Heck, if a female was a die-hard fan of his, she wouldn\'t hesitate to pay a man to copy Felix\'s exterior and make him nail her to get somewhat of the satisfaction of doing it with her idol.

Or just do it with a dummy Ai that looked exactly like Felix.

So much weird ** like this was being done in the UVR, and Felix had no idea how his face was currently being abused...Literally.

\'Queen, I want my face to be copyrighted right away and anyone who wants to use it for a single day must pay 1000 SC.\' Felix informed while smiling charmingly to the receptionist, who was clearly his fan.

\'It\'s done.\' The Queen replied instantly.

Can I get a selfie with you She asked, a bit abashed.

Make it quick. Felix nodded his head and went behind the desk.

After seeing that she had her bracelet prepared, he smiled faintly while the receptionist was doing a peace sign with a wide smile.


Thank you!! The receptionist tightened her fists with a joyous expression after seeing that the picture came out perfectly.

Felix gave her a slight nod and asked, Is my destination set

Oh Oh! yes, yes! You all checked up! The receptionist broke out of her happiness and nodded her head quickly.

Felix went to pick one of the empty circles straightaway.

The entire floor had only three or five travelers since it was meant only five destinations and Vamdarohm was one of them.

The upper floor had another five destinations...And it keeps going like this until the very top.

It was divided like this to make the VIP payers more comfortable instead of jamming all of them on one floor like the commoners downstairs.

Hence, Felix didn\'t meet any further surprises as he entered the circle and pressed start.

Just as his body was about to start deconstructing, the receptionist called out loud quickly, Can you really concoct potions!!

You already know the answer. Felix said, showing one last smile before he teleported to Vamdarohm, the UVR witch empire\'s greatest city!

Upon hearing so, the receptionist thought about it for a second before slapping her forehead, He is teleporting to Vamdarohm and he has access to it, it only meant that the rumors spreading in the kingdom are the truth.

hehe, concoct potions or not, I don\'t care.

I have a selfie with him and those b*tches in my media page would sure envy me to death. The receptionist opened up the selfie and stared at it with a lovestruck expression, not bothering to deal with the newest client on the floor.

Miss, miss, miss...


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